SS-class beauties focused on me Volume 1 Chapter 1 part 2

After that exchange with Ougami principal, in the classroom— 
[Choose ] 

  1. Get on all fours and mimic a pig 
  2. Get on all fours and mimic a pig (human) being stepped on by the queen 

Wh-what is this…? 
The thing that suddenly welled up in my mind wasn’t text or audio.  
It felt like the information poured directly into my brain…anyway, I was being forced to choose between absurd options. 
It’s far too unrealistic, but the choices sat firmly in my mind, showing no signs of disappearing any time soon.  
As if urging me to choose quickly. 
However, naturally there was no way I would obey such nonsensical choices. 
The instant I tried to ignore it— 
Incredible headache assailed me. 
C-Could it be…I have to choose one or the other by force…? 
Don’t mess with— 
No good! Impossible! Absolutely no way I can endure this!! 
In contrast to me writhing in pain, the class was looking at me in disdain. 
Well, if a transfer student suddenly cries out and starts suffering in the middle of their self-introduction, this kind of reaction is only natural I guess. 
Nooooo it hurts, is choosing the only…way to make it stop!? 

The moment I decided on 1 and put it into action, 
The headache disappeared as if it were a lie—but in exchange, 
Everyone’s eyes turned to dots. 
And the classroom was wrapped in an unbearable atmosphere, with hushed whispers breaking out here and there. 
“Whoa, more interesting that expected.”
“Yeah, with the weird timing of transferring in two weeks after the entrance ceremony, I thought he might be some genius…but he’s just crazy.”
“And trying to be funny is way too tasteless…the weird shouts are bad enough, why a pig?” 
C-Crap, super noticeable all of a sudden! I-I’ve gotta recover somehow! 
I conspicuously cleared my throat and stood up, bowing deeply. 
“I’m very sorry! Getting carried away after transferring to the respected Teiou Academy I admire, I did something incomprehensible. I sincerely apologize for causing discomfort! Please think nothing of it!” 
“Huh, surprisingly sensible?”
“Yeah, his way of talking seems proper.”
“Well transferring in must put crazy pressure on him.” “
And looking closely he has quite a refreshing face doesn’t he?” 
Yes…yes! Recovery is still possible here. If I firmly correct things here and leave an impression of my dullness, I can manage! 
“So once again…I’m Youta Ootomo. What I wanted to convey earlier wasn’t that. To prevent secondary harm, what you absolutely must know about me is—” 

[Choose ]

  1. Say your nipple color 
  2. Reveal your nipples themselves 

You idiot! An absolute…idiot! 
2 is completely criminal…compared to that 1 is way better— No no, neither is any better. 
My senses feel numbed, but the choices are either my school life ending or my actual life ending. 
A jabbing headache occurs, as if saying I know right?  
Resisting will definitely bring intense pain again. 
I have no choice but to…do it. 
“They’re…salmon pink.”  

” ” ” ” ” ” ? ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”  


With those tear-filled words, everyone tilted their heads in unison. 
Oh, that’s natural. Without context, they wouldn’t know what I’m talking about. O-Ooh, could I have gotten through this—  
Again with the incredible headache…ngh…as I thought, looks like I have to explicitly state it. 

