Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 27

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Mob No.27: “Well then everyone, please take care of me for the next 2 days!”
After the mercenary-only meeting ended, there was a meeting with the client.
A guild staff member is required to attend this meeting without fail.
Furthermore, unless requested by the client, basically only the escort leader participates in the system.
This is because in the past mercenaries threatened and demanded unreasonable compensation from clients, so as a countermeasure it became a form where only the leader faces them and a guild staff member is present.
The mercenary-only meeting is to make reporting at that time easier.
But this time the client side had requested all members participate.
Frankly it’s a hassle but it’s better to do it.
So we headed to the meeting room the client was in for the meeting.

In the meeting room were an attending staff member, and a woman like a newbie career woman neatly dressed in a suit.
Seeing us, she promptly stood and
“Nice to meet you! I’m Ronu Nostu from Neima Company Sales Department.
Normally the responsible department manager should come but the executive scheduled to participate in a previously decided meeting suddenly became unable to attend, so the manager who wasn’t supposed to come was urgently sent as substitute.
Therefore, I as deputy manager have attended in place of him.”
she apologized seeming regretful.
Ms. Nostu looks to be in her mid 20s, a cheerful beauty with short hair and neat style.
“Nice to meet you. I’m serving as leader of this escort, Arthur Lingard.”
As expected of Arthur, he promptly held out his hand to shake with a refreshing smile.
After handshakes were exchanged, the 5 of us also introduced ourselves then the meeting promptly began.
Since our stance was decided in the earlier discussion, the 3 people of staff member, Ms. Nostu, and Arthur were the main ones talking.
We would silently watch over them.
And we all thought Saila would surely be grinding her teeth glaring murderously at the client Ms. Nostu but surprisingly there was none of that, she just listened seriously to the conversation between the client and Arthur with a serious expression.

Incidentally the request contents this time were:
Escorting a large transport ship carrying new products to exhibit at the new product announcement event held on planet Garaif.
Work details: Escorting one large transport ship of Neima Company
Work period: Around 48 hours until handover completion from planet Ytts to planet Garaif
Work circumstances: Fuel supplied for spaceships. Client bears gate usage fees
Work conditions: Possess spaceship.
Repair costs for ship damage paid by yourself.
Compensation: 1.3 million credits per person – Payment upon arrival. Danger pay paid by number of times if combat occurs.
That’s what it was.
Things proceeded smoothly and
“Well then everyone, please take care of me for the next 2 days!”
today’s meeting ended completely.

Incidentally after leaving the meeting room, Morize said to Saila
“I figured you’d be grinding your teeth glaring murderously at the client but you endured well huh”
and jokingly dropped a bomb, but Saila calmly responded
“She probably worried I’d be lovey-dovey with Arthur instead of working so I made sure to listen seriously to the conversation between the client and Arthur. Flirting during private time or with mercenary friends is one thing, but if I was lovey-dovey during work neglecting my duties, or glared and intimidated her just because she was talking with Arthur, wouldn’t it damage Arthur’s reputation too?!”
Though when she volunteered with the scouting range you glared something fierce huh.
Well it’s probably best not to mind that stuff too much.

Anyway with the meeting with the client over, I decided to head straight to Paterson’s Pharmacy in the black market shopping district.
The purpose goes without saying.
And for some reason I saw the chuuni Levin heading to the black market shopping district too.
Well it’s not odd for him, a clear chuuni patient, to come to the black market shopping district.
Rather he blends in too much.
But this place feels shady no matter when I come.
Even the rest benches feel shady.
Oh, that butcher shop, the banner for [Born from the seething, bubbling oil sludge, the bitter dark gold] = [Curry croquettes using spycy sauce with squid ink kneaded into the coating] is still up.
I tried some before and it was pretty tasty despite the spiciness so it must have become a popular item.
Passing that butcher shop, chuuni women were gathered in front of one store.
It seems a confectionery is setting up a stall in front of the store.
And the signboard had [Blessing of the sea with rainbow colored guts housing the lives of trees].
More incomprehensible stuff… Oh this is that.
Taiyaki with fruit flavored an and fruit sauce fillings.
The words are whatever but there was an illustration so it was easy to understand.
And it was a fantastically fancy illustration.
Opposite of the black market shopping district’s style but is that okay?
Anyway that taiyaki had 7 an flavors:
Strawberry, banana, mikan, grape, peach, melon, and mango.
And there were also staples like black bean, white bean, matcha, chocolate, custard, and caramel cream.
My interest was piqued but I can’t shop in that crowd of girls so I’ll pass for now.


Also passing the bookstore with a [Banned books available] poster,
the hardware store with a [Magic swords – Cursed blades – Sealing chain sale, half price] signboard,
and the clothing store with a [Cloak of dusk. In stock.] poster, I arrived at Paterson’s Pharmacy to find the chuuni Levin there for some reason too.
Without seeming surprised, he asked
“You checking too?”
So he seems to be a customer of the info broker’s friend too.
I just answered “Yeah” and opened the door to go inside the shop.
“Welcome… An unexpected combination…”
From Gonzalez’s tone I gathered that Levin is a regular here.
Levin placed cash on the counter and
“I want info on Neima Company and that former cop Bernand Zague.”
straightforwardly requested information.
“Got it. You?”
“Same for me since we got the same request.”
“Alright. Give me about an hour. Feel free to loiter.”
Gonzalez collected the cash, brought the hair tied at his nape forward to expose the back of his neck, opened the connector there, and took out the cord connected to a PC.
“Got it. I’ll go do gun maintenance or something.”
Saying that, Levin went outside.
“He’s been a customer for a while?”
After Levin’s figure disappeared, I also handed over cash and asked.
“Recently I think. He seems to have heard from the confectioner grandpa. They’re selling fruit taiyaki now.”
“The butcher’s stuff seems more fitting though.”
Turns out Levin has an unexpected sweet tooth.
He might have actually gone to buy that fruit taiyaki on the way to gun maintenance.
Now then, it’s reading time as usual for me.

Exactly 1 hour later.
The info broker friend properly gathered information.
Incidentally it seems Levin mixed into that crowd of women and bought fruit taiyaki.
“Nothing particularly noteworthy about Neima Company. A totally legit home appliance maker manufacturing and selling general home appliances like audio equipment. This request is without a doubt transporting new products to exhibit at the new product announcement event on planet Garaif. I’m sure you were given an explanation at the time of requesting but.”
After putting away the cord, Gonzalez downed the mineral water.
“Next, that former cop Bernard Zague. According to official records he was discharged as punishment. Seems he got saddled with responsibility for a blunder by some career guy.”
“Career guy…meaning a noble huh.”
“Colleagues, juniors, some superiors, and career guys he was helped by appealed it was groundless but weren’t heard. That career guy is quite hated within the police.”
“Of course. Then the grudge is aimed that way.”
Then there shouldn’t be attacks against us.
Knowing it’s a safe request is reassuring.
Just flawlessly executing the real thing remains.

The only other thing was Levin’s gaze drifting to the info broker friend here and there, which bothered me a little.

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