Female Soldier Infiltration Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 6

Returning the handkerchief to Folia, she gently probed her connection to Viscount Muldeer.

“Oh, thank you. More than going, I lived at the church… Um, I’m an orphan from the Year of Fine Orchid.”


Hearing words she never imagined from Folia’s mouth, Raze inhaled sharply.

“Ah, but you see, I was abandoned as a baby so I don’t even know what my parents look like. But I was raised by a very kind and beautiful mother, so I’ve never had any hardships. I was able to enroll in this academy with support from my mother’s acquaintances. I’ve made it this far with the help of so many people… I’m surprised that such luxurious things are being prepared for someone like me…”

Folia smiled awkwardly.

Raze understood that Folia was raised in a church orphanage, and couldn’t hide her surprise at learning Folia was an orphan.

“I see… Thank you for telling me. My family died in an accident too, so we’re the same in that regard.”

“Oh, is that so?”

Even though she meant no ill will, having made Folia talk about her past, Raze revealed something difficult about herself as well. The truth was, Raze was born near the border and lost her mother and younger brother, who was only seven at the time, in the ravages of war. Raze was a war orphan.

“Yeah. But just like you Folia, I have people who are like a real family to me now, so I’m alright.”

Her right hand unconsciously touched the gemstone earring. Remembering her military comrades made her feel a little lonely, which she kept secret.

“Miss Raze! I’m so glad I was able to become friends with you!”

Overcome with emotion, Folia eagerly hugged Raze.

Folia must have also felt uneasy about her own background. She was probably filled with anxiety about entering this academy full of nobles. Being hugged so tightly warmed Raze’s heart.

“Me too, Folia. Let’s work hard together over the next three years.”


(So this is what was missing in the military – healing…)

Raze was certain of this, being held in the angel Folia’s arms. She felt like she could work hard now for Folia’s sake, no matter the job.

Yet the support behind Folia was frightening. This raised the question “What does it mean to be a commoner?”, but one thing that became clear upon entering this academy was that general common folk could basically not enroll here. There may be some true commoners if you looked hard enough, but without backing like Folia’s, it would be extremely difficult for them to get in.

Both Folia and Raze were born commoners. However, Folia had ties to a cardinal thanks to being raised in the church, while Raze rose through the ranks in the military to become a honorary noble. In other words, neither were ordinary commoners. They had to be special in order to cross the threshold of Saint Riole.

That said, the class divide between nobles and commoners becomes starkly apparent once inside the academy, so commoners remain commoners. The line is clearly drawn.

“You’ve met wonderful people. Since these were gifted to you, I think you should properly use them instead of wasting anything.”

Wanting to let her have some of the finer things seems to be a parent’s kindness.

“….You’re right. Thank you.”

“Oh no, not at all~”

Seeing that she had opened up to her, Raze smiled at how Folia’s way of speaking had relaxed.

Since Raze enrolled as part of her duties, necessities could be expensed, so she couldn’t request anything wasteful. She would have to cover some costs herself, so having a cardinal carefully looking out for Folia like this was incredibly enviable.

The thought crossed her mind that maybe their household was the poorest at the academy, but she should have enough saved up to get by these three years here… Pretending not to notice the handkerchief she’d given Folia was made by a luxury brand, Raze sat on her own bed.

Folia busily went through her luggage, checking the contents and putting things away.

“Oh! This!”

Opening a large rectangular box stacked among several layers, she exclaimed.


Wondering what it was, Raze peeked over to see a scarlet dress inside. Judging by the other boxes, there were nearly ten dresses. Clearly not items a commoner could own.

“This is too much, Lord Zel…”

Facing the towering pile of dress boxes up to her shoulder height, Folia was at a loss. Raze also had no words, seeing how Cardinal Zel-Ire-Moldil seemed to quite favor Folia.

If anything happened to distress her, he likely wouldn’t see the light of day.

(More frightening than a monster… Lord have mercy…)

Raze prayed in her heart.

“What should I do? I wonder if they’ll all fit in the closet?”

Despite the overly orderly facilities for a student dormitory, the closet size seemed insufficient.

