SS-class beauties focused on me Volume 1 Prologue

I slipped. 
And fell over. 
I hit my head against the wall. 
“Ugh…damn it… ” 
How can there be a banana peel in this squeaky clean hallway? I shouldn’t be having such thoughts, though. 
It’s not the banana peel’s fault that I fell. Since this was my path, that’s why the banana peel was there. 
Even though I seem to be getting philosophical, it’s not that deep. 
The cause is just bad luck, and that says it all. 
It’s been like this ever since I can remember. 
Banging my little finger on the edge of a dresser, getting bird poop dropped on me, dropping my wallet, whatever – nothing too unusual in and of itself, but they happen to me with an unnaturally high frequency. 
So my daily life is just filled with danger. 
Even when I’m just walking, I have to be extra careful – 
… No matter how careful I am, some things just can’t be helped. 
After dramatically stretching out again, I look at the culprit while still lying down. 
Well, two banana peels in a row isn’t unusual for me – it’s an everyday thing. 
It was an erotic manga called “[Monthly Survey of My Banana]”. 
“Come on, this is going too far!” 
What’s something like that doing in the school hallway… although I guess it’s not that weird for me. 
To the extent that I’ve gotten used to my unhappy life. 
“But you’d think the school would know better…why does it always have to be me?” 
I intently examine the name of the school printed on the new student ID I was issued earlier. 
Teio Private Academy.
T/N: The kanji is spelled as Imperial Sakura 
It’s the name that reigns over the high schools of this nation. 
Upholding the absolute principle of talent, it gathers and nurtures students who excel in their craft, making the cultivation of top talent its primary mission. 
While it initially produced only a slightly higher number of outstanding graduates than other schools, the ratio and quality of its graduates have increased at an accelerated rate with each passing year. 
Accordingly, the bar for its entrance exams has also risen, to the point where a lack of outstanding aptitude is itself a bar to admission. 
It’s matriculation rate at the nation’s top-ranked universities is also number one, so much so that it’s considered to surpass even those universities in terms of brand power. 
Within this showcase of talent, there are even more strange students. 
[The Ten Sai]
T\N: a wordplay of Genius, the kanji written as Ten Sakura Petals 


Teio Private Academy – Recognized by all as the best high school in Japan. At its pinnacle, the ten who have been given this title reign supreme. 
In academics, athletics, and their own fields of expertise, these chosen ten outliers, known as geniuses or monsters, have long since transcended the student mold, with some wielding nationwide fame and influence. 
It continues to churn out eminent figures who pioneer various industries, but this year in particular it has drawn attention for doubling down. 
Considered the strongest class in the academy’s history, the current members reportedly surpass all previous generations in talent, looks, and eccentricity – guaranteed to shoulder Japan’s future, according to media reports. 
The very fact that mere high school students have received extensive coverage on a prime-time national news program reveals the anomalous existence of both [The Ten Floral Crests] and the Teio Academy. 
But in a way, even stranger things have happened: 
I was scouted. 
I mean, huh? 
…….. What do you mean, huh? 
No matter how many times I think about it, “huh?” is the only word that comes to mind. 
Just my luck to be living a normal life at a run-of-the-mill public high school when suddenly a shady redhead shows up out of nowhere. Before I knew it, the hooks were in with my teacher, principal, and parents, arranging my transfer on what felt like coercive terms. 
And to drive the point home, the words of that same redhead: 
“Crush [The Ten Sai].” 
You’ve got to be kidding me… As if getting into Teio wasn’t incredible enough, they want me, a chronic klutz, to take down their elite of the elite? 
Me, whose number one goal in life is to not stand out? 
Before I knew it, I was standing at the classroom door. 
Well, I’m definitely going to refuse this request, and of course it’s impossible anyway – they’ll understand that right away.  
For now, I’ll just blend in seamlessly… Yes, I’ll blend in like air, so even if I have a little bad luck, I won’t stand out. 
Giving my plan the okay, I knock lightly on the door. 
“Come in, come over here.”  
My teacher calls from inside. 
“Sorry for the intrusion.”  
I announce, opening the door to a room of eyes that are instantly focused on me. 
A delinquent-looking guy, an unmistakably domineering queen, a kid knocked out face down at his desk – it’s clear that some characters in this class are trouble. 
But a variety of personalities should work in my favor. The thicker the air gets, the more I can fly under the radar, regardless of mishaps. 
“All right, why don’t you introduce yourself?” the teacher asks. 
I make my way to the lectern, which serves as my stage.  
Talented people should be able to shine, I just want to live peacefully and normally. 
“Youta Ootomo, coming at the end of April as a second year transfer. Nice to meet you all…which reminds me, there’s something I feel I should say up front, so you know – it may cause trouble, so listen closely, because honestly…” 
…………….what the? 
Suddenly, a powerful sense of wrongness hit me, and my words caught in my throat. 
And unbelievably, the next thing that flashed through my mind was – 
[Choose ] 

  1. Get on all fours and mimic a pig 
  2. Get on all fours and mimic a pig (human) being stepped on by the queen 

“Huh!?, Why? “

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