A Story of a Cannon Fodder Volume 1 Chapter 12 part 4

Yururu swung her sword, but Fei skillfully dodged it. The exchange of attacks and defenses continued, with Fei always on the defensive.

“As I told you earlier, you have no talent. You lack aptitude for magic. Many people are stronger and more skilled in swordsmanship than you. There are those who surpass you,” Yururu stated.

“Maybe you’re right,” Fei acknowledged.

“Moreover, magic is said to offer greater versatility for holy knights. With a single spell, one can achieve more than with a single swing of the sword. If you continue like this, you won’t be recognized by anyone, and you’ll simply grow old and decline,” Yururu continued, her confidence evident.

“Hmph, perhaps,” Fei responded.

Was Yururu directing her words at Fei, or was she questioning herself? Gradually, uncertainty clouded her thoughts.

“Is that okay with you? A future where you shine as a holy knight—”

“Kukuku…” Fei chuckled.

“What’s so funny…?” Yururu asked, puzzled.

“No, nothing… I’ve been wondering about what you’ve been saying since earlier,” Fei replied.

The swordfight momentarily ceased, and both combatants stepped back. Yururu narrowed her eyes, glaring at Fei. “There is no one who shines everywhere. But there is also no one who doesn’t shine anywhere. That’s all. No matter what you say, I won’t change. I’ll simply defeat you here.”

“Do you hate me that much?”

“I can’t stand watching you,” he replied. “I believed that your sword was essential to your strength, but now it seems unworthy.”

From there, Fei raised his voice slightly. It wasn’t angry, but it carried a weight, much like his usual ramblings. “Don’t fool around. I won’t allow the sword I acknowledged to be in such a pathetic state. So, I’ll teach you how to make the sword I acknowledged.”

He held the sword in his right hand and pointed it, then tightened his grip with both hands once more. He sharpened his senses, signaling that this was the end. “I’ve spoken too much. Let’s finish this.”

They both charged towards each other. Yururu focused on Fei’s bleeding shoulder, realizing that any further loss of blood could be fatal. Although Fei’s speed had slowed down slightly, Yururu was also feeling the weight of exhaustion. They had been engaged in battle for a long time, and both of them were drained. However, Fei’s spirit and intense gaze added even more pressure to Yururu. They closed in on each other, and Yururu entered Fei’s range. She didn’t miss the opportunity.

“This is it!” Yururu declared.

But she was slightly faster. Fei’s blade swiftly moved from a downward left trajectory to an upward one, and Yururu believed she had emerged victorious. However, it was merely an assumption on her part. Just as the sword was about to reach him, Fei lowered his posture, causing the blade to slice through the air as if called forth by the heavens.

It was as if Fei had anticipated her move. Through their extensive training together, he had gained an understanding of their distance. He had exerted immense pressure on her throughout their grueling battles, never giving up until the very end. He had executed the ultimate checkmate.

Yet Yururu quickly adjusted her course and swung her sword diagonally downward. Fei intercepted it with the side of his blade and swiftly changed its direction to a vertical strike. Yururu’s sword was swept downward like a cascading waterfall, and Fei counterattacked.

A rush of memories flooded Yururu’s mind. She recalled a time when everything was within reach, when she swung her sword joyfully without considering matters like talent or limitations. Her father, mother, and reliable older brother were all present in her memories. As Fei swung his sword, it never reached her neck. It halted just before.

“I win. Any objections?” Fei asked.

“None… I have been completely defeated,” Yururu replied, smiling. She knew she couldn’t linger here any longer, but her smile was the most brilliant and devoid of regrets.

“Hmm? The teacher isn’t here for morning practice today?”

“I wonder what happened. Did she get injured during yesterday’s training? Mornings can be quite chilly, after all. It’s understandable sometimes.”

“Today, I’ll learn a lot from Professor Durga about magic. I’ll speak to him after class. Oh, old man, lend me a magic book for when I awaken!”

As I spent my day like that, Bowlan approached me with a serious expression.

“Hey, Fei!”

“What’s up?”

“It’s serious. Teacher is on a rampage!”

What?! The teacher is causing havoc?! This is clearly my moment! And we caused a commotion just yesterday!

“Alright, got it.”


I transformed into the wind. This is a typical plot where the disciple saves the fallen master! Let’s go! To the scene of the event!

No, this is getting exciting! First, I’ll use the technique my fallen master taught me to stop her. And then, I’ll be on fire to save her, like a sizzling grilled tofu!

As I dashed towards the scene, Arthur was about to deliver the final blow. That’s dangerous, you know? This is my moment, after all.

Well, these guys really shouldn’t be underestimated. Arthur and True are trying to steal my spotlight.

You know, in manga and stuff, sometimes the guy who isn’t the main character wins the popularity vote. They become the main character even though they’re not. I don’t really like that.

I’m all about putting the main character first.

As I confronted Yururu-teacher, I noticed a change in demeanor. She had truly succumbed to darkness. Her words were sharp, too.

“Arthur-san and True-kun are different from you. They possess a talent that can never be surpassed by you. Don’t you understand that… Are you under the mistaken impression that you are a special being or something?”

No, that’s not it. Because the goddess said I’m the main character. I’m a special existence. Well, saying that I’m special just because I’m the main character is a meta statement, so I’ll stop.

And so, the battle with the teacher commenced!

The teacher was still formidable. Despite her descent into darkness and the weakening caused by Arthur and True, she remained strong

Well, he was strong. It was my first time using an iron sword, but… well, as the main character, I was prepared for this. I had a diamond mentality.

“Fei, please stop. If you don’t, you’ll die”

“Shut up. Don’t you dare interfere.”

“Fei… I…”

“Did you not hear what I said? I said don’t interfere.”

“But if you continue like this, your… your shoulder. Doesn’t it hurt?”

“This is natural. If you can’t endure this much, then you have no futuree.”

Injuries are a fundamental part of a hardworking main character. I can’t afford to worry about a little blood. I’ve read these kinds of manga for so long that it’s normal for me to think that way.

Well, it doesn’t really matter. Besides, the wound isn’t that severe, is it?

Enduring pain is a basic skill for a main character, right?

“What? That look in your eyes? Get out of here.”

Don’t steal my spotlight. This is a disciple’s moment.

And, teacher, your sword seems a bit off. Well, forgive me for sounding condescending as your disciple, but it’s not as sharp as usual… Is it because you’ve fallen into darkness?

Well, whatever. While we fought and exchanged words… I was actually thinking about how to end this battle in a cool manner with a flourish. I briefly considered using another technique, but I believed it would be cooler to conclude it with Namikaze. And the teacher would be moved and saved from his descent into darkness, right?

In the end, after three months of training, it somehow worked out when I followed my instincts. Is this the privilege of being the main character…? Well, after being together for three months, you’d understand the distance, right?

“I win. Any objections?”

“None… I have been completely defeated…”

The teacher laughed. Thank you, teacher. Today, I truly was the main character.

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