Female Soldier Infiltration Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 7

“The dorm food is super tasty, so look forward to it! Especially the meat dishes are the best.”


What Alyssa said raised Raze’s anticipation.

The meals served in the military cafeteria were one thing, but on campaigns she rarely got truly delicious food. Depending on the mission, in the worst cases they couldn’t even get one proper meal a day.

(I wonder what dishes they’ll serve. Can I conquer the whole menu during enrollment here?)

Raze was very interested in the noble-quality cuisine.

“It’s about time. We should get ready for the welcome party. You two will be alright with dress preparations?”

Mary checked the time and asked.

“Yes. I didn’t think formalwear meant dresses, so I was planning to attend in uniform.”

It would have been bad if Captain Bonar hadn’t prepared one for her.

“I know right~! I was shocked too, I remember it well!”

With Alyssa empathizing, Raze felt relieved. Her sense hadn’t been off.

“It’s student formalwear, so uniforms should be fine. Don’t let the nobles’ gazes get to you. Stand tall and proud, got it?”

Strongly encouraged by Mary, Raze and Folia nodded “Yes!”.

“Think of it as practice for when you’re successful adults attending social functions in the future.”

Clenching her fist, there was a fiery light in Mary’s eyes behind her glasses.

She seemed to have some incident in her past, but Raze didn’t feel she could ask about it.

“Thank you for showing us around.”

“May I come ask if there’s anything else unclear?”

“Absolutely! Don’t hesitate at all!”

“Yes. We’re rare comrades. Let’s work hard together from now on. Congratulations on your enrollment. Wear this where it can be seen at the welcome party.”

Mary handed them flower corsages.

Exchanging looks, Raze and Folia together energetically replied “Thank you very much!”.

Belatedly, it really sunk in that she had enrolled at Saint Riole.

The four of them then returned to their rooms and began preparations for the welcome party.

“Hmm. What to do. I’ve never worn dresses like these.”

Back in her room, Folia was already agonizing before the infamous dresses. It was understandable to be overwhelmed with which to choose from among ten options.

“Just pick the one you like. I’ll help you put it on.”

Beside her, Raze swiftly donned the light blue dress subordinates had gotten her.

“Wow! Raze-chan, it looks amazing on you!”

Seeing it, Folia immediately praised her.

Checking the mirror inside the closet, Raze smiled and said “Thank you.” She rarely wore dresses herself, so receiving compliments made her genuinely happy.

“Come on. Folia has to decide too or we’ll run out of time.”

“Got it!”

After thinking hard for a while, Folia chose a green dress matching her eye color. With its elegant wide sleeve design, wearing it made her look like a forest fairy. Surely any dress would suit Folia beautifully.

As former intelligence personnel, Raze could disguise herself and used that skill to put Folia’s hair up in a half-up style and apply light makeup. The flower corsage was just right, so she tucked it into her hair.

“Perfect. Too cute.”

“Wow~! You’re amazing, Raze-chan! Thank you!”

(Maybe it was good I was in intelligence)

Seeing how she had turned out, for the first time Raze wanted to praise her past self for being in intelligence.

Putting her own corsage in her hair and getting ready, it was time to head out.


The large hall where chairs had just been neatly lined up for the entrance ceremony was transformed into a party venue. From new students to third years, dressed up students with a completely different air from before were scattered about chatting.

Seeing everything as new, Folia’s eyes shone brightly.

Looking at her, Raze’s shoulders slightly slumped.

(What’s the word… Is she the embodiment of defenselessness?)

On the way here, many boys had been furtively glancing at Folia, and their gazes irritated Raze.

With her military honing not just the five senses but even a sixth sense, Raze found their ogling unbearably obvious.

For now they were keeping their distance as if she were some young lady, but how might they react upon learning she was a commoner?

While Raze worried, the pure-hearted angel Folia only had eyes for others, waving energetically when she noticed Carne in a chic grey dress.

“Ah, kana-sama!”

Seeing her, kana’s eyes widened in surprise and she briskly came over.

“Miss Folia. Young ladies must not wave their arms around so vigorously. It’s unseemly.”

“S-, sorry. I got excited spotting Lady kana…”

Carne heaved a sigh at the crestfallen Folia.