“You can use mine? I have space.”

Seeing Folia so troubled, Raze decided to offer a lifeline. Dangerous or suspicious items couldn’t be brought into the academy, so there was nothing to worry about her closet being searched. Surely even Folia wouldn’t go rummaging through others’ belongings.

“Really? That’s okay?”

“Yeah. We should help each other out when there’s trouble. We’ll be roommates for three years after all.”

“Tha-, thank you, Raze-chan.”

Called “Raze-chan” a little hesitantly, Raze’s heart made an impossible sound. Blindsided, she froze up, worrying Folia who fidgeted uncertainly.

“I, I’d like to become better friends with Raze-san, i-, if that’s okay…?”

“That’s perfectly fine!!”

Raze shouted her eager reply.

“Really? Then I’ll call you Raze-chan from now on!”

Folia gazed at Raze with sparkling eyes.

“Then Raze-chan can drop the honorifics with me too.”

“Oh. Then Lady Folia… No, Angel Lady?”

“Hmm… I’d be happiest if you called me Folia.”

Folia smoothly evaded Raze’s slightly wayward suggestion.

“If Folia says so…”

“Yeah! I prefer that. Raze-chan.”

Called by name again, Raze finally broke into a smile.

(She’s cute. Healing. Thank you very much!)

For the first time, Raze felt she fully understood in her own body why military men were carnivorous.

(I should be more considerate of my subordinates from now on…)

She decided that when she returned, she would negotiate for more vacation days for them.

Hearing knocking at the door, the tidied up Raze went to answer.


“Oh, hello!”

It was two upperclasswomen in casual clothes. Asked to let them in to explain, Raze showed them inside.

“I’m second year Alyssa Fever. This is Mary Winston. We’re in room 203 across the hall. Here the second years in the rooms across from first years are responsible for looking after them, so if there’s anything you don’t understand, please don’t hesitate to knock!”

Alyssa with her red hair in three braids seemed very friendly.

“At first, it might be challenging with many unfamiliar things, but once you settle in, it’ll become like home. Don’t worry.”

With straight black hair and glasses, Mary gave off the aura of a proper honor student, and looked reliable.

Judging by their names, they both seemed to be fellow commoners. Maybe roommates were assigned with consideration of status.

Raze and Folia briefly greeted them, then with everyone’s help swiftly finished tidying Folia’s things.

“That’s about everything, I think.”

“Yeah. Then let’s go ahead and show you around the dorm! Follow us!”

Following the two upperclassmen, Raze was taught about places like the bath and cafeteria.

“Here’s the large bath! You can bathe any time. It’s fed by natural hot springs, so it’ll leave your skin silky smooth!”

The first place they went was the large bath. Alyssa paused to explain at the entrance.

“Hot springs?!”

Having dorm baths supplied by hot springs was the height of luxury. Seeing Folia’s surprise, the two upperclassmen laughed together.

“We were shocked like this too last year, remember?”

“Definitely. Being here skews your senses.”

Mary nodded with a wistful sigh.

“There’s sure to be many more surprises. Come inside!”

Following Alyssa further in, a spacious locker room appeared.

The lockers were lined up at chest height, with mirrors extending all the way to the other end above them. Some female students who seemed to have bathed for the welcome party were meticulously rubbing lotion or the like over themselves before the mirrors.

With a scene like this, just a few mirrors clearly wouldn’t be enough. The lockers conveniently substituted for vanity tables, and it was a changing area suiting the young ladies’ beauty standards.

(So different than the training facility baths. It’s super nice!)

Raze was honestly moved by the lovely bath.

It reminded her of the minimum facilities for training at the base. Some places had even lacked women’s bathing areas, yet the dorms were so well-equipped. Compared to those, she felt like she had wandered into a hotel or inn.

“The shower rooms are on the left. The baths straight ahead. Be sure to follow the posted rules when using them.”


After Mary explained the usage rules and hours they were open, they left the bath and next checked out the cafeteria.

The second and third floors at the dorm’s center served as the cafeteria, with the second floor being buffet-style. The third floor allowed ordering desired menu items. It really was a dormitory like a hotel.

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