About Reckless Girl Volume 2 Chapter 1 part 7

‘We’re 6th graders now. Can’t keep relying on Dad and Mom to carry us everywhere.’

‘So I told Tiffy’s dad I’d go with her, and Tiffy told my dad she’d go with me, and we left home like that.’

‘I thought the three of us alone could handle it easy, but…trains are still too confusing.’

“You morons!”

Touri shouted, slapping the table. The people in the waiting room shook.

“Idiots!? Are you idiots!? I’ve thought this for a while, but are you really, seriously, stupid!? Why would you do that!?”

‘Yeah, I have no rebuttal this time.’

“These fools!”

Touri berated her hopeless friends, holding her aching head.

‘Kasumi’s fortune-telling failed. We got on the train she divined, but arrived at a different station.’

‘Nah, that ain’t it. That ain’t it. The direction divination was right. But the train made a sharp turn halfway, see. So we ended up at a slightly different station.’

“Look it up on a route map, not with divination!”

Touri let out a roar.

“Huh!? Are you serious!? Are you really that stupid!?”

‘Yes, I’m deeply ashamed.’

“Got it!? Listen closely! You’re at Mezeritt Station, right!? So go back two stations. Get off at Fitzlord Station, and exit the west ticket gate! About a 5 minute walk from there is the Reese Line ticket gate, so take the inbound train one station from there. Then you’ll arrive here at North Mezeritt Station!”

‘I see…’

“It shouldn’t take that much time from there…If you don’t panic, you’ll easily make it in time to perform! Understand!?”


Even as Touri shouted at them, only a short silence came back from the other end of the phone. Soon there was a response.

‘…I don’t really get it, but understood!’

‘Should I divine it again?’

‘It’s probably that way, probably…’

“Don’t you dare move from there! I’m coming to get you! Don’t you dare move from there, I’m coming to get you!”

Hearing the disturbing conversation, Touri was shouting. She grabbed her bag and dashed out still in her dress to get on the train. Oh geez! Why am I doing this! Though thinking that, she smoothly transferred trains and arrived at her destination.

She recovered the troublemaking trio. Tapped the casually loafing dunces on the head, then returned the way she had come. There were transfers, but the distance itself wasn’t that far.

Touri, who had moved skillfully and quickly, was able to return to the original music hall without taking too much time.

“Sorry, Touri.”

“Thank you for going out of your way, Touri!”

“We’d die without Touri-han around.”

“Hey! You terrible trio! Always, always, always causing me trouble! You really are hopeless!”

Today, the trio quietly listened to Touri’s scolding in the mother role.

They arrived at the waiting room in the music hall. The performance had already begun, but there was still some time before their turn to play. Because performers went on in a set order based on registration time for this competition, the three had made it in time to register.

However, they didn’t have much time left for final adjustments. Tiffy had almost no time left to go over the sheet music one last time or review advice she’d received up until now. Her performance start wasn’t far off.

“Oh geez! How did it end up like this right before the big event! You’re on the edge today, yet you went and intentionally put yourself at a disadvantage…!”

The one fretting and fussing anxiously over Tiffy was Touri. On the other hand, Tiffy seemed calm.

“Sorry, Touri. Did I cut into your adjustment time?”

“I’m fine, I got here early and have gone over things many times today already. …That’s not it, Tiffy, worry about yourself, not me!”

Touri put her hands on her hips and peered into Tiffy’s face.

“If you don’t get first place today, you might be made to quit piano! And right now, you’re in a more disadvantageous position than the other kids! Is that okay!?”

Touri spoke in an urgent tone. Even meeting her eyes, Tiffy didn’t seem disturbed at all. Her sleepy-looking eyes were the same as always, with no sense of hurry or unease whatsoever.

“It’s okay, Touri. It’ll be okay.”


At Tiffy’s baseless words, Touri heaved a big sigh. She sat down heavily next to Tiffy, shoulders drooping.

Did this girl really understand her circumstances correctly? Touri grew worried. Could she win first place like this? Shouldn’t I intentionally do a poor job playing today and make it easier for Tiffy to win…? Touri’s thoughts went that far. Sitting next to her easygoing friend turning these thoughts over and over, Tiffy spoke up.

“It’s okay. There’s no problem, so…”

“Are you confident?”

“No, that’s not it.”

Tiffy shook her head slightly.

“I just…don’t think today is that special of a day.”


Touri tilted her head. Tiffy continued speaking.

“What does piano mean to Touri?”



Caught off guard by the sudden question, Touri fumbled for an answer. Another question immediately followed.

“If you were told to quit, would you quit?”

“Well…of course there’s no way I’d quit, but…”

“It’s that kind of thing.”

