Bastard Swordsman Chapter 28

An Invitation for a Seemingly Boring Job
Ulrika’s Perspective
I messed up… I had no idea Mongrel’s past was so difficult…
He told me I didn’t need to talk much about myself, and I took advantage of that. Yet here I am trampling all over Mongrel’s circumstances.
He did say not to worry about it… And from his reaction afterwards, he really doesn’t seem bothered by it. But I can’t shake this feeling of regret for what I did… Sigh.
Right now I’m on my way back. I drank and ate with Mongrel… Aside from talking about his past, we also had lots of fun conversations and spent time together before parting ways.
It’s not even noon yet I drank a bit too much. Well, I don’t have any work that feels like real work right now anyway… Sorry, everyone in Artemis.
“I’m home.”
My residence is at the Artemis clan house.
It’s a rather large mansion owned by Artemis – most of the unmarried members live here.
I, a man, also stay here, but of course I asked if that was okay at first. Sheena gave me permission. I’m grateful.
“Oh, welcome back Ulrika.”
“Huh? Sheena and everyone already came back?”
When I went to the clan house lobby, several members were at the conversation table in front of the fireplace.
Among them were Sheena and the others who were supposed to have gone to the guild early this morning.
“That’s right, so Ulrika, go ahead and listen in too.”
“Eh, is it okay for me to hear? Isn’t the request this time quite confidential?”
“It’s fine. There’s no issue with you knowing.”
The mysterious female swordswoman Bridget who showed up at the guild yesterday.
She’s most likely a noble…and probably a huge headache for the Legol branch right now.
“Yesterday, an investigator the guild sent to the noble district easily gathered information and discovered Miss Bridget’s true identity.”
“Who is she?”


“Bridget La Samselia. It seems she’s the illegitimate daughter of the Viscount Samselia family… She slipped out from the noble district.”
“Huh? Not a fake name but her real one?”
“She probably only gave her name to disguise her status.”
“I see…that’s really sloppy.”
“Since she’s a woman who hardly appears in public, the investigator couldn’t look deeply into her social connections, but it seems she’s quite famous in knight training circles. As a female knight, she has enough skill to beat most men – that’s how polished she is, it seems.”
What a powerful noble.
It’s rare for a woman to devote herself so much to martial pursuits.
“The Samselia house treats her pretty well since she has zero interest in family disputes. She only thinks about swordsmanship, so that makes her easy to handle, I guess.”
“She probably would have just become a female knight serving some noblewoman. But it seems recently, she started doubting that future for herself.”
Nastasha had a wry smile, unusually.
“Apparently she said, ‘I don’t want a job just protecting women. I want to live using these sword skills to their full potential…’ And ran away from home.”
“She ditched her advancement course and ran away from home…? She could actually do something that reckless?”
“Right, what a weird noble.”
“It seems the Viscount tried persuading her too. Like fighting humans and fighting monsters is different. And things wouldn’t go well for you out there anyway. But Bridget still insisted, ‘I have to test my blade to know…’ “
“So that’s why she went to the guild…”
“She seems like a dangerous person…”
“That’s what the investigation uncovered… It was a bit of gossip in the noble district it seems. That’s why they figured it out quickly. Her name being the same was a clue too… The request also came from the viscount family to the guild.”
Hmm, a request from the Viscount Samselia family given the circumstances…
While requests from nobles happen frequently…this one probably won’t be as nice as delivering a pristine fur pelt.
“Take her on boring, pointless subjugation jobs and instill disappointment towards an adventurer’s duties… That was it apparently. How rude.”
“So in other words, they want us to intentionally take inefficient jobs. Like spending all day in the forest and finding nothing… We’ll have to refuse something like that. If it’s not an Artemis job, unpleasant work…”
I see, take her on boring jobs to dissuade Bridget from becoming an adventurer…
Well, I understand but… it doesn’t feel good having our work be seen as boring.
“But the pay is apparently quite high. No gender specified for the companion. The Viscount is going pretty far to get his mistress’s daughter back.”
“Parental love…maybe?”
“No way. He undoubtedly just wants her to become a knight serving the court from his family. She’s that skilled with the blade, and has potential it seems.”
Her parent’s convenience, huh. Can’t be helped since they’re nobles I guess… But I kinda feel bad for Bridget.
Well, that’s a separate issue. We won’t let delicious jobs escape after all.
“I get the gist. Our side intends to take the job right, Sheena?”
“Yes, I’ve already accepted the request. Ulrika, feel free to participate too. Since it’s a well-paying client, your share of the success reward will be good too.”
“When’s the schedule?”
“The day after tomorrow. Wandering Barowa Forest and subjugating any stray goblins out and about in this cold… It’ll be that kind of job, I’d think.”
“Another rushed one… I’m free so I can go, but, what about Gory? She good the day after tomorrow?”
“…I’m fine. No plans, so I’ll participate…”
Good, I’m relieved with Gory as vanguard.
Beasts wandering around this season are hungry and irritable, so there’s the possibility of accidents after all.
“Hmm. However, that’s right. Barowa Forest huh…”
“Huh? What’s wrong Nastasha?”
Nastasha seemed to be thinking deeply about something.
“…Sheena. For this job, I want to hire one skilled melee fighter from outside.”
Outside? Hiring? Both words were unfamiliar.
“Since it’s Nastasha’s suggestion, there must be a deep reason.”
“I can’t reveal the reason yet. But, I want to bring in Mongrel who accompanied us on a previous job.”
“What’s wrong Ulrika, did something happen with Mongrel?”
I was a bit surprised to suddenly hear that name.
“Um, I was just drinking with Mongrel at the Hunter’s Tavern until a while ago…”
“Huh, really?”
“Well, just casually, we talked about recent happenings, jobs, plans for today and tomorrow…”
A lie. We also talked about heavier stuff, and I heard a lot about Mongrel’s taste in food too… Though most of the info was irrelevant. I’ll tell Raina later.
“That’s convenient. If you know Mongrel’s schedule, Ulrika, could you contact him tomorrow?”
“Uh…well, I did hear about places he plans to stop by tomorrow so I guess I’d know…”
“Then I’d like to extend an invitation at that time. For just a day’s work with good pay, he shouldn’t decline.”
Mongrel didn’t seem to have much money but…would he really come on a job like that?
He seemed seriously intent on avoiding nobles, so I feel it’s unlikely.
“I will come along to persuade him too.”
“Oh, if so I’ll join you too! That okay?”
“Well…yeah. Coming in a crowd feels pushy so two of us should be fine I think…but will he give a favorable reply…that guy…”
For some reason, I could see a future where he firmly rejected us right from the start.

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