“M-My…nipples are salmon pink.” 
” ” ” ” ” ” …………… What? ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” 
My classmates’ eyes had turned to dots again. Uu…of course this would happen.  
Next, the homeroom teacher hesitantly went… 
“Ootomo…was that really something you had to say no matter what…?” 
“Of course not!” 
I retorted with full power on impulse.  
The teacher recoiled as if repelled by my sharp tongue. 
“Ah, no, sorry, I’m shaken up…shall I continue…?” 
“D-Don’t mind…is that all?” 
No. it’s bad …… I’m finished. 
No good…nothing I say from this point can recover things.  
“I see…your seat is over there.” 
I replied in an almost inaudible voice and shambled over to the indicated seat. 
It’s over…utterly over.  
Staring blankly up at the ceiling in despair, I was walking ahead when—  
I slipped on something and plopped down on my butt. 
As if things weren’t bad enough…on top of the weird mental choices, my misfortune too… 
In a sense, business as usual I guess but there’s no need for this now of all times— 
“Wh-What the hell…” 
A voice, shaking with anger, interrupted my thoughts.  
Looking up from my butt-flop state, the owner of the voice was— 
“You…what kind of man are you…” 
The student who looked like a delinquent boss from earlier. 
“What’s wrong, Ishibashi?” 
“Oh, sorry teach. Just got too moved by the transfer student’s spirit is all.”  
The male student called Ishibashi extended a hand to me still plopped on my butt. 
“Take my hand, transfer student…no, Ootomo Youta. I thank you for saving this Ishibashi Go.” 
“Huh…? Ah, sorry.” 
I didn’t really understand what he meant, but I took his hand and stood up. 
“Hey you guys, you’re thinking this dude’s some total perv right!? But that’s a huge misunderstanding! A huuuuge one!” 
Ishibashi suddenly bellowed loudly.  
Question marks popped up above everyone’s heads amidst his shouting, and then a female student spoke. 
“Ishibashi-kun? What do you mean?” 
“Oh…actually, I received prior notice that a transfer student was coming. That’s because I’m the class rep.” 
Huh? This delinquent-like guy is the class rep…as expected of the extraordinary Teiou. 
“With transferring at such an odd time mid-semester. A transfer student has to be filled with anxiety. To alleviate that even a little, I prepared a surprise present.” 
What an unexpectedly nice class rep…I reflected on judging him just by his looks. 
Ishibashi picked up the dropped [culprit] and held it up before me.  
“That being this [Monthly My Fundoshi].” 
“Say what!?” 
“Oh right, it doesn’t make sense without explanation. Not to brag, but I, the unworthy Ishibashi Go, am the heir to the world’s largest men’s fundoshi care product manufacturer.” 
“What kind of rich kid is he!?” 
“So of course, my present to you would naturally be the [Monthly My Fundoshi] published by the publishing company affiliated with my company—” 
“No naturalness at all there…I mean, I’d think there were better options even if I’m the one receiving it…” 
“What’d ya say, punk!? Don’t tell me a rival company’s fundoshi magazine is better!?”  
“That’s not what I meant! And I’m shocked there’s multiple fundoshi magazines!” 
“Hmph…forget it. Anyway, the point is, I had prepared a surprise in advance, but here’s where I made a fatal mistake.”  
Ishibashi continued spinning his words with a sigh. 
“I accidentally…prepared the 70s edition of [Monthly My Fundoshi].” 
“There are age-specific editions!? Just how segmented is it! Where’d the publishing depression go!” 
Paying zero attention to my retorts, Ishibashi continued immersing himself in his own world. 
“The special feature was [Return my nipples to the salmon pink of my youthful days].” 
“Ishibashi-kun, don’t tell me…” 
The female student from earlier seemed to realize something as she covered her mouth with her palm. 

“That’s right. Seeing the magazine fall from the podium, Oootomo realized everything. And in order not to embarrass me…to make me realize it was a mistake, he deliberately announced the color of his own nipples as salmon pink…”  
No no no no no no… 
There’s no way he could deduce all that just from that. Even hyper suspicious detectives in mysteries nowadays wouldn’t say stuff like “Hmmm, something’s suspicious…” at that stage yet. 
“But even after he did that much, I still didn’t realize my own mistake. I didn’t even notice that I had dropped the magazine in the first place. So Oootomo intentionally stepped on it, slipped, and fell to make only me aware of its existence…That’s everything that happened in this classroom!” 
….You’ve got it all wrong, but is this okay? 
“And that’s not all! He didn’t try to defend himself until I brought it up…even at the cost of being accused of being a pervert, he prioritized protecting my reputation…How can you not call this a true man!? If there are still any who doubt this man’s character, I Ishibashi Go will be your opponent!” 
“Oh, to make Ishibashi-kun say all that…” “Amazing! If Ishibashi-kun acknowledges it, there’s no mistake!” “Damn…I’m pathetic for doubting such a guy…!” 
C-Could this be…a good development? 
“I, class rep Ishibashi Go, hereby declare! Starting from this moment, Oootomo Youta is our comrade!” 
With Ishibashi’s declaration as the start— 
“Oootomo!” “Oootomo!” “Oootomo!” “Oootomo!” “Oootomo!” 
Class 2-1 was enveloped in a mysterious chant of my name. 
Wh-what’s going on here… 
Tossed around by the mysterious choices, and with misfortune piling on, I was resigned to a hopeless school life, but with this sudden situation… 
Surely just a coincidence, but I’ve never had such a lucky development in my life before.  
Alright…this timing is best to make everyone aware of my misfortune!  
“Thank you everyone! And here, please let me say what I’ve been trying to convey all this time! The truth is that I—” 

  1. Confess you mistakenly wore your mother’s underwear  
  2. Confess you wore your mother’s underwear normally

“The hell can I say it!?” 


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