Bastard Swordsman Chapter 33 

The Girls’ Dinner
Ulrika’s Perspective
“Wanna go home…”
Hearing Mongrel’s murmur from the other side of the door, I froze up.
I had only come to put away the washing cloth, yet overheard his feelings.
“… “
Quickly leaving the changing area and closing the door.
Guilt wells up.
…Mongrel, you said before at the tavern that you don’t care about past events but…
You were putting up a strong front. Not wanting to show weakness to me, you lied… You really want to return home.
Well of course. Anyone would. But Mongrel’s hometown is already…
“Sigh…I pried into that person’s circumstances again.”
I didn’t intend to eavesdrop, yet I heard it anyway… Of course I wouldn’t gossip about it with anyone but, I personally can’t pretend I didn’t see anything.
“If I don’t cheer Mongrel up…”
To Mongrel I’m probably still a stranger but…I want him to feel like he has someone he can get close with in this town.
I want to get closer and chat more, play more.
If only I could relieve even a little of Mongrel’s loneliness…
“You’re late, Ulrika…Mongrel didn’t do anything weird right? You good?”
“I-I’m fine. And weird stuff…honestly, Boss.”
Returning to the fireplace, Sheena was staring down the Artemis ledger by lamplight. So diligent.
Everyone else was already chatting at the round table.
I should eat the dinner Frieda made too.
“What’ll happen to Miss Bridget, I wonder.”
“Oh, you’re still worried Raina?”
“Of course. Will she be okay with the royal capital job…?”
“It’s a prestigious job for a female knight. If she readily kicks that away, I don’t think she deserves sympathy but…”
“Well yeah but…after meeting and talking a bit, she seemed like a nice normal person for a noble, you know? So I felt a little bad about this job…”
“I get it. I almost called out to her so many times too. She’s way different from the nobles who come making requests huh…”
In truth, it’s not unheard of for nobles like Bridget aspiring to become adventurers.
It’s just that in most cases, they’re incomparably more arrogant and problematic than Bridget.
“With a personality that sincere, she can make it fine in the royal capital.”
“You really think so, Sheena senpai?”
“Have I ever lied to Raina?”
“…Um, I feel like you do sometimes.”
Chatting about that for a while, there was the sound of a door from the changing area opening.
Mongrel came out.
“Looks like he’s done.”
“Feels weird having another man at our clan house.”
“I know right. My husband hardly ever comes over too.”
“…But Boss Sheena, you intend to start…letting men in gradually too, right?”
“Yes, well, bit by bit.”


Men other than me huh…It’s pretty worrying, but for Artemis to continue being active, we likely can’t avoid reforms like that.
Men are fine to talk with but living under one roof is…mm, scary. Everyone else probably feels the same.
But if it was as nice and funny a person as Mongrel…well, something like that.
“Yo. The water temp was great. Thanks.”
Mongrel poked his face out from the hall.
He never gave a dirty impression, but after the bath he looked even cleaner…I think. Probably.
“I’m glad you enjoyed it. There’s one more promised bath but…no need to decide when you’ll take it yet.”
“Ah, save it for an opportune time. I’ll avoid days inconvenient for you. I’ll let you know.”
“Dutiful of you. Oh, got it.”
“Mongrel senpai, want dinner? Frieda made some bread.”
“Nah, I shouldn’t impose that much. Not very hungry either.”
“I see…”
He casually declined Raina’s dinner offer.
Hmm. Still sense some distance huh. Being wary…of us probably. Same with Nastasha’s recruitment pitch.
“See ya.”
“Yes, invite me again if anything comes up.”
“Ask for anything but a bothersome job. The work you take is bad for my heart.”
Saying that, he left the clan house.
“…Bad for his heart, what’s that mean?”
“Ahaha. Mongrel really dislikes nobles huh.”
“I think he’s too frightened.”
“Said the same guy.”
Dislikes nobles huh. …He’s probably had it rough in the past.
Conscripted by the Harpelea army, village destroyed by the Sungrailians… Of course you’d dislike them after that.
But in that case, is he also wary of Ms. Sheena and Ms. Nastasha… If he knew about those two, would he distance himself from Artemis too?
I wouldn’t like that. I’d be a little lonely, and most of all Raina would feel bad.
I hope we can build a closer relationship somehow.
“Oh right, that rookie you might scout at the winter promotion exam you mentioned, how’s that going Boss?”
“Ah the promotion exam. I’ll at least watch. We had a lot of Iron Classes this year, there’s probably kids I’m not familiar with too.”
Oh right, the promotion exam huh. Hadn’t thought about that lately since I was busy with Raina’s training.
Maybe it’s about time Raina had some juniors calling her Senior.
Since we’re short on melee fighters, it’d be great if we could hire a newbie specializing there. We won’t know until we actually see them.
“Are you looking forward to getting a junior, Raina?”
“No way, I still have a long way to go…I only have one bow skill. I wanna gain strong skills like Senior Ulrika.”
“Hehe. Ulrika’s might be hard but something like Power Shot you could probably learn in time. Just takes practice and real combat.”
“What if someone with more skills than Raina comes?”
“That’d be harsh…and shameful… “
Winter. The season you just have to bear the chill while passing time.
But thinking there might be new encounters makes it pretty exciting.

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