Strongest in the Supernatural School Volume 1 Chapter 2 Part 1

Chapter Two: School Life

—The next day. The second day of school life.

My body was still sore, but unfortunately I didn’t have Ms. Sakaki’s permission to skip class.

Unlike yesterday, I dragged my feet to the classroom at the last minute before being late. As I entered, numerous stares stabbed into me.

Most were sympathetic gazes at my battered state, but a few sent emotions closer to contempt than sympathy.

“Pfft—hey look, the loser arrives!”

Of course, the one who said that was the ever-cheerful Kirido. Nice and lively so early huh.

It seemed the fight yesterday had shifted the class hierarchy, as similar small fry had gathered around him, the confident leader.

They looked like a standard group of punks you’d see at any school. But since they were led by a rare overconfident guy and probably all had stronger powers than [Worsening Eyesight], they would be troublesome.

“Morning, Amamori-kun!”

“Ah, Kurashiki-san.”

Ignoring Kirido’s group, I headed to my seat when Kurashiki greeted me along the way. As class rep, she was a lively moodmaker. It was normal for someone like her to greet a mob character like me who got bullied, seen as ‘she’s so nice’…however—

“My, good morning Amamori-kun.”

The moment I heard that voice, I grimaced heavily.

Asahina, as dignified as ever, on her way to becoming the center of class after just one day… Here, ignoring her would lead to a repeat of yesterday, that was plain to see.

I knew greeting her would sour that guy’s mood, but still better than ignoring her I figured. With that in mind—


The moment I returned the greeting, I keenly felt Kirido’s sharp gaze.

Inside, I heaved a huge sigh while ignoring his stare and arrived at my seat.

From here on out, the plan was to keep my head down.

Don’t get involved with or touch anyone. Become like the air, naturally present.

Don’t move first, and if someone else moves, blend into the flow inconspicuously.

Even if it meant a lonely gray high school life, I was plenty fine with avoiding annoying hassles.

As I thought that, I felt a gaze from beside me.

…With various bad premonitions, I averted my eyes towards the window.

“Amamori-kun, pardon me a moment.”

“I’d rather not, so please don’t talk to me.”

I said that without meeting her eyes, but Asahina was staring at me in the glass window reflection. Glancing back, I saw Kirido also staring at me through the reflection, irritated. Do we make eye contact from this distance? Is that not allowed, sir?

Having no choice, I turned my gaze back to Asahina. She stared straight at my eyes—

“Amamori-kun was absent all yesterday, right? So you don’t know about the various explanations we received. Therefore—”

“Ahh, Asahina-san, Amamori-kun, time out!”

Before the hopeless premonition, a saving voice called out from somewhere.

The one who wedged between me and Asahina had familiar hairstyle.

Yup, it was Kurashiki-san who helped me out yesterday too.

She stood between us and shouted out an obvious fake voice.

“I-I’ll handle this…! Since I’m the rep! Leave it to me, Asahina-san!”

Then she whispered, inaudible to Kirido.

(Asahina-san, it’s fine if you want to talk to Amamori-kun, but you can’t in front of Kirido-kun! Or it’ll be just like yesterday!)

At her whisper, Asahina’s eyes widened in realization.

With just her gaze, she looked back at the last row by the window—where displeased Kirido sat, and Asahina’s mood clearly worsened.

“Y-You’re right… My apologies. Please take care of it.”

“Of course! Leave it to me, Asahina-san!”

Kurashiki said that and thumped her chest. Her two massive meat lumps jiggled, eliciting great sighs from the boys. Well, stuff like that didn’t interest me so I didn’t react.

…I mean, I looked a little, but not in that way. Yeah.

Kurashiki-san puts her mouth to my ear, whether she knows I’m looking at her or not.

So, I ended up having to show them around… but it seems Asahina-san also wants to talk, so, after school, when no one’s around, that’s okay, right?”

“Well… I suppose so.”

As long as Kirido isn’t around, there’s no reason to avoid Asahina-san. I nodded with that thought in mind, and Kurashiki-san responded with a cheerful smile.

“Great! From the next break, I’ll teach you everything!”

With that, she energetically ran off. After watching her leave, I turned my gaze back to Asahina-san, who had a troubled expression.

