The Heroic Tale Of A Villainous Prince Chapter 20

Chapter 20 – Fragment

—-The Night Witch.

It was a calamity that once shrouded this world in darkness.

Though defeated by heroes bearing the [Fifth Attribute], the existence left curses in its death throes.

The many curses scattered across the world still plague it even now.

The jet-black magical power of the [Sixth Attribute] and [Forbidden Magic Rings] are also merely curses left by the Night Witch.

Another curse festering in the world as her legacy is —- the [Fragments].

An anomalous mutation distinct from monsters, they are curse-beings born from the world’s maledictions.

Boasting abnormal resistance to the four great attributes of fire, water, earth and wind, normal magic attacks have virtually no effect. The only things able to counter them are attacks via the [Fifth Attribute] held by royalty inheriting the heroes’ blood, or attacks using the same [Sixth Attribute] as the [Fragments].

Thus royalty have a duty to subdue [Fragments] occurring naturally.

Captain of the Kingdom of Leuville’s Knights, Grashian Guenelle.

He had confronted [Fragments] countless times on his path to this position. When younger he had even boasted about defeating them before the royals arrived.

No matter how much he hammered them with his honed swordsmanship and polished magic, none of it worked. Barely managing to inflict small scratches that then instantly regenerated, he was made painfully aware of his own powerlessness.

The might and terror of the [Fragments], one of the curses left by the Night Witch, had been thoroughly engraved in his being.

“Captain! We’ve discovered a [Fragment]!”

“Good. Attack first! Slow it down however you can!”

Most of the Kingdom of Leuville’s knights were away on expedition or urgent duties.

For a [Fragment] to appear when their forces were so depleted that even the Knight Captain had to take the battlefield, the fear he harbored in his youth prickled his skin in a cold sweat.

“[Flame Magic Sphere]!”
“[Flame Magic Arrow]!”

Delaying it with powerful fire attacks, the theory against [Fragments].

But it was merely cold comfort in the form of delaying and buying time.

The many skilled knights protecting this country unleashed countless fire attacks, explosions bursting with flames centered on the humanoid lizard-like monster. Yet the fiend remained uninjured. If the knights’ attacks could speak, the [Sixth Attribute] body would have eloquently declared them meaningless.

“Tch…! What is this thing…!”
“Even with all this magic pounding it…!”

The young knights grit their teeth in disbelief at the spectacle before them, drenched in sweat. If Grashian recalled correctly, this should have been their first time seeing a [Fragment] in actual combat.

“Don’t falter! Seal its movements with magic!”

While maintaining a calm facade outwardly, he issued orders to the other knights.

Their squad captain Leor Berg Leuville was currently absorbed with guarding a girl named Lucille. Grashian hadn’t wanted to let him go given their depleted forces from the expedition, but he had no choice but to obey orders from First Prince Leor.

That was why he as captain had to firmly look ahead here.

He had to maintain a resolute attitude, keeping the lid on the fear inside him.

“[Flame Shackles]!”
“[Torrent Shackles]!”
“[Earth Shackles]!”
“[Gale Shackles]!”

Countless chains bound the lizard [Fragment]. The multilayered magic succeeded in stopping the enemy’s movements, but it wouldn’t last long.

“Is Prince Leor not here yet!?”

“We’re told he’s heading this way! However, considering the distance from the capital here…”


He involuntarily ground his teeth. It felt like an eternity before Leor would arrive.

This highway’s location was a fair distance from the capital indeed.

Grashian had heard about the broken engagement. He had spat in disgust learning that Alfred, that fool son, was backing Leor’s sudden reckless behavior. While harboring distrust towards Leor, now he had no choice but to cling to him.

“Captain! About requesting reinforcements from the other royals…”

“First Princess, Second Princess and Second Prince are studying abroad.”

Though officially called studying abroad, they had actually been dispatched as reinforcements against [Fragments] occurring in allied nations. Being outside the country to begin with, there was nothing to be done.

“Leaving only the Third Prince…”
“Might as well not exist…”!

