Two Childhood Friends Chapter 6

Chapter 6 I Want to Quit

One day, caves called “dungeons” suddenly appeared in various parts of the world.

They appeared without any prior notice – seven in total.

In Japan, America, China, Europe, Australia, India, and Brazil.

They seemed to be scattered all over the world. Strange creatures overflowed from those places.

Creatures like those that appear in fantasy games.

Of course, humanity fought back against the hordes of misshapen creatures that suddenly appeared in the heart of nations.

But being caught off guard was ineffective, and the abilities of each creature far surpassed that of humans.

Even the military would cease to function properly if subject to a preemptive attack.

Much of the world was devastated, and the human population was greatly reduced.

In areas where people could no longer force the monsters back into the dungeons and became uninhabitable, the affected regions spread over a vast area.

In the end, the countries that were somehow able to fend off the monsters and survive became today’s superpowers.

Japan is one of those countries.

However, we did suffer tremendous damage.

During the war with those creatures, many people manifested special abilities.

Opportunities to defeat the monsters using special abilities were frequent, so manifesting and enhancing special abilities became a duty for surviving countries.

And so, Japan established an educational institution called the “Special Ability Development Academy of Japan” to test nearly graduating middle school boys and girls, forcibly enroll those with aptitude, and nurture talent to support the country.

To prepare and fight against the threat of dungeons.

[Thank you for that long explanation. Anyway, shouldn’t you hurry up and get in?]


Why do I have to do thissssss!

I go crazy at the parasite’s words.

Of course, only in my head.

After all, because of that escape drama, I’m under 24/7 surveillance.

Those damn tax thieves…!

Do some other work and give back to me…!


In front of me towered a huge building.

That was the “Special Ability Development Academy of Japan.”

A detention facility built using a massive amount of tax money.

[You’re a creature that will die if you don’t spit poison every few seconds?]

It’s the truth though.

Since they forcibly enroll you if you have an aptitude for special abilities, it’s a detention facility.

And after graduation, you can only become a civil servant, and you don’t have freedom of occupational choice.

It sucks, doesn’t it?

Ah, I really don’t want to go.

For me, it feels no different than being sent to prison.

[But still, isn’t it too long to be worrying! You’ve been fidgeting for over an hour now!]

No matter how much time passes, I can’t make up my mind.

I can’t decide to take the plunge.

Because I’m a man who’s always looking up.

[You say cool things, but you just don’t want to enroll, right?]

“Hey! What are you doing over there? Do you want me to report you to the police?”

I’m called out from inside the academy.

Approaching was a woman with white hair tied in two buns hanging down in front.

She’s small, so maybe a student?

But she’s not wearing a uniform…

And her chest is unnaturally big, so maybe she’s not a kid?

She has terrible eye bags too, looking haggard.

…A chance?

“Um… I’m not a suspicious person, but I seem to have made you uncomfortable, so I’ll reflect and take my leave.”

I’m using someone else as an excuse to run away!


I actually do want to study and work for Japan…!

But entering the academy while being seen as suspicious is no good…!

What a shame! Gah!

“Oh no no, I can’t let a famous person like you get away so easily. Don’t make me do troublesome things. It’ll only increase my workload.”


An unbelievably strong impact strikes my head!?

Looking, the shitty woman who approached has her fist clenched!

She hit me!?

My head containing this wisdom!?

She’s a woman who can spit on Buddha statues!

“I’m Urazumi, a teacher at this academy. Nice to meet you for at least the next three years.”

She glares at me intently, then does a self-introduction – Urazumi.


Not a drug addict?

“Then, I’ll just go to the bathroom first and…”

No way I can stay with a violent lolicon like this!

I’ll take my leave!

“Oh shut it. Hurry up and go.”

But Urazumi grabs me by the scruff of my neck and starts dragging me.

So strong!?

A gorilla!? A gorilla amazoness!?

And you!

I said I was going to the bathroom!

I was lying, so whatever, but if that had been true, something terrible could have happened!


I couldn’t resist as Urazumi dragged me away.

I’ll report her and get her fired…!

Being dragged into the classroom leaves an extremely bad first impression.

First impressions are very important.

Once an image is set, it’s not so easy to change.

I’m a handsome guy with a nice personality, but if Urazumi drags me in, I’ll come off as a handsome troublemaker.

I like how stubbornly you maintain your handsomeness.

It’s the truth after all.


And so, I escaped from Urazumi, entered the classroom with beautiful posture, and felt the female students murmur at my handsomeness.

Oh dear, how troublesome.

But they can’t catch me unless they have the financial power and ability to support me.

Too bad.

Your high self-evaluation that you’re on the level of a Buddha is scary…


“Ah… Since there’s nothing in particular to do today, get to know each other and deepen your relationships for now. We’ll be together whether you like it or not for the next three years. Quickly figure out who you get along with and who you don’t… Anyway, I’ll be sleeping in the teacher’s lounge… sleeping.”

Saying that, Urazumi hurriedly left.

She got tired of pretentiously lecturing and just went.

Good, this is another thing I can report to the education board.

Just you wait, downer lolicon big boobs.

With the teacher gone, it’s nice.

I’ll just space out.

Sitting at my seat, my classmates started voluntarily introducing themselves.

Of course, none of them are worth remembering, so I’ll just tune them out.

Then, I felt intense killing intent from beside me.

There’s no way I could stay calm being targeted with something so ominous in such a peaceful school.

I wonder what insolent and rude guy would direct killing intent at an innocent man like me.

Looking in the direction of the gaze…



It’s Kirako!

With veins bulging on her forehead, she was glaring at me.

Eye contact initiated.

“(It’s your fault I got locked up in this prison too! Why don’t you get caught by yourself!? How annoying!)”

“(I’ll never let you find happiness. You’re definitely coming along.)”

You two are really obsessed with dragging each other down, but couldn’t you cooperate and successfully escape?

Cooperating would make Kirako happy too!

I want Kirako to be unhappy and me to be happy!

What a warped desire…

Ignoring the parasite left speechless, I glare at Kirako.

“(And whose fault was it that I got surrounded by more guys in black when you blew them away!? You should have taken them out more quietly!)”

“(Don’t be selfish! You got saved thanks to my superpower, so be grateful! Bow down!)”

Gratefulness means bowing down? This girl’s values are dangerous…

As I shudder at Kirako’s words, a classmate in the front row called out to me.

“Hey, it’s your turn for self-introductions next!”

“Oh, thank y…”

No real gratitude, but I casually respond.

Responding… I froze.

Of course, the one who called out to me should be in the front row in my line of sight.

Judging by the voice, a girl.


…There’s no one in the front row?


A ghost!? A ghost!?

“But I’m right here. I’m not a ghost!”

“Of course, I can tell from your kind voice.”

A ghost!?

Ghost ghost ghost ghost nooooooooooo!!

Your internal panic is intense compared to your perfect external response… Your two-faced nature is creepy…

Staring hard at the front row, it does seem vaguely distorted into a human shape.

Which makes it even scarier.

It’s a ghost!

Don’t you feel ashamed to harbor lingering attachments instead of passing on peacefully after death?

Please be at peace.

“But hitting on me when I have a boyfriend is no good, right? Or rather, I’ll give you hidden points for not being shocked seeing me for the first time.”

Who’s your boyfriend?

I don’t want to know, so I’ll ignore it.

Glancing sideways, Kirako has the same reaction.

And what are hidden points?

It doesn’t feel rewarding at all.

But a violent downer lolicon teacher, and a transparent ghost classmate.

I smiled a little and turned my wonderful smile towards my classmates, thinking…

“Nice to meet you.”

…I want to quit.

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