Tiffy said quietly.

“Piano is something that’s always by my side.”


“Of course I play because I like it, but…piano is already part of my everyday life. Not playing because I like it or not playing because I hate it, playing because I’m good at it or not playing because I’m bad at it, and so on…I’m just playing it. Before I realize it, I’m playing. I play piano.”


“If I didn’t play, that wouldn’t be my everyday life anymore.”

As Tiffy spoke matter-of-factly, Touri caught her breath slightly.

“I just play. I’m playing. I keep playing. It’s not about quitting or not quitting, liking or disliking…I’m just playing. That’s how it is. I’ve always played piano.”


“…That’s the kind of thing it is.”

Saying it’s like that, isn’t it?, Tiffy smiled faintly.

“Today isn’t really some special day or anything.”


“Because no matter what happens, I’ll be playing piano.”

Tiffy stopped speaking there. Unable to get any words out looking at her side profile, as usual unchanging, Touri’s mind was filled with all kinds of rebuttals. What if your parents tell you to quit? What if the piano gets thrown out? What about financially then? Piano fees? Lesson fees? Study time?

The world isn’t so sweet. You can’t just do whatever you want. Many people end up quitting things for reasons like finances or lack of support from those around them.

So Touri thought what Tiffy was saying was naïve.

However, on the other hand…

Tiffy’s expression didn’t waver at all. It gave an impression of strong conviction. From her indifferent tone, Touri got a sense of power allowing no compromise. This girl would likely keep playing piano forever. Seeing Tiffy without agitation, impatience, or unease before the big event, Touri couldn’t help but think so.

“Tiffy-san, please get ready.”

The waiting room door opened and a staff member said that. Tiffy’s turn was coming right up. Saying gotta do it in a middle-aged mannish way, Tiffy slowly stood up from her seat. Touri watched that small back with her eyes. The problem child who was such a hopeless handful headed casually with light steps towards the hall, without any sign of nerves.


As Tiffy put her hand on the door to leave the waiting room, Touri called out to her.

“Um…do your best!”

Hearing that voice, Tiffy smiled.

“…But even so, it’s boring to just be told off by Grandma, so…”

The door to the outside opened with a creaking sound.

“I’ll try a little hard today and go for first.”

Saying that, Tiffy waved and left the room smiling.

She was greeted with ceremonial applause, clap clap clap. Tiffy appeared from the stage wing. Bathed in the spotlight, she alone shone brightly on this stage. She bowed amidst the applause. Her usual messy hair was neatly styled with wax and many hairpins. The deep red accents of her dress powerfully brought out her presence.

Touri, Yuki, and Kasumi had also moved to the audience seats to listen to Tiffy’s performance. They still had their own performances left, but they couldn’t help but pay attention to her playing. Tiffy sat at the piano. Then her expression tightened. None of her usual sleepy air remained.

The performance began.

It was a cheerful, lively song with the notes bouncing along. Tiffy’s fingers nimbly struck the keys, the song played lightly as if laughing, rhythmically as if dancing. Each beautiful note resonated shiningly, particles of sound bounced around the hall, romping about, reaching people’s hearts. The music swallowed up the hall. Tiffy happily played the piano. The movements of each of her fingers turned into sound particles through the piano apparatus. Her fingers shaped what she wanted to express.

Many people were astonished. Caught off guard by the power of Tiffy’s music.

She had been a nobody. This unknown girl played the piano richly with emotion. The audience’s eyes widened as if she’d landed a surprise attack. Captivated and overwhelmed by the music of this girl whose name and face they didn’t even know.

And some people were surprised in a different way. Despite this girl Tiffy having skill and talent, she was a child who didn’t play the sheet music properly, only playing as she pleased. The performance itself was splendid, yet she didn’t listen to others, always doing as she liked…

She was known as a problem child. This selfish girl who followed nothing but her own whims was properly competing in this competition. She had come at it head-on, even giving off a sense of intending to win. Everyone in the hall was astonished.

“…She could do it normally if she tried,” muttered Touri, lips pursed, in a small voice no one else could hear. Tiffy was skillfully playing the piano, and Touri found it amazing…no, it even seemed unfair.

She had known about Tiffy for a long time. That she was free-spirited and problematic, always, always causing trouble. But her piano skill was second to none. She had talent and passion, and whatever one might say, she worked hard tirelessly. Her foundations were properly instilled too. Though unruly, listening to her perform you could tell how long she’d been in contact with the piano. It was just that her liberal nature and rebellious way of thinking weren’t suited for competitions.

Maybe she was going through a rebellious phase too. A long rebellious phase.

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