Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 1 Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – A Business Begins to Move

“Reed is exceptionally skilled at reading picture books, isn’t he?”

“Yeah, Nii-chan’s reading is amazing. It’s fascinating how he can use different voices.”

“Thank you. I’m glad to receive praise from Mother and Mel.”

I was reading picture books to Mel in Mother’s room. Curiosity struck me when Mel asked me to read a picture book to her as well. So, I suggested reading it in Mother’s room. Mel was overjoyed by the idea. When she mentioned “different voices,” she meant using distinct voices for each character. Knowing my love for anime and games, I thought it would be easy to apply the concept to picture books. But it turned out to be more challenging than I expected. After reading it once with different voices, she wouldn’t be satisfied unless I used distinct voices for every character.

It wasn’t too difficult with picture books featuring few characters, but some had a multitude of characters, which made it quite demanding.

I did my best, but when Mel said, “It sounds the same as before, right?” it left me feeling a little disheartened.

“By the way, Reed’s reading style was reminded mother when watching a theater actor. It was genuinely captivating. I’m grateful that you have such a remarkable talent.”

Mother wore a radiant smile, clasping her hands in front of her face. Mel nodded in agreement, saying “Yeah, yeah.”

“Haha! What about me, Nii-chan? Why don’t you praise me too?”

“Oh, Mel’s guidance is also extraordinary.”


Being the only one praised felt a bit lonely. Mel was in high spirits because Mother praised her as well.

Mother’s illness, known as “Mana Depletion Syndrome,” cannot be cured naturally. If things continue as they are, she will pass away in the near future. Only a few people in the Valdia family are aware of this.

…She seems fine today, but her complexion doesn’t look good.

As we chatted with Mother and Mel, there was a knock on the door. I responded, and Galun, the butler, entered the room and glanced at me.

“Reed-sama, Miss Christie has arrived.”

“Understood. I’ll go right away. Please show her to the reception room.”

Galun replied, “Certainly,” and left the room. I nodded to Mother and Mel, saying, “Mother, I’m going.” Mel looked dissatisfied and said, “Huh?” Mother smiled and bid me farewell, saying, “Take care.”

“Sorry for the wait.”

As I entered the reception room, Chris, an elf with beautiful golden hair, was already there, radiating a brighter aura than before. She smiled at me and said, “No need to apologize, and thank you for making time today.”

Chris is the representative of Christie Trading Company, located within the Valdia territory. She kindly gestured for me to have a seat on the sofa in the reception room, while she positioned herself across from me with a desk separating us.

Before this, I had brought prototypes of the conditiioner and aloe vera lotion for commercialization and had discussed the business with her. Since then, we had been exchanging letters, and after leaving the prototype conditiioner with her, I received a letter expressing her excitement and urging us to proceed with commercializing the products. We had met a few times at the mansion to further discuss the commercialization details. Today’s meeting was focused on finalizing those details. Chris had proven to be incredibly efficient, taking charge of aloe vera cultivation for the lotion and setting up factories for producing the rinses and lotions.

“I must say, I was surprised by Chris’s skills. I could never have progressed this quickly on my own.”

“Thank you. But it’s also thanks to the funds you provided, Reed-sama.”

I had entrusted the majority of the funds I acquired from my father to Chris. In reality, even if I had the funds, I lacked the necessary connections, experience, and commercial networks to make significant progress. It made more sense to provide the funds, along with my insights and knowledge from my past life, to Chris. Initially, she was taken aback, but since it was framed as an investment, she agreed and promised to return the favor once the venture became successful. She cleared her throat and began explaining.

“Ahem… The ingredients for the conditiioner can be prepared within the Valdia territory. As for aloe, cultivation is not difficult, so we can increase production in the future.”

“Right, now we just need to educate people on the proper usage of the conditiioner and establish a skincare routine. Additionally, we must take measures against counterfeit products.”

“I understand the proper usage and the measures against counterfeit products… But skincare routine?”

In this world, detailed knowledge about skincare is still lacking. The concept of cosmetics and their compatibility with different skin types is not widely known. There may be variations in individual and racial compatibility with skincare products. When I explained this, Chris was astonished and asked, “How do you have that kind of knowledge… What kind of books have you been reading…?” Another important aspect is the countermeasures against counterfeit products. Introducing a highly sought-after product into an unfamiliar market naturally invites imitation attempts. While that is expected, it is unacceptable if inferior products cause health issues. It could undermine trust in the skincare products and the conditiioner itself. Countermeasures must be implemented. I shared the plan I had devised with Chris in advance, and she approved, saying, “That’s a really good approach.”

The countermeasures primarily consist of four points:

1. After-sales service

2. Brand logo

3. Establishment of authorized retailers

4. Brand ambassadors

The first point, after-sales service, involves providing support even after purchase and use if the cosmetics do not suit the customer. It also includes educating customers on the proper usage of the skincare products and conditiioner.

The second point is to incorporate a brand logo on the products, either through branding or stamping. I plan to use the crest of the Valdia family as the logo, making it clear that this product is backed by a noble family. Unauthorized use of the noble’s crest can be punishable.


The third point is to establish authorized retailers. We have made progress in this regard with Chris’s family company, the “Saffron Trading Company.” It won’t be an issue to educate and assign well-trained staff who can provide proper instructions on product usage. While we intend to open stores in the imperial capital through the Christie Trading Company, Saffron Trading Company already has existing stores there. Since the imperial capital is vast and we don’t have enough staff to open multiple new stores, it would be more efficient to utilize the existing ones.

