Two Childhood Friends Chapter 8

Episode 8: Get Ready

The recreation activity was not held within the school campus; we had to move.

As Enmi had mentioned, we were heading towards a dungeon.

We were traveling by bus.

My classmates were quite lively, giggling and laughing.

It was their first event, so it was noisy.

I don’t like it, not at all, these kids.

[You’re also a kid in terms of age, right?]

But my mentality is that of an adult.

Of course, I had no intention of joining in on their foolishness.

On the contrary, I furrowed my brow and wore a stern expression.

Because I’m handsome, it suits me.

With an imposing presence, my classmates who noticed my expression turned away, looking a little bitter.

Yes, I dislike these kinds of events.

Why, you ask? Because…


It’s because I get motion sickness.

Buses are the worst.

I’m generally bad with vehicles, but buses are especially intolerable.

The up-and-down swaying when they go over bumps, the side-to-side rocking on winding roads.

Is this hell?


And then, I heard a faint scream from next to me.

When I looked, Kirako’s face had turned pale.

She’s one of those types who gets motion sickness too.

Haha, this is amusing.

“Haha, you’re a sight to behold. Pathetic. Ugh…”

“You’re one to talk. It’s because you’re so skinny. Ugh…”

[Both of you have weak vestibular systems, yet you’re arguing. Pot calling the kettle black.]

As Kirako and I exchanged insults, the voice of the parasite spoke up.

The metaphor was rather crude.

Kirako and I were leaning on each other.

It’s not that we wanted to; it’s just that we were both suffering from motion sickness.

Her silky black hair tickled me.

It smelled nice for some reason.

I felt a bit disappointed thinking that it might get covered in vomit soon.

“Hey, don’t throw up, okay? I don’t want it on me.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll make sure to spray it all over your face.”


Because it would turn into holy water, my vomit would.

As I thought about that, Kirako’s head leaned against my arm even more.

Her face was very pale.

She looked quite miserable, and I couldn’t help but smirk.

Well, I’m feeling awful too, so I can’t really laugh.

“Ugh… It’s tough… I want to go home…”

“Wasn’t your home situation terrible?”

“Ugh… I want to be taken care of by some random guy…”

Kirako immediately changed her argument.

Too bad.

A convenient future like that won’t come to you.

To convey that sentiment, I shook my arm up and down.

Kirako, who had been leaning on it, was likely feeling quite uncomfortable.

“Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh.”

“Stop it!”


I found Kirako’s small moans amusing.

It’s amusing, but… I was getting sick from the bus’s motion too.

In other words… if I swayed along with the bus’s movements…

Ugh… I’m getting nauseous from the swaying…

“You idiot?”

Did you just call me an idiot?

“Guoo…! The ground is shaking…”

Of course, it wasn’t an earthquake.

It was just me, feeling dizzy and unsteady.

However, I couldn’t show such a pathetic sight when there were others nearby.

I had to be the perfect handsome superhuman.

To lead a comfortable life, I couldn’t afford to receive anything less than high praise from others.

So, now was my chance, as my classmates were distracted by the place they had disembarked.

Quickly, I needed to recover…

“Hey, lend me your shoulder.”

Kirako said, pressing her body against mine.

She smelled nice.

But she was rigid.

…I usually can’t stand human warmth, but maybe it’s because I’ve been with her for so long that it’s not that bad.

If it were someone else, I might have thrown up due to motion sickness.

“That’ll be two yen.”

“Here, two one-yen coins.”

She placed two one-yen coins in my hand with a clink.

Are you kidding me, you brat?

My shoulder is worth more than two yen!

“How much?”

It’s impossible to put a price on it.

“Maybe it’s a World Heritage site?”

With my incredible recovery abilities, I was starting to feel better from the motion sickness, and Urazumi, who had disembarked looking quite worn out, began speaking.

“I understand the excitement of your first event, but try not to get too carried away. This place is under the control of the Self-Defense Force. Don’t run around recklessly and get arrested for looking at classified information. I won’t know anything about it.”

That’s right, it’s not the kind of place high school students should come to for their first event.

Several buildings stood tall, surrounded by concrete.

It was like a concrete jungle.

Men in camouflage uniforms were walking around, and occasionally, you could see armored vehicles and military helicopters.

I don’t want to be in such a barbaric place.

For me, who just wants to relax safely in the rear, it’s a completely unrelated place.

“Teacher, where are we heading after all?”

Enmi asked.

It was still hard to tell where we were.

In response, Urazumi, with her annoyed attitude intact, gave a brief answer.

“The dungeon.”

Flesh wall team, prepare yourselves.

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