SS-class beauties focused on me Volume 1 Chapter 1 part 1

Chapter One: Angel Corone Wants to Be Pierced and Mocked 

About 10 minutes earlier – 
“Crush the [Ten Sai].” 
In the principal’s office of the prestigious Teiou Academy, the room’s master, Ougami Ai, said this in a familiar tone.  
It’s strange. For the principal to be a woman with model-rivaling body and beauty, looking to be only in her twenties no matter how you look at her. 
It’s strange. With round glasses perched on her nose, dressed in a deep red suit, and a bright red rose and chrysanthemum in her breast pocket – for someone dressed so ridiculously to be the principal.  
It’s strange. Lounging back in her chair with her feet on the desk to greet a student like this as the principal.  
The principal is the top authority responsible for managing a school corporation. With higher standing than the principal who is responsible for the school itself.  
And this place is recognized by all as the number one high school in Japan, so someone like this being at the top just doesn’t make sense no matter how you think about it. 
And above all, what she’s saying is strange. 
For me to crush that [Ten Sai]…? 
“Um…I have absolutely no idea what you mean…” 
“Oh I see. I haven’t explained the reason yet.” 
“No, that’s not it, it’s just…” 
“The current Ten Sai is too strong.” 
This woman isn’t listening to me at all… 
“They’re far too absolute, crushing the spirits of the other students. There are almost no guys who have the spirit to try taking the Ten Sai’s seats, it’s so boring watching…so damn boring. Liven it up somehow.” 
She’s like a child… 
“But, there’s no way someone like me could do anything against that monster group right… You’re the principal of this academy aren’t you? Shouldn’t it be about proper management and not things like boring or…” 


“No. With them unchanging in the current membership, fierce competition for the Ten Sai seats used to unfold. It was an extremely delightful situation, but look now? Every single one of them is sorely lacking… If things continue this way, Teiou Academy’s foundations may be shaken.”  
As a high schooler, I don’t fully comprehend, but I guess that’s how it is… 
“However, it would be cruel to blame those tamed guys. The might of those ten is beyond high school level.” 
“But still, there’s no way I can do anything against a monstrous group like that…” 
“That is also incorrect. My eye that scouted you is absolute. Look, it’s written about in this magazine too. [Since Ougami Ai assumed the position of principal, the [excellent] Teiou Academy has become an [outstanding] existence. Even the current [Ten Sai] called the strongest ever, with nine out of the ten being her own scouts – she possesses not only business management ability as the director, but also outstanding insight for discovering talent.] See?” 
“You’re holding a horse racing magazine principal…you’re just quoting yourself right?” 
But considering Teiou’s rise over the past decade or so, I can’t just call it big talk either… 
“If the principal’s judgment of people is truly discerning as she claims, then I understand your meaning even less. If I have any outstanding traits compared to others, it is only misfortune – as I only have negative elements.” 
“Hah, we’ll see if you’re truly a man of just misfortune or not – it will become clear once I throw you into the classroom,”  
“Even if we assume for argument’s sake that I do have that ability…I would never try to crush the Ten Sai.” 
“Oh? Why not?” 
“—I don’t want to stand out.” 
That is the one and only, and greatest goal in my life.  
“I want to live modestly. I was already fed up with the totally normal school caste at my previous school, and the Ten Sai is like the extreme of that kind of system right? Getting involved with flashy people like that…let alone crushing them, no thank you. I just want to live a dull, ordinary life as much as possible.” 
Words that calm my heart like stable, peaceful, steady, gradual progress… 
“That’s quite a withered outlook for a 16 year old. Is it a reaction from being exposed to misfortune since childhood—” 
Ougami principal paused for a moment before opening her mouth. 
“Or is it due to family influences?” 
“Looks like I hit the mark huh.”  
—Yes, my parents are famous people.  
And not just any old famous people either. 
To use a terribly cliche expression – they’re national stars. 
“Well, it’s not that rare for children of great parents to aim for the exact opposite path.” 
That’s true…ever since I was little, I’ve seen it. My father and mother’s charisma, fascinating and captivating people with their innate talent—and at the same time, the endless trouble it brought. 
I swore in my heart. That I would absolutely live inconspicuously.  
“I must decline after all. Please rescind your offer.” 
I deeply bowed my head to Ougami principal, then turned my back on her. 
Maybe I’d get expelled for defying the principal’s wishes? But it’s doubtful she’d immediately dismiss someone she scouted herself just for that— 
Along with a loud noise, pain shot through my butt.  
“Wh-what the…a baseball!?” 
[I-I’m terribbly s-sorryyy!] 
Soon after, a bubbly voice echoed in from outside the window.  
The baseball team practicing in the morning hit a ball that broke through the glass window and directly struck my ass…? Wh-what are the odds…my misfortune really exceeds limits sometimes. 
“Kuhaha, don’t worry about it, don’t worry. I got to see something more interesting than that.” 
Ougami principal cheerfully picked up the white ball and threw it back out to the baseball club members below. 
“No, you really know how to entertain right from the start. You sure nailed the ‘not wanting to stand out’ part.” 
“Well, if this is all the minor misfortune that keeps happening, then perhaps it’s possible to bury oneself in the Teio academy, renowned for its individuality. You must have come with that sort of plan, right?” 
“…You seem to see through everything.” 
“That’s why I say they write about me as a peerless genius in horse racing magazines.” 
“You’ve really mixed things up, haven’t you…” 
“These petty strokes of bad luck are just the opening act. When you’re a genius like me, having a ball hit your butt—it’s nothing short of the beginning of destiny!” 
Those are some terrible puns. 
“I can feel it… My ‘dangerous guy’ sensor is going off like crazy! Youta Ootomo, you truly are a talent who can crush the ‘Imperial Flower Ten Blooms’ system itself! I’ve never been wrong about a student’s potential. Not even once!” 
“Haha… In that case, I must be your first.” 
This is the story of a man named Youta Ootomo, leading a stable, peaceful, steady, and down-to-earth life. 

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