Chris also expressed no disagreement with involving her family’s company, Saffron Trading Company. She sent a letter to her brother, providing a report on the current situation and proposing a distribution agreement for the new product. Soon after, the head of Saffron Trading Company arrived from the imperial capital.

“Your product, Mr. Reed, will have a tremendous impact on women worldwide. It will generate a significant flow of commerce and wealth. With this product, any merchant would want to be part of it.”

I didn’t realize it was such an extraordinary product, but apparently, it had gained that reputation.

“Furthermore, I was thinking of asking Chris to be the brand ambassador. We discussed it before. Are you okay with that?”

“Well, I’m not very confident, but I’ll do my best.”

Blushing, Chris chuckled shyly at the idea of becoming a “brand ambassador” herself.

The fourth point is to appoint Chris as the brand ambassador. Chris, being an elegant and beautiful woman, holds a unique position as an elf and is less likely to evoke envy from the nobility in the imperial capital. If she can say, “With the conditiioner and skincare routine, I was able to achieve even greater beauty,” it will be more convincing. Besides, her golden hair, now silky and shiny thanks to the conditiioner, looks beautiful even to me. Sometimes, while reading documents, she gently tucks her bangs behind her ears, which is quite captivating.

“Now, we need to report to my father. We should arrange training sessions on the conditiioner and aloe skincare knowledge with the representatives from Saffron Trading Company. Additionally, we need to present the products to His Majesty the Emperor and Her Majesty the Empress. Chris, I’m counting on you.”

“…Are you really sending me? Even when I was at the Saffron Trading Company, I never had the opportunity to meet members of the royal family.”

“Don’t worry, I have already obtained permission from my father.”

“Well, I’ll do my best…”

Chris seemed both excited and nervous about the prospect of negotiating with the royal family.

Scene transition

“We have already discussed and reported the conditiioner and aloe lotion to Galun and Father. Each time we presented the information, they wore expressions of wide-eyed surprise, leaving a strong impression. During one of the office meetings, Father pointed something out.”

“If those cosmetic products are truly remarkable, it would be best to present them to His Majesty the Emperor and the Empress. It would contribute to counterfeit prevention as well. Furthermore, if they become designated products for the imperial family, it will create a buzz in the capital.”

“Understood. In that case, I will make the necessary preparations before Father heads to the capital. As for explaining the products to the imperial family, I am considering involving the representative from Christie Company.”

Upon hearing my intention to have the company’s elf provide the product explanations, Father’s expression turned slightly stern.

“Why are you entrusting the company with that task instead of doing it yourself?”

“Yes. First and foremost, it will enhance the credibility of the products. If someone as young as myself explains the aspect related to women’s beauty, it may be met with doubt. However, Chris is elegant and beautiful. If she attests that she has become more beautiful with this product, everyone will aspire to achieve the same.”

Father nodded thoughtfully, and I felt relieved that he seemed to have a positive impression. I decided to push further.

“Among the noble gentlemen who witness her beauty, some may think, ‘I want to give this to my wife or daughter.’ Especially those with young wives. By doing so, it may divert some attention from the Valdia family benefiting from this product…”

Father took a seat in the chair behind the desk, listening to my words in silence. Then, he let out a sigh and said, “Haa.”

…Oops, did I go too far?

“…’Especially those with young wives.’ Reed, do you understand what you’re saying, even though you’re still a young child? If that’s the case, it seems like my child has grown up quite a bit.”

Galun, who had been listening beside us, covered his mouth with his hand and trembled slightly as he bowed his head.

Ah, I went too far. How should I explain myself…

“Well, alright. I understand your point. Indeed, even if someone as young as you explains the products, it may lack credibility. Besides, if it’s known that you created this product, it might attract unnecessary attention and enemies. Very well, let’s allow the representative from Christie Company to accompany you to the capital.”

Seeing my flustered expression, Father, though slightly exasperated, granted permission for Chris to accompany me to the capital.

A few days after the conversation with Father, when I informed Chris about the arrangement for her to give product explanations, she exclaimed, “Huh!? Am I going to have an audience with the imperial family!?”

In this world, even for a large company like Saffron Company, it was rare to be granted an audience with the imperial family. It was considered a significant achievement for a company represented by a non-human race to have the opportunity to explain their products to the imperial family.

“I was truly surprised by the product explanation. It has become the talk of Saffron Company. Opening up a new market in the human realm…”

“Well, it’s going to be challenging from here on out, so I can’t relax just yet.”

After the discussion on the cosmetic products had reached a certain point, Chris said, “Oh, I almost forgot,” and pulled out a bag from her purse, revealing a “certain product.”

As soon as I saw the product, I was not only surprised but also leaned forward from the sofa where I had been sitting.

“It was a request from Lord Reed, and I believe this is most likely the [Moonlight Grass]. What do you think?”

“…Yes, I believe this is it. Thank you so much.”

In the game, the [Moonlight Grass] was a material used for making mana recovery potions. It had a certain effect even when used as is. However, its effectiveness would be enhanced through processing. With this, there might be a chance to slow down the progression of Mother’s illness. Thinking about it, tears welled up in my eyes and streamed down my cheeks. Chris looked at me with wide eyes. I quickly sniffed and wiped away my tears with the sleeve of my clothes, then lowered my head to Chris and expressed my gratitude.

“No, please don’t bow like that!… Besides, we haven’t found the Lute Grass yet. I will continue searching for it, so please give me a little more time.”

“Understood. But, I know it’s a lot to ask, but please try to expedite it as much as possible. Thank you.”

“Of course. I’ll do my best to accelerate the process.”

I still didn’t know what the future held, but I felt like we were slowly making progress.

That was the discussion I had with Chris.

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