I’m a D-Rank Adventurer Volume 2 Chapter 3 part 5

“I see. Well, I can’t help it…then, let me help you.”

“Ah! Ahh! Ahh!?”

At the moment the words of salvation were spoken, the person momentarily wore an expression of relief. However, for some reason, the person in the black robe, as if about to swing the large cleaver they held in their hand down on their own head, raised it above themselves, as if to say, “The deal has changed.”

“Hehe…I’ll help you, but in my own way…right?”

“Ah! Ahh!?”

In an instant, as the cleaver swung down forcefully…

“Hm…what a mouse.”

As their sight caught an object—a gray mouse—the person stopped their hand. The mouse let out a chirp and quickly scurried away.

“I was having so much fun…and you’re getting in the way, you damn nuisance…ah well.”

The person in the black robe lowered the cleaver they were about to swing, their previously joyful demeanor and tone now changed as they muttered gloomily.

“Well…whatever. I still have so much fun left. Fun things must be done slowly.”

Glancing around, the person wore a crazed grin. Their gaze fell upon several figures of boys and girls with similar builds to the person from before, either sleeping or lying down silently.

“Hehe…ah, I’m so lucky, aren’t I? I’m happy, so happy…!”

Echoing through the quiet space was a genuinely joyful laughter.

“Thank you…thank you…”

Suddenly, the person in the black robe knelt down on the ground and clasped their hands together, expressing their gratitude. Then, as if conveying a message to someone who wasn’t here, they spread their arms widely and shouted.

“To my beloved lord—’Gluttony-sama’!”

“Here it is.”

Since then, I have been tirelessly searching by manipulating a multitude of rats, using summoning magic based on the rat that Aldy prepared, in order to find the distortions leading to the ‘Otherworld.’

The number of rats? A whopping 100,000.

Normally, controlling so many summoned creatures would cause the blood vessels in one’s head to burst, unable to withstand the strain, resulting in immediate death.

However, by using ‘Parallel Processing’ and ‘High-Speed Thinking,’ I managed to control them, barely avoiding death while doing so…and as a result, I was able to identify the distortion. Seriously, I almost died from using my nerves too much. That’s why I didn’t want to do it.

“Is this really it? It just looks like an ordinary house…”

Eve looked at the building in front of her, an abandoned house that could be found anywhere in the middle of a residential area, and raised a questioning voice. Aldy also seemed skeptical, saying, “I don’t sense any magic.”

“No, this is the right building. Look…doesn’t this part of the door look a bit off?”

“Huh? I don’t think it’s any different?”

“Take a closer look. This section…the space is slightly distorted.”

“Uh, if you look closely…well, I wouldn’t have noticed it normally! You have a good eye for finding this…”

After inspecting the distorted section from various angles, Aldy muttered quietly, “I really want to study Jirei’s magic in detail…” Stop it.

“This ‘Otherworld’ is a teleportation type. When I made contact between the ‘black’ rat I was manipulating and the distortion, my field of view switched to a dim cave. Since there were monsters and creatures there, it’s undoubtedly a maze-like ‘Otherworld.'”

“A maze, huh…what was the structure like?”

“It would have been great if it was a one-way path or an open space…but it’s a complex maze. The most troublesome type.”

Aldy and Eve made disgusted faces and said, “Ugh…”. I understand how they feel. Maze-type labyrinths are the most annoying.

“But it’s not a problem. The students have already discovered, and I have the route memorized. We can go straight without getting lost.”

“Oh, Jirei, you’re amazing! Then let’s go quickly—”


As Aldy tried to approach the door without hesitation, presumably worried about the students, I grabbed him by the collar and stopped him.

“I’ll go from here alone. You stay here.”

“Huh? No, wouldn’t it be better to have more firepower? After all, I’m the headmaster.”

“Your magic style leans more towards support than combat. I’ve already enhanced myself with ‘Body Strengthening,’ so I don’t need you.”

“But I have a responsibility as the headmaster—”

“Your only job is to make sure no one approaches this distortion. Don’t follow me.”

“No, but—”

Despite being told not to come, Aldy persisted and tried to follow. It seems I have to be more direct for him to understand.