The only one remaining was Third Prince Alfred Berg Leuville.

“Watch your tongue. He too is royalty whom we serve.”

A mood of dejection drifted among the knights. But there was no time for that.

“….Keep your heads up! If we don’t stop it here, its fangs will devour the people!”

Then it happened. Crack, the sound of chains shattering rang out in the blue sky.


The lizard [Fragment]’s roar was a smoke signal of despair.

The cracks in the magic chains restraining the fiend spread in an instant, all of them crumbling away.

“No good! The restraints…!”

Some of the young knights drew their swords and charged the lizard aberration.

“Fall back!”

Paying no heed to Grashian’s order to halt, the young knights swung down blades strengthened by magic.

They excelled at swordsmanship, reputedly among the best in the order. They likely took pride in their skill. They must have been confident.



Neither pride nor confidence held any meaning when the blades failed to connect.

“Urgh… Guooooo!”

The young knights swung their swords again and again. However, the lizard fiend’s skin deflected the blades, remaining completely uninjured.

“Enough! Get back!”

Getting so close made providing magic support difficult. There was a risk of catching them in it.


Something Grashian’s experience from countless battles might call instinct warned him.

“Retreat now! An attack is coming!”

The warning didn’t reach them. Flame magic power erupted from the lizard aberration’s entire body, blowing the knights’ broken formation away.


Enveloped by flames, the knights screamed and writhed about.

The promising youths were having their lives scorched and corroded by hellfire.

Clenching his fists at his powerlessness, Grashian grit his teeth. That was all he could do.


The lizard fiend kicking up the earth then rushed the disarrayed knights. One after another they were mangled by its sharp claws and fell.

It was also scattering hellfire, intent on burning everything around it to ash in its brutality.

“Captain! What should we…!”

Once it collapsed this far, there was no restoring things.

If only magic worked they might have had a chance, but that was out of the question.

(Even so…! Even so…! I…!)

There was no option like giving up to begin with.

He would simply do everything in his power.

“Reform ranks! Those who can move, follow me!”

The knights desperately tried to stand, but the enemy’s rampaging might was faster.

(Is this the end…!)

The moment the lizard aberration swung its wicked claws down on Grashian—-

“[Acceleration Grant]”

—-a black-haired boy appeared from the side, kicking the lizard aberration away.


He thought it was Leor arriving, but no.

That black hair. That jet-black magical power.

“Grashian. Take the knights and fall back.”

Third Prince of the Kingdom of Leuville.

Alfred Berg Leuville.

Inheriting the royal bloodline, he held the only power here able to oppose the [Fragment] —- wielder of the [Signet Ring].

“Prince Alfred…!? Why are you here…”

“I had business taking me to Mount Itoel. On the way back I saw you guys fighting the [Fragment], so.”

“I-, I see but…”

Was it really alright to leave this place to the infamously debauched prince Alfred?

“….Don’t you understand. This is Alfred Berg Leuville ordering you to [stand down].”

Hesitating, Alfred commanded Grashian with the will of royalty.

And Grashian nodded… No, was made to nod.

“Y-, yes sir!”


Not taking his eyes off the enemy, Alfred channeled magic power into his ring equipped on his right hand.

The swirling jet black became a gale, awakening the spirits’ power.

“I’ll handle this one.”

Grashian couldn’t see Alfred’s face as he declared that. All he saw was his back.

Yet strangely, Grashian felt a sense of relief from that back. Even a sort of reliability.

(Could this man… Could Prince Alfred… Really be so dependable…?)

The figure he glimpsed in the palace was the epitome of indolence. He had even thought it lamentable at times.

But. But now…

While Grashian was dumbfounded internally, Alfred did not look away from the enemy.

He channeled power into the ring, unleashing magic.

The [Signet Ring] held by those of royalty.

It could strengthen combat ability by summoning the spirit dwelling in the ring and donning its power as [Spirit Armor].

Third Prince of the Kingdom of Leuville, Alfred Berg Leuville.

The spirit contracted by him. Its name was—-


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