Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 25

Mob No.25: “Alright, I’ll explain it to you.”

The conflict between Earl Rosello’s family and Baron Griente’s family ended in Earl Rosello’s victory.

Normally the reward would be paid that day but this time various processing became troublesome so it was two days later.

And two days after that battle,

“Yo, here for the reward.”

I came to the mercenary guild to receive the reward.

In addition to me, hundreds of mercenaries were crowded around reception.

Of course I’m going to uncle Roans.

Maybe because of the large number, there was an unusual line so I quietly joined it.

“Hey, you’re back.”

“Somehow, yes.”

Then when it was my turn, uncle Roans started the normal procedure with a sleep-deprived face.

“Man it was a huge pain this time. Going and doing infiltration work…”

It seems various aspects of handling that were troublesome.

“Here ya go. Done.”

Uncle handed me the reward looking exhausted.

“You okay? Maybe you should rest?”

“I’ll take plenty of rest once work today is done.”

Though he says that, it looks pretty bad.

Since thankfully there’s no one after me, I made a little suggestion.

“Oh right. Can you explain the various stuff about this job?”

“I can but…why?”

“Then you can rest that much. And I do want to hear about various things.”

“Alright, I’ll explain it to you.”

Uncle’s expression sharpened and he took out a plastic bottled coffee.

So uncle Roans explained it to me, and it seems the state of things was troublesome in various ways.

First, regarding the guys who betrayed Earl Rosello’s side and joined the baroness’s side, the cause of the troublesome procedures,

[The guild is not involved in mercenaries’ actions on the battlefield.

Both sides were requested and mercenaries dispatched to each, so there is no issue.

Mercenaries betraying is the clients’ responsibility.]

they’re taking the extremely self-serving logic of not accepting complaints from clients.

Of course complaints do come in though.


[Infiltrating the enemy camp and guiding allies to victory with your actions is a splendid tactic.

However, since it takes the form of betraying the first client for mercenaries, promotion points are halved.

You receive the reward from the side you betrayed.]

So the guild imposes no penalty besides halving points.

But they’ll likely be seen in a bad light by other mercenaries, and it becomes judgement material when specific requests come, so unless there’s a client betrayal, basically no mercenary will do it.

It seems this time’s circumstances were abnormal.

Therefore the guys who defected from the earl’s side and joined the Baroness Griente’s side seemed to be in quite a bind.

There’s absolutely no issue for those who were on the baroness’s side from the start, but because Elizaria Griente Baroness was captured by the resistance and they took over, the reward was lost.

The proper thing is to deposit to the guild at least the portion for the people who first took the request, but it seems the baroness didn’t do that.

However, because the intercept unit guys appealed

“They only took the request so they’re quite pitiful.”

they were able to wring out a uniform 5 million credit reward from the various deficiencies and shortfalls due to the baroness.

Considering the initial offered amount was 50 million credits, it became 1/10.

Whereas the reward for the side that joined Earl Rosello was the base 300 million credits, plus a 50 million credit bonus for all participating, totaling 350 million credits.

And when I discreetly asked, it seems the yelling guy aka Ms. Rossweisse got another 50 million credits, totaling 400 million.

And for those who died,

the reward this time and all of their possessions will be handed over to the family, lovers, or people specified in their will.

Or it will be handled as written in their will.

At the same time, condolence money will be paid from the guild (varying amounts).

This is done regardless of which side they were on, and the funerals are held by the bereaved.

If there are no bereaved and no will, the guild confiscates the reward and possessions.

Only paperwork is done, no funeral held.

Therefore most mercenaries write a will and submit it to the guild.

And regarding the Preliera siblings,

there was no reprimand for the brother Yuri Preliera other than him punching me.

However, it was discovered that the sister Fadilna Preliera seduced and won over guild executive staff to become bishop-class without taking the promotion exam.

And she seems to have caused various other incidents too. When they tried to arrest her upon returning to the guild, she destroyed some ships in the docking area, made obstacles, stole a guild ship, and cleverly escaped.

Incidentally, because of his sister destroying the ships, in addition to that causing him to be seen in a bad light by those around, things turned out quite unfortunate for Yuri Preliera.

It seems he didn’t know about his sister’s fraud.

The baroness is apparently scheduled to be executed soon but central hasn’t said anything.

Apparently because the baroness kept changing husbands, they judged she married for money then killed the husbands, so she’s being treated as a criminal.

There’s probably a ton of victims…

They probably also thought to make Earl Rosello an ally.

Incidentally, the criminals and pirates on the baron’s side were apprehended as is and turned over to the police.

“So there ya have it.”

After downing the plastic bottled coffee, uncle Roans let out a tremendous burp.

Then I asked something I was curious about.

“Oh right, you don’t happen to know any pirate gang or mercenary corps with a hornet emblem do you?”

“Hornet? Nah, doesn’t ring a bell.”

“I see, I figured if they were that amazing pirates or mercenary corps they’d be well known…”

I kinda feel like they didn’t intend to defeat Earl Rosello you know?

Cause if they had that much strength, attacking aggressively from the start with the intercept troops and timing it with the defecting troops, they could have controlled the main fleet before Ms. Rossweisse came as reinforcements.

Well no use thinking about it further.

I’ll go look for new releases at Anime-mbers after handling the reward as usual.


 Another Side: UNKNOWN


“I deeply apologize!”

A voice echoes in the vast space.

It was young and tinged with frustration.

“There is no need to apologize. You succeeded in hindering that brown craft after all.”

A burly voice praises the young voice’s accomplishments.

“But I damaged the craft…”

“Crafts are ultimately expendable. The pilot returning alive is more important.”

The burly voice takes a nearby glass of amber liquid and pours it down his throat.

“And that [Winged Helmet] and brown one, there are still many strong ones outside.”

The burly voice smiles a beastly, delighted smile.

“Brother. I heard that brown craft was called [Dust Storm] by Griente barony’s elite.”

Then another voice echoes.

“[Dust Storm] huh. So he really did get smoked screened by the proton torpedoes!”

At those words, the young voice makes a frustrated noise.

Seeing that, the burly voice speaks admonishingly.

“You want to avenge this humiliation, but our goal was Baroness Elizaria Griente’s downfall.

Befriending the Rosello Earl family after achieving that.

Then expanding our power.

Also, defeat was due to your inexperience and the enemy’s skill.

Don’t resent him, think of the enemy as your teacher and devote yourself to self-improvement.”

“Yes sir!”

The young voice stiffens at the burly voice’s words.

Another Side: End

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