“Since you’re so persistent, let me make it clear—you’ll just be a hindrance.”

I asserted with a stronger tone of voice.

Aldy’s face tensed up after my words, and he reluctantly said, “…I understand. I’ll leave it to you, Jirei.”

He dropped his gaze to the ground, mumbling with a sense of regret.

“Well then, I’m going. Both of you absolutely must not enter.”

With that final remark, I reached out my hand towards the distortion, ready to transfer to the ‘Otherworld.’

I thought that would put my mind at ease, but…

“I’m going too.”

I stopped and turned around as Eve grabbed the hem of my clothes.

“…Didn’t you hear me? I told you not to come because you’ll be a hindrance.”

“I can’t let you go alone. I’m going too.”

Eve stared at me with determined eyes and firmly declared.

There might be something she wants to say. But…

“No, you can’t come with me.”

I said clearly once again, this time releasing a burst of magic from my body, exerting pressure.

The air trembled in response to my magic, vibrating intensely. I infused enough magical power into the air that any ordinary magician wouldn’t be able to stand. With this, Eve should give up…

“I’m going, no matter what.”

I thought, but Eve still didn’t give up, firmly gripping my hand that held her hem without being overwhelmed by the magic.


“…I sent the summoned rat ahead for reconnaissance. Creating a ‘Otherworld’ of this size requires a considerable magician. Besides, with Eve’s ‘Healing Magic’—”

“I’ll make sure not to get in the way. If it comes down to it, you can abandon me. So please, I’m begging you.”

Despite my attempts to make her give up, she showed no signs of giving in. What is driving Eve to such an extent? I don’t understand.

I tried to think of a way to stop her from following me, but…

“…Sigh, fine. You can come with me. But…absolutely, do not leave my side.”

“!…Thank you.”

Since I couldn’t come up with a solution no matter how much I thought, I reluctantly agreed.

It would be troublesome if she followed me on her own. It’s better to keep her close.

“As for you…you’ll stay here!”

Aldy also tried to hitch a ride, but I immediately rejected his request. Aldy slumped his shoulders in disappointment.

“Then, let’s go.”


And…leaving Aldy, who started doodling on the ground in a sulky manner, behind, Eve and I stepped into the ‘Otherworld.’

“Once we turn here, it’s our destination. Are you ready?”

After entering the ‘Otherworld’ and following the route in my head for less than thirty minutes, Eve and I managed to reach a point just before our destination. We hid our bodies with ‘Concealment Magic,’ quietly passed by the occasional monsters, and arrived without any incidents…close to where the students were.

“…We’re safe.”

Eve tightly gripped the white staff for mages in her hands and nodded.

“As for me…I already know what lies ahead through the vision of the summoned creatures. Based on that…I’ll ask you. If you want to go back, do it now. If we go any further from here…it won’t be possible to guide the summoned creatures back. But if we enter from here…we won’t be able to do that.”

A black smokescreen stood in our path, as if blocking our way, reflected in front of us.

Beyond this black smokescreen, internal magic cannot affect the outside. As evidence, I haven’t been able to call back the black rat I summoned. So if I’m going to go back, it has to be now.

“No, I’m going.”

But Eve’s response remained unchanged.

“……Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Hearing Eve’s unchanging words, I touched the black smokescreen.

I gave my warning. From here on, it’s…her own responsibility.

Where my hand touched, the black smoke cleared away like it was melting.

The obstructing wall disappeared, and my view became clear –


Eve let out a small gasp.

When I turned to look, Eve, whose default was usually an expressionless face, had her eyes wide open in disbelief. As if to say “I can’t believe what’s in front of me.”

Unable to bear it, Eve put her hand to her mouth and sank to her knees on the ground. …Well, I suppose that’s a very natural reaction to seeing this.

“That’s why I told you not to come,” I said.

I tore my gaze away from Eve and let it wander bitterly over the scene before me.

The first thing that entered my vision was…

Bodies that looked a lot like the missing guards Aldi had told me about, and…

Students collapsed face down with gaping holes torn out of their chests.

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