Chore Granting Sorcerer Volume 1 Chapter 6 part 5

I lowered my gaze. Should we enjoy the changes while looking up or suddenly lift our faces at a certain moment? The former felt somewhat wasteful, but I wondered how everyone else felt.

And then, I felt a shift in the air. I raised my head.

The field of view expanded at once.

A space so vast that the edges couldn’t be seen. It was no longer just a hall. It felt as if it extended endlessly.

The source of this sense of liberation was the boundless ceiling. In the maze, where visibility was poor, I had conveniently referred to it as the “sky,” but in reality, it truly seemed like the sky. If you looked closely at the ground, it resembled a wasteland on the surface, and this scenery was reminiscent of a new moon’s wilderness. Moreover, I could distinctly sense the presence of water.

There was a lake in the wilderness.

It was a poetic landscape. In the confined labyrinth, it could be called an unexplored place.

Above all, the sense of achievement that we were the first ones to arrive here. Perhaps even a feeling of conquest.

This was the moment when the spirit of adventure was rewarded. It seemed uncouth to call out to each other for a while. Everyone was savoring the emotions they held within their hearts.


I shook hands with Abel-kun, who reached out to me.

“Thank you! Abel-kun.”

“Oh, no, the thanks should be on my end. Thank you very much.”

Sharing intensified the emotions. And the conviction that we were all experiencing the same thing fostered a different kind of bond than just a while ago.

“Look, there really is a lake. It’s not a river… If that’s the case, could it be a spring? It’s difficult to find the true water vein in this darkness…”

“Vim-san, before that, I have a report. Doesn’t that lake seem larger than you expected? It’s more like a pond.”

“Abel! Vim-kun! Let’s resume the investigation! Let’s examine the entire Grand Hall!”

Jimon-san rallied us, and we began investigating the Grand Hall.

It was larger than anticipated, even assuming it to be the Grand Hall. We wouldn’t be able to finish the investigation in about an hour. And in the center of the hall, there was a lake, or rather, a somewhat small lake. As Abel-kun pointed out, it was more like a large pond. The transparency was high, so if we boiled it, it could be used as drinking water.

“Jimon-san, um, what about inside the pond?”

“Hmm, it’s not that deep. There are small creatures, probably non-hostile monsters, at the bottom of the pond. The water volume isn’t that high.”

I also observed the surroundings. There were some monsters, but they were just coming for the water and showed no signs of aggression. If we approached, they would likely flee.

“But isn’t it perfect for a campsite, Vim-kun? The view is also good.”

“…Yes. With this, we can make it a relay point.”

When choosing a campsite, good visibility and multiple escape routes are important. In this Grand Hall, in addition to the path we came from, there were many entrances visible on the opposite side. With the right formation, we would unlikely be cornered.

If there wasn’t an excessive amount of water to become a trap, it might be safer for everyone to gather in this Grand Hall sooner rather than later.

In the end, as a consensus of the advance party, it was decided that the Grand Hall was safe, and the main unit should come here.

The main unit arrived at the Grand Hall, and numerous expressions of astonishment echoed.

Detailed investigations were immediately carried out, confirming the immediate safety. Additionally, a gold vein was discovered, guaranteeing great profits from this large-scale investigation.

The atmosphere relaxed completely, and laughter could be heard from all around.

A decision was made to designate this place as a relay point for the “Nocturne Dragonflies.”

Tonight, we would stay here early, and the remaining night would be spent exploring the surroundings based on this location.

With the open and relatively good terrain, if we united as one, it didn’t seem like we would perish even if attacked by a floor boss.

“Vim-shonen! You did really well!”

Camilla firmly shook my hand.

I was surrounded by everyone’s joy.

“Oh, ahaha, well, it’s not that big of a deal…”

“What are you saying! To make it here in just two days, and without any exhaustion at that, it’s an incredible feat!”

Everyone around nodded in agreement.

“It’s like a triumphant return! Let’s celebrate in advance!”

“Alright, let’s have a drink to liven up the mood!”

Cheers could be heard from a distance.

“You fools! Don’t let your guard down!”

Camilla admonished everyone.

“…Well, I won’t nag. Just don’t neglect your watch duties.”

But she relaxed slightly. And cheers erupted.


It already felt like the large-scale investigation had concluded with the atmosphere of celebration. Being jostled around, shaking hands, and receiving praise made me feel uplifted.

But perhaps as a reaction to being deeply moved by the magnificent scenery just now, I found myself strangely calm.

It was enjoyable, but I couldn’t fully immerse myself in the atmosphere. With everyone laughing and chatting behind me, I quietly left the scene.

