Black Knight Kun Volume 1 Chapter 2

**Chapter Two: Black Knight Watches Videos**

Being detained at the Justice Crusaders headquarters, I can’t leave. Well, it’s only natural treatment for a criminal like me, but there were too many issues with how I was treated here besides that.

At first I thought it was better than the rundown apartment I had lived in alone. Here there’s a normal refrigerator, heating and cooling, they even put in a computer I never had for myself before. For about the first day I was enjoying prison life, but after that I didn’t have the leisure to think like that.

Those Justice guys came.

“Oh, this room is a little plain so I’ll put a cactus in.” Red randomly putting some plant I don’t understand in my solitary cell.

“I brought textbooks and notebooks thinking you might need them for studying.” Yellow bringing things I can’t reasonably complain about.

“I’ll leave these books here. Feel free to read them.” Blue casually looking at me while arbitrarily placing books on the empty shelves.

Repeating things like this, my solitary cell was changed against my will into a stylish room full of liveliness that didn’t seem like a place for a criminal to live at all.

“My solitary cell isn’t a place for you guys to kill time…” I say angrily but they just keep smiling, I really don’t get it.

“Don’t take me lightly…!”

They’re not here during the day because of school. Since I can’t leave the cell I watch the video site Red taught me how to use. Of course it’s not to kill time but to check how I’m seen by the public.

“Terrible…way too terrible…there’s no way right?” My heart starts to break just looking at the video titles in a few seconds.

“Black Knight’s Bread Collection”

“Compilation of Black Knight Getting Told Off By Monsters”

“Silly Natural Black Knight Funny Quotes”

Can just the titles make me this full?

Bracing myself I open the videos, and they start from scenes of the Justice Crusaders in mortal peril, caught in an enemy monster’s trap.

“Red! Don’t let these small fries have their way with you forever!”

“B-Black Knight-kun…”

“I’m the one who will defeat you guys!! Don’t go losing here!!”

Watching myself make somewhat embarrassing villain moves, I hold my face in shame.

“Why did I say stuff like that…”

The Justice Crusaders get into serious pinches quite often.

The three together boast considerable strength, but the monsters are no simple opponents either. There were guys who were properly strong, and some scarily crafty who used special abilities and tactics to fight.

We ended up cooperating to fight guys like that bit by bit.

“…But somehow, fighting together with them after they grew stronger was fun…”

The more experience fighting monsters the Justice Crusaders gained, the stronger they became.



scene transition



In a sense, I was the closest one to see that growth. That’s why I can tell now that they don’t need me anymore.

“Ahh, damn. That’s not cool.”

I’ve probably been poisoned having those guys come here almost every day.

I don’t get why they’re trying so hard to make me an ally, but they don’t need to intentionally pull me in.

“….I couldn’t say it in front of them even if it tore my mouth, but I acknowledge them huh.”

“Acknowledge what?”


A sudden voice from beside surprises me and I fall out of my chair. Looking up, Blue is standing right next to me looking down.

Wrapped in her winter uniform, her shoulder length hair and bangs covering her eyes are characteristic. She smiles faintly.

“O-oyyy, don’t stand right behind me!?”

“I rang the intercom and said ‘excuse me’, when I entered you know?”

So it’s my fault…!!

I was too absorbed in thought and didn’t notice Blue approaching.

“And Blue, shouldn’t you still be at school…”

“We finished? See.”

Looking at the clock Blue pointed at, it was already past five o’clock.

I must have been using the computer for quite a while.


“Tch, my free time is over.”

“That’s right. It’s our time now.”

“You really have thick skin, don’t you.”

Insults don’t get through to her at all.

“…Did you hear my muttering earlier?”

“Huh, what do you mean?”

Phew, good thing. Even I was muttering some considerable soliloquies.

If the Reds heard that I’d be red faced for sure.

“I only heard you say fighting together with us was fun, and admitting it.”

“You heard everything didn’t you!?”

“Katsumi likes us a whole bunch doesn’t he. Aren’t you an additional warrior already?”

“I told you I’m not!!”

She heard everything I didn’t want her to.

And if you were there the whole time say something earlier!!

“Geez, the worst.”

“So you were using the computer earlier?”

“Yeah, there were only crappy videos about me.”

Blue peers at the screen with great interest as I slump down normally.

“You should watch the official channel.”

“What’s an official channel…?”

I don’t know internet jargon thrown at me suddenly.

“It’s videos our commander edits and publishes, different from normal videos.”

“Why is there something like that…?”

“According to the commander, ‘Rather than poorly withholding information, openly publishing things to a degree will gain general understanding.'”

“Well, that reasoning makes…sense I guess?”

Blue’s fingers dance across the keyboard with familiar ease. Wow, she’s using all her fingers on both hands.

With a tap sound at the end she opens the site and shows me the so-called official channel.

“You can watch here.”

“Oh, thanks.”

“We’re close aren’t we.”

“Don’t get carried away.”


Don’t get casually intimate.

I wryly smile at Blue’s dissatisfaction and return my gaze to the screen.

The video titles have the date and monster they fought…it’s easy to understand.


After watching the Justice Crusaders’ battle records with monsters for about 30 minutes I think:

“Looking objectively, I’m pretty high-handed aren’t I.”

But checking the comments, strangely no one seems to dislike it, rather I’m even cheered on to an uncomfortable degree.

“Hey, Blue.”


I call out to Blue who at some point sat on the sofa installed in the room and started reading a book.

“How am I seen by the general public?”

Hearing that question, Blue closes her book and makes a troubled face.

Is it that much of a concern? While I’m surprised, she suddenly turns this way.

“As a kind, natural…weird person.”

“Huh, weird person…really?”


I really don’t understand.

I should have been fighting as a villain.

I was just coincidentally continuously attacked by monsters during that.

Confused by the discrepancy between my self-perception and how those around me see me, I could only hold my head and groan.

“You’re a good person.”

“You say the same thing as Red huh.”

“Because it’s true.”

Blue looks at me.

“I didn’t become Blue of the Justice Crusaders because I want to save life like Akane.”

“Then why did you become one?”

“Because I wanted to come from the countryside to the big city.”

“You’re kidding…?”

“That’s the first reason.”

It’s more surprising than I imagined.

Seeing me shocked, Blue directs a somehow uneasy gaze.


“…No, not at all.”

In truth, I’m not that different from Blue either.

I wore the suit because I wanted freedom, to run through the nighttime streets. Fighting the monsters was how it originally started because they got in the way of that freedom.

“Unexpectedly, you and I might be quite similar.”

In the point that we don’t have any grand reasons, Blue and I are the same.

And of course now the reason Blue fights as a Justice Crusader isn’t the same as her original one.

“…Katsumi-kun. Don’t tell me, you like me?”

“No, don’t get carried away.”

“Hehe, joking.”

The flow of conversation changes too suddenly.

How did she come to think that? It surprised me instead.

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