Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 26

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Mob No.26: “Hello, are you participating in the Neima Company escort?”


Two days after receiving the reward last time.

As usual at the guild counter, I was checking the next request while chatting idly with uncle Roans.

“So for now there’s a lot of merchant fleet escorts.”

“Yeah, seems the military and police are desperately pirate hunting. Wanted posters for pirates keep disappearing.”

Uncle makes a somewhat tired face like our work is disappearing.

But the military and police subjugating pirates is natural.

The issue is why they’re desperate about it. But thinking about it won’t change anything.

“But then they shouldn’t need to hire escorts right?”

“Well, it’s not like pirates are zero so paying for safety is a perfectly decent idea.”

Uncle shows me the screen. Telling me to search myself.

“So are there any suitable ones… Oh.”

“What’s up?”

Uncle, who had mineral water instead of coffee, called out to me.

“This. It’s that hero guy’s patron marquis family. They have 10 people this time.”

They probably terminated his exclusive contract after his sister became a criminal.

“That hero guy got into big trouble right? So they put out a proper request this time.”

Uncle doesn’t state it clearly but there’s no mistake he’s implying that.

“I figure no one will take it though.”

It’ll likely be harsh after the trouble he caused before.

Ignoring the troublemaker marquis’s request and browsing the job requests on screen, one caught my eye.

“Oh, there’s a merchant fleet escort with deadline today. Recruiting 6, meeting tomorrow at 13:00 in conference room 53. Departure is 9am 3 days later, 1 spot left of the 6 recruiting. Hmm. And the pay is average, I’ll take this one.”

“Don’t be late for the meeting.”

The meeting is the coordination meeting for escort plans held when it’s a small scale multi-person request like merchant fleet escorts.

It seems there were many issues and mistakes in the past when they did it impromptu on the day.

And departure isn’t the day after the meeting because there are cases where they fight in the meeting and have to restart recruiting.

After finishing the procedures I headed to the docking area to inspect the Patchwork again in preparation.

The next day I came to the conference room area of the mercenary guild after finishing lunch early.

There are 120 conference rooms here, and they also serve as evacuation lodging in emergencies.

Let’s see, the meeting room this time is… 53… Here it is.

By the way, arriving 10 minutes before meeting time is the trick to not being late.

I doubt anyone’s here but I’ll knock just in case.

“Come in.”

But I was surprised to get a response.

I didn’t expect anyone to be this early.

“Excuse me.”

“Hello, are you participating in the Neima Company escort?”

Inside were a clear handsome youth and a beautiful girl with light green hair.

The youth smiled refreshingly at me but the girl had an expression like [He ruined our rare alone time].

“Ah, I’m definitely a participant. Are you two involved too I guess?”

“Yes. Let’s do introductions once everyone is gathered.”

Exchanging the minimum necessary conversation, I sat in the seat furthest from them.

Then 5 minutes later,

“Oh, you’re early. Thought you might be late.”

A man who was clearly far older than me, and probably older than uncle Roans, came in.

“Hello. Are you participating in the Neima Company escort?”

“Yeah. Nice to meetcha.”

The uncle heavily sat across from me.

Then 3 minutes later exactly at the 13:00 meeting time,

“Whoopsie kept thinking I had time and was eating so got late!”


A tall, muscular woman came in without a word.

From her words she seems quite loose with time.

“You’re late!”

“Huh? But I didn’t actually miss the time right?”

The downtown youth complains but she doesn’t care in the slightest.

“You seem to be Neima Company escort participants, yes?”

The earnest youth moved things along with a slightly troubled face.

“Then let’s start with introductions. I’m Arthur Lingard. My rank is Rook/castle soldier.”

“I’m Saila Sainida. My rank is soldier. I’m slated to become Saila Lingard soon.”

The two who arrived earlier than me seem to be lovers.

“I’m Bernard Zague. Rank soldier.”

At that, everyone besides him makes a face like [The oldest among us but a soldier?].

“Ah, I was a cop until a bit ago but screwed up. So this is my new employment.”

His own explanation convinced us.

“Name’s Levin Grisel. Rank castle soldier. Don’t get in my way, got it…”

The downtown youth grumpily introduced himself without changing his sullen expression.

He’s definitely a regular at the downtown shopping district.

“I’m Morize Rotlua. Rank knight.”

She who arrived last had the same knight rank as me.

Tall stature and muscular body. Her atmosphere makes it clear she’s a skilled mercenary.

“I’m John Uzos. Also knight rank.”

Once everyone finished introducing themselves, the earnest youth Arthur looked at me and the nearly late Morize and

“Now I’d like to start the meeting. Usually the highest rank takes charge but…”

Then the light green haired beauty Saila beside him pressures [I won’t forgive anyone trying to take the leader role from Arthur].

“I’m not good at taking charge so please do.”

“Me too.”

Since leadership isn’t my forte, I’m happy to hand it over completely.

Arthur seems earnest so he shouldn’t make unreasonable demands.

Morize is probably just pure laziness.

And as a result, Saila snorted satisfiedly.

“Then first, positioning for the escort. A cube is fine right?”

“That’s best with this number.”

Uncle Bernard agrees while taking out a cigarette.

A cube means positioning escorts front, back, left, right, top and bottom around the ship to escort.

“Then who to position where.”

“Top and bottom are usually ships with wide scanning right? My ship scans up to 20 billion km so please leave it to me if that’s alright?”

“Oh, mine has pretty wide range too.”

When I volunteered, she glared at me fiercely but

“Then please take top and bottom you two. Please Saila.”

“Yes! Leave it to me!”

Her expression instantly softened when Arthur spoke to her.

“My ship’s sturdy but slow so front’s fine right?”

“My ship’s firepower and speed won’t allow others to keep up. I’ll be on standby in the back!”

Front and back were smoothly decided.

“Then old guy and you on left and right.”

“Please move by my judgement on site. Reliably report-communicate-cooperate please.”

And so surprisingly smoothly, the meeting ended without any particular contention.

That just makes me vaguely uneasy.

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