Perhaps it was needless worry, I thought. I don’t consider myself to have been unnecessarily concerned, but maybe I’m just too much of a scaredy-cat.

It was the same during “Dragon’s Wing.” With me, who was not just cautious but bordering on anxiety, and Kronos, who only ever thought about moving forward, it ended up being a good balance.

In this cautious party, excessive vigilance may no longer be necessary.

“Hey, hero, why the complicated face?”

As I wandered aimlessly through the Grand Hall, Heidemarie called out to me. We had only exchanged brief conversations since the start of this large-scale investigation, so it felt like it had been a while.

“Oh, the magnificent view! The true essence of it all!”

I could tell, or rather, her voice was clearly light-hearted.

Finally, I remembered. That’s right, Heidemarie was always like this. A pure adventurer who had reached this point purely through her passion and talent.

The reason I’m here in Fieldblon is also because Heidemarie brought me along.

“Don’t make such a gloomy face.”

“Oh well, it’s a great party, I thought, hehe.”

“Well, it’s an A-rank party in Fieldblon, after all. If this doesn’t work, there won’t be any good parties. By the way, Vim, you keep saying that a lot.”

“Well, I mean, I’m grateful.”

“You’re being recognized for being helpful. Just accept it.”

“But what I’m doing is ultimately just support, and being praised for that…”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s support or whatever. It’s a fair evaluation. Or is it that even in front of the splendid members of Nocturne Dragonflies and our achievements, you still can’t shake off your anxieties?”

She hit the nail on the head in an irritatingly accurate manner. As expected of her.

“Why do you always actively seek self-deprecation?”

“It’s not self-deprecation, but really, someone like me…”

“Yeah, yeah, Vim-kun is a dropout, and I happened to take notice of him and used my connections to invite him to an A-rank party. I’m a low-brained individual who abuses my authority and causes damage to the organization I belong to.”

“I didn’t mean it that way.”

It was either a provocation or self-derision, I wasn’t sure which, but I understood that Heidemarie was trying to encourage me in her own way.

…Yeah. Let’s put away the strange self-deprecation and have confidence. It’s disrespectful to the people who praised me.

“You can do whatever you want, Vim. If you’re worried, feel free to worry as much as you want. If you don’t want to bother others, prepare alone and have a backup plan.”

“You can read minds!?”

“We’ve known each other for a long time… But make sure you get some sleep.”

Under the calm atmosphere and the beautiful night sky, we entered a state of rest. Thanks to the people keeping watch from all directions, there was a sense of security.

But I still couldn’t stop studying the map.

Even in the labyrinth, there are clear directions, and the compass is effective.

Comparing it with the map, the route this time neatly went north. And throughout this journey, the overall slope gradually decreased and then ascended to reach this Grand Hall.

The only thing to worry about is when a large amount of water flows in from the south. The original path would be submerged, and we wouldn’t be able to turn back.

I examined the passages from the Grand Hall a bit. There were multiple paths on the south side, where we came from, and the north side, which we would explore next. If the south side was blocked, we would need to find an escape route somewhere on the north side. I wrote down the projected routes. Judging from the difference in elevation between each passage, I could roughly identify potential escape routes that seemed to have no water-related traps overall.

After writing it all down, I finally felt calm.

How long would I continue to be so tense? I thought as I closed my eyes and lay down.

I can’t help but worry too much.

But in the first place, it’s inefficient to assume something like a large influx of water that won’t actually happen.

I know that myself. It’s pointless to dwell on it further. It’s more important to rest and preserve my strength.

As I tried to convince myself of that, I lay down and closed my eyes, making sure not to open them.

Then, I felt a tapping sensation on my head.

Soon, the coldness arrived.

My consciousness resurfaced, and in the next moment, something hit my face one after another.

The signals in my head immediately sounded the alarm. I jolted awake.

The surroundings were wet. And even as I sat here, water was dripping down from my head. It felt like being pelted with small stones, a piercing pain. It was too dark to confirm anything. The usual dimly lit labyrinth was even darker. The visibility was unusually poor.

It took some time to be certain.

It was so far removed from the common sense of the labyrinth.

There shouldn’t be any common sense in the labyrinth, and yet I had mistakenly assumed there was.

It was rain.

It was raining in the labyrinth.

“Everyone! Wake up! It’s raining! It’s raining!”

I heard the announcement. Finally, my eyes adjusted, and I saw everyone waking up and scrambling around.

“…As if I could read this stuff, you idiots.”

Looking up at the “sky,” I muttered my complaint.

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