“Please be more mindful from now on. But that dress looks wonderful on you. Your hairstyle too, it’s surprising.”


Hearing that, Folia immediately perked up. She really did have an expressive face. Raze found her captivating to watch beside her.

“Raze-chan did it for me. It’s amazing, right?”

“Raze-san did?”

Carne opened her large eyes even wider, staring at Raze.

“Yes… There you go again.”


Raze was interested in the murmur she caught from kana, but couldn’t inquire further due to a shrill “Kyaa!” nearby.

“What’s that about?”

“The handsome noble princes have arrived.”

“I see.”

Unable to see well in the crowd but needing no confirmation, Raze stated it matter-of-factly.

And as she said, the ones who made their way into the hall pushing through girls were the prince, his attaché, and His Excellency’s son. Following them were the former knight commander’s grandson and Finance Minister Fen Streinz’s son Luca. She had already confirmed their identities during self-introductions.

In addition to these five male students, Raze judged it essential to keep Carne and Folia in check at minimum. Though it went against her feelings to rank students, it was necessary in this class-based society. She would prioritize Ruben and kana, acting in an “observer” role.

(Their faces are all annoyingly well-featured.)

Looking at her narrowed down protection targets mingling in the crowd, Raze thought ahead to academy life.

(First I need to grasp His Highness’s love situation…)

She had never imagined having to handle such uncertain elements on the very first day of enrollment.

Right beside her, the goddess Carne wore a necklace with gems the same color as Ruben’s eyes, perfectly complementing her outfit. Needless to say, her colorful eyes were fixed on him, and she had a hand to her mouth murmuring “So cool…” She only had eyes for Ruben. What healthy young man could ignore such an attractive girl, one had to wonder.

“The lights–!”

“It’s alright.”

As if specifically awaiting Ruben and the others’ entrance, the lighting abruptly dimmed all at once, focusing illumination solely on the stage.

Raze instinctively checked her surroundings for any danger, but finding none she turned her attention to the stage.

“Good evening, everyone. I’m Bill Meuse Gordon, the student council president. First of all, congratulations to our new students on your enrollment! With the high applicant ratio this year, we were eagerly awaiting the arrival of such exceptional juniors. I hope you will take pride in being Saint Riole students and make the most of your days here. We warmly welcome you all. Please enjoy yourselves fully tonight!”

Following Bill’s words, the lights in the hall returned to normal brightness. The upperclassmen handed goblets to the first-years standing near them.

“Here you go.”

“Thank you very much.”

The slim silver goblets glimmered beautifully. They looked quite expensive. Perhaps they used silver to check for poisons – that cynical thought may have been a result of her military training.

(Oh, that’s…)

As Carne and Folia also received goblets, Raze’s eyes quietly shone looking in a different direction.

There were round and rectangular tables draped with white tablecloths, laden with dishes of food. They must have prepared it during the blackout earlier. The delicious aromas stimulated Raze’s appetite.

“Raze-chan? Let’s toast!”

Noticing her distraction, Folia called out to her. However, Raze’s concentration did not waver.

“Target sighted…”


Her eyes had locked onto the thickly sliced steaks. Raze was completely absorbed by the meals laid out on the tables.

Despite being a fairly elite soldier with good pay, her young looks often got her turned away when trying to enter restaurants alone. Plus the occasional intelligence work she did meant avoiding conspicuous actions. As such, she rarely got to dine in formal restaurants, so she was mesmerized by the party cuisine.

Though this was meant as a mixer, Raze currently had no capacity to care about socializing.

(–Before my eyes lies a rare delicacy more formidable than an S-class monster. How could I call myself a soldier without partaking of this feast? No, I cannot. My comrades, I shall dutifully consume your favorites in your stead…!)

Goblet in right hand. Fork and plate readied in left.

She had roughly grasped the prey’s location. As precaution she had three routes, A, B and C, prepared. She was ready. Now she just had to await the signal to commence the hunt.

“To the heavens’ guidance, cheers!!”


The soft chime of the elegant silver goblets resonated vividly in Raze’s mind.

“See you later!”

“Ra-, Raze-chan?!”

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