“Dreams are about being a hero, right? It’s tough, aiming for a profession that only exists in fantasies.”

I genuinely think Asahina-san is trying her best. The timing of her saving me yesterday was likely the result of a lot of thought and deliberation.

That she called out to me this way was honestly appreciated too.

However—that’s only if the man named Kirido didn’t exist.

A hero of justice cannot see their own classmate as an enemy. Especially on just the second day of school life, she would see me as just an ally in trouble, and aim to re-educate me.


It’s quite—naive, I think, but.

“—I’m sorry, Amamori-kun.”

At the apology I heard, I quietly averted my gaze.

“Don’t worry about it…. I don’t expect anything from anyone to begin with.”

To trust in strangers, at least for me, is inconceivable.


“So with that said, I’ll teach Amamori-kun lots of things!”


And so, during lunch break. A small lounge leading to the roof.

Kurashiki, who seemed to truly intend to teach me various things instead of improvising lies, called me out energetically and said that. Which is fine, but—

“Why are you here?”

“Eh, is it a problem if I’m here?”

The one who came putting his arm around my shoulder with a grin was Karasuma, who I’d talked with yesterday too.

Why were he and Kirido’s group so different despite both being delinquent types?

Facial symmetry? Are good-looking guys these days nice too? He’s talking to me casually despite no relation to Kirido. Just that makes me understand how good of a guy Karasuma is—

“Rather, no way I’d let the class madonna be alone with a guy!”

…I take that back. He might have just wanted to get close to Kurashiki.

I heaved a sigh, and seeing me like that, Kurashiki brought her face nearer.

“Come on, liven up! Since it’s such a gloomy academy! We should be cheerful when talking together as friends!”

She’s right. In this academy life ruled by school regulations, it’s gloomy as-is. We should at least be bright when with frien—friends? Huh, when did I become friends with these guys?

Could friendships form so naturally without me realizing? As that doubt crossed my mind, deliberately voicing it would just worsen the mood.

Without interfering, I prompted her to continue. Kurashiki took out an A4 sized paper.

“Ta-da! A list of things to teach Amamori-kun! I thought up lots of stuff during class! It’s a secret from the teachers!”

On the back of a familiar printout were all sorts of things written in cute handwriting. To think she made something like this during class… Wait a second?

“That important document Ms. Sakaki handed out…”

“Don’t fuss over minor details!”

Saying that, she sat down at the long table set up in the lounge.

Karasuma and I also took our seats across from her. She passed that printout to us.

“Here! Ms. Sakaki’s talk, this covers most of it!”

And so I looked over the printout she handed me—


Top 5 things I want to tell Amamori-kun!

⓵ First!

I heard we get a living allowance paid monthly at this school! It’s based on stuff like your daily behavior and grades! The next payment’s a month away though, so let’s use our money wisely! Oh, and if you want a part-time job, you have to pass the school’s really strict interview! Ms. Sakaki said it’s “tough”!

⓶ Second!

It’s about the esper abilities at this academy! Abilities are divided into around four types. Normal abilities like Amamori-kun’s and Kirido-kun’s are fourth-rank. Names with ‘King’ are third-rank, and with ‘Blessing’ are second-rank! Asahina-san’s [Blessing of the Thunder God] is like the strongest at school! It’s got a god’s name and all!

⓷ Third!

There’s no class shuffling over the 3 years here! So we’ll stay as Class 2-C, Class 3-C, and so on! Oh, and there are rumors Class A has the most excellent students gathered each grade! Though it’s just a rumor so it’s better not to mind it!

⓸ Fourth!

Looks like we aren’t allowed to leave school grounds after all. Since outside communication is impossible too, we can’t do stuff like post on SNS if anything happens! Looks like we can’t have a normal youth! Did you use stuff like Twitter, Amamori-kun?

⓹ Fifth!

Sorry for laughing at your esper power at first!

I just have a very weak physical enhancement, so we’re the same with fourth-rank powers!

Everyone in class also said sorry for laughing at you! They’re too scared to say it in front of Kirido-kun, but they really did, so I want you to believe that! Looks like you’ve got quite a lot of allies!

Presented by Kurashiki Hotaru!

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