A Story of a Cannon Fodder Volume 1 Chapter 12 part 3

In the end, Arthur’s magic was radiating towards her, and she couldn’t help but shed tears as she felt the light gathering in his hands. It was a great light that  eliminated the darkness. Although she didn’t understand its meaning, she had a premonition that everything was about to come to an end.

However, a sudden voice echoed, interrupting the moment.


The voice resounded in the air, causing Arthur to stop building his magic. The light dissipated from Arthur hand, disappearing as if nothing had happened.

“Fei… why?” she asked.

“I heard various things from Boran. Arthur, hand over that sword,” Fei demanded.

Arthur hesitated, unsure whether she should hand it over. Fei urged her again, more forcefully.

“Don’t make me say it twice. Hand it over. This is my story.”

It was almost like an order. Fei forcibly took the sword from Arthur. Yururu, badly injured, stood in front of them.  Yururu had lost all her stamina and energy to Arthur and her allies, and her physical strength was probably very low. However… there was no doubt that Yururu would win if she fought against Fei. Despite her weakened state, she was still a formidable sword master, superior to Fei.

Despite knowing this, Fei raised his iron sword, ready to fight.

“Are you going to fight me now, Fei-kun?” Yururu asked.

“Yes, Arthur, True. Don’t interfere,” Fei replied, conveying his intentions through his eyes and words. Yururu burst into laughter.

“Hehe, you say funny things. You can’t beat me, can you? Besides, Fei-kun has never fought with a sword made of iron, has he?”

“So what?” Fei retorted.

“You’ll die if you fight me. You can’t even beat me in sword training. It’s foolish to challenge me.”

“Heh. I…”

Fei laughed back at Yururu, perhaps the first time she had seen him laugh.

“Indeed, I’m an idiot.”

“Yeah, you really are an idiot. You think you can beat me by challenging me? You have no talent…”

Yururu told him the truth, but she might have also been trying to persuade Fei to give up, not wanting him to get hurt.

“You’re different from Arthur-san and True-kun. You don’t have a talent and can never win. Don’t you even realize that? Do you think you’re a special existence or something?” Yururu tilted her head, questioning him.

“You’d better disappear while I’m telling you this. Thank me for teaching you, you fool.”


“What’s so funny?”

“You’re right. I’m an idiot. That’s why, unless I try, I won’t know.”

“Oh, I see. Even if I say this much, you don’t get it… Fine. It’s too late to regret after you die.”



Fei’s words acted as a signal, and simultaneously, they both kicked the ground, their iron swords clashing. This was unlike their usual practice with wooden swords. The clash emitted a heavy metallic sound that echoed through the air.

They executed beautiful sword strokes, each move consistent and logical, almost mirroring one another. Yururu’s sword flowed like a clear stream, but Fei caught it expressionlessly with his own sword. Fei, lacking the ability to use star power, was inexperienced in star manipulation and unable to compete with the high-speed combat displayed by Arthur and Yururu earlier.

Yururu’s star power had been diminished by Arthur and True, leaving her with almost none remaining. Unconsciously, she had left the option to use it, whether driven by her remaining conscience or a desire to be on equal footing with the proud knight standing before her. The true intention behind her actions remained unknown.

With star power manipulation out of the equation, Fei relied solely on his physical ability and sword technique. Yururu found herself in a similar situation, fighting with comparable conditions. The clash of metal resounded repeatedly.

A graceful, crescent-like sword stroke landed, lightly grazing Fei’s right shoulder. However, he paid it no mind and traced the path of the crescent stroke. In contrast, Yururu effortlessly parried his attack. The exchange of blows continued for a while.

Initially evenly matched, the duel gradually saw the gap widening. With each passing moment, wounds multiplied, and blood began to flow from Fei’s body. His blue uniform was drenched in a vibrant shade of red.

“Perhaps we should stop now?” Yururu suggested.

“Not yet,” Fei firmly responded.

The knight’s overwhelming words carried an air of victory, but Fei denied their significance. Yet, as if confirming her statement, a sword pierced Fei’s left shoulder. Blood spilled from his shoulder as Fei clicked his tongue and stepped back.

“Fei, stop now. You will die”

“Shut up. Don’t touch me,” Fei interrupted, denying True’s words.

“Fei… listen to me.”

“Did you not hear what I said? Don’t touch me.”

“But if this continues… and your shoulder… won’t it cause you pain?”

“It’s only natural. If you can’t endure this, then I have no path to follow.”

Fei responded with the same resolve to Arthur. Hearing Fei’s nonchalant response, True harbored doubts.

(Is it natural to sustain such a deep wound? Blood is flowing quite significantly.)

True couldn’t bear the thought of witnessing someone die in front of her. If they could win by fighting together…

(Fei… that’s enough.)

Arthur, too, expressed concern for Fei. As the two attempted to intervene, Fei’s cold gaze silenced them. Their eyes resembled an imposing iceberg, radiating a chilling aura that made even the warm temperature outside seem frigid. Fei redirected his gaze back to Yururu.

“Haha, Fei-kun, you truly are a fool.”


“After all, your defeat is nearly certain. What more do you wish to accomplish?”

“…Hmph, it’s all a farce.”


“Why didn’t you aim for my head back then? Instead of my shoulder, you could have struck for my head.”

It was the blow she had delivered to Fei earlier, and Fei knew her strength. That’s why Fei laughed at the fact that she hadn’t made it more fatal earlier.


Yururu closed her mouth quietly upon hearing his words. Fei, too, stopped laughing and looked at her with an eerie spirit, frustration evident in her eyes.

“I don’t like it. Come at me with everything you’ve got. I’ll accept everything and surpass you here,” Fei declared, his determination wavering Yururu’s emotions.

“What’s wrong with you? What do you know about me?” Yururu asked, her anger rising as she launched an attack. Fei retaliated with equal ferocity, their swords clashing and Yururu showing little change. However, as Yururu put more force into her attacks, Fei’s shoulder wound began to bleed.

“See, it hurts, doesn’t it? Let’s stop now,” Yururu taunted.

“I won’t. Besides, the pain is not that bad,” Fei responded calmly.

“Oh, I see. Then, that’s enough! A fool like you can be killed without any mercy!” Yururu exclaimed.

“That’s fine,” Fei replied, undeterred.

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