Aristocratic Daughters Volume 1 Chapter 1 Part 3

“Oh right. Since we’re short on time today, you don’t have to see me to the classroom.”


Our grades are different. And our positions of noble versus servant. Our places of learning aren’t the same.

“Let’s both study hard today too.”

“Yes! Oh, Lord Byleth, one thing I’d like to confirm…”

“What’s that?”

“What will you have for lunch today? I’ll fetch it early and bring it to the usual spot…”

“Oh…About that, starting today I’ll handle that myself, so Sia, feel free to spend time with your friends or whatever. Enjoy academy life first and foremost while at school. Of course I’ll still rely on you as usual outside of school.”


“Really. Consider it a reward for all your hard work until now.”

I say that to sound reasonable, but it’s actually just what I want to do.

The disliked Byleth always spent time alone. He used Sia to kill that free time, and…to deliberately keep her busy.

Despite being able to eat in the cafeteria, he’d specify another location to increase her work, call her out even when he had no business, and nitpick to make her redo things.

Really only useless things.

(I’ve gotta reduce Sia’s work for now…At this rate it’s too much physical burden, and the bad rumors will only get worse unchecked…)

I stop spinning thoughts.

When I look Sia’s way, she’s standing there mouth agape. The contents must have been quite shocking.

“Even though you said [Gotta get used to it quick]…”

“I-I’m very sorry…!”

“Ah, I’m not serious! I’m not blaming you! I’m truly happy you’re trying to get used to it quickly.”

My jokes don’t land due to Byleth’s past actions. While it pains my chest, if I get dejected too, Sia may feel even more responsible. I’ll maintain my composure here.

“So please keep up with things going forward. I’ll call on you if needed, so sorry about that in advance.”

“N-no, not at all! Please call on me any time!”

She waves her hands around vigorously, desperately appealing. Just this much restores lots of my energy.

“Ahaha, see you after school then.”

“Yes! I’ll be waiting!”

It’s reluctant, but with that I bid her farewell.

Sia sees me off with a lovely stance until the very end.

“Alright, time to do my best…”

After flatly saying [Enjoy academy life first and foremost at school], relying on Sia any further wouldn’t be ideal. No, I shouldn’t rely on her.

I head to the classroom with determination, but that feeling is shaken in an instant.

“…and it’s actually really bad, as expected…”

A voice of despair slips out in the classroom.

When I entered, I noticed several things.

One: My chatting classmates suddenly fell silent.

Two: No one tries to meet my eyes.

Three: When I sit at my desk, everyone turns their backs, putting distance around me.

They’re probably doing this so I don’t notice them, so I don’t do anything horrible to them.

(Th-this hits me hard…How could Byleth who caused this feel fine…?)

I can’t comprehend that mentality.

Facing a reality far worse than I envisioned, I want to rely on Sia immediately, but…I have to bear it here.

“I-it’s going to be a rough day…”

My inner voice comes out unintentionally.

At the very front gate of the academy after passing through.

“Oh, oi oi! Over there, over there! Lady Elena is there!”

“You, don’t get my hopes up with jokes like that.”

“No, I’m serious. There, there!”


“Don’t stare dopily the instant you spot her…”

Many gazes were focused on a student just past the academy’s front gate.

“Hm…I’m a little late today I suppose.”

Glancing at the large clock tower adjoining Ravelwarts Academy, she murmurs to herself. Her name is Elena Leclaire.

Symbolizing her are the bright red locks falling to her waist.

Sharp purple eyes, a slender and straight nose, thin pink lips. A black choker is wrapped around her slender neck.

Despite being the daughter of a prestigious Upper House aristocrat family, Elena does not flaunt her status, earning admiration and abundant trust even from those of lower status.

With her beauty and excellent character, today as well she walks to the classroom bathed in envious gazes. And just then.

Noticing a dear friend enter her vision, she widely opens her purple eyes and calls out.

“Oh my, good morning Sia. What a coincidence.”

“Ah! Good morning, Lady Elena!”

That’s right. This dear friend is none other than Byleth’s personal maid, Sia.

Sia hurries over with a smile and quick steps.

A viscount family’s maid, and a count’s daughter. At first glance they seem to have no connection, but at aristocratic events outside the academy – dinner parties for instance – their paths cross practically without fail.


Sia’s sincerity and Elena’s lack of regard for status make them compatible, and they’re on close trusting terms.

“A slightly more leisurely time getting to school today I see. No problems with your health I hope?”

“Fufu, of course I’m fine. Thank you for the concern.”

That she considers so much just from being a little late shows Sia’s excellence.

“Actually, I was consulting with my little brother. And that’s why I’m at this time.”

“Oh, so that was the circumstance. I need to work harder to become more relied upon like Lady Elena too…!”

“What are you saying. You’re relied upon practically every day, aren’t you?”

“No, I still have a long way to go!”

“Fufu, I don’t think that’s the case at all.”

Seeing Sia frantically waving her little hands in denial, Elena elegantly brings a hand to her mouth, squinting amusedly.

“Talking with you really lifts my spirits. Your coming to pick flowers at just the right time was a big help, so thank you for that.”

“Eep…H-how did you know about that…?”

“Well this direction is the washroom, and I can see the handkerchief that should be used to wipe your hands poking out of your pocket. It’s rare for you to make a mistake like that, no?”


The instant she’s called out on it, Sia’s face turns bright red.

Frantically, with speed unthinkable for a human, she shoves the handkerchief back in, destroying the evidence, and strings words together.

“Y-you should have said it in a softer voice! What if a boy heard…!”

“S-sorry about that. I just couldn’t help it since it was so unusual.”

The way Sia gently chides her and Elena apologizes while still seeming amused shows their closeness once again.

“So Sia, were you lost in thought about something? Or did something happy happen?”

“Y-Yes! Something very happy happened this morning…!”

Sia responds immediately, her blue eyes sparkling brightly.

“You have the look of someone wanting to share something. Fufu, would you tell me if you don’t mind?”

“Oh, thank you!”

Leaning forward a little like tending to a younger sister, Elena takes on the posture of listening intently, eyes narrowed.

“Well, this morning, you see! Lord Byleth praised me!!


“I’m embarrassed to say it myself but…he called me [outstanding] and [a maid to be proud of]!!”


“Looking back, it really makes me happy…I know I should switch gears faster but…ehehe.”

Pressing both hands to her cheeks, Sia is beaming happily.

Until yesterday, Byleth had never praised her even once. Only getting angry and scolded continually.

It’s only natural she’d be over the moon. On the other hand, Elena didn’t comprehend it.

“S-Sia? Can I confirm one more time? Byleth…praised you? That Byleth called you [a maid to be proud of]?”

“That’s right! As a reward for working hard, I don’t have to serve lunch anymore starting today. I’m to enjoy academy life first and foremost.”

“I-I see…that’s good.”

While Sia gives off an aura of bliss, Elena responds with a strained expression.

Byleth’s bad reputation has reached Elena. She also knows he’s been working Sia like an errand girl at the academy.

Despite that, this change is eerie. Ominous.

“And you know! There’s another happy thing that happened too!”

“W-what’s that?”

“This is shameful to talk about but, this morning I broke a cup Lord Byleth cherished by mistake…”

“Huh!? That’s terrible! Were you okay?”

Even Elena can’t defend a blunder like breaking her master’s, and especially favored, cup.

Considering Byleth’s personality, anything could have happened, but—

“Yes! Lord Byleth picked up the fragments himself so I wouldn’t cut my fingers, and shielded me saying [we’ll pretend I broke it]!”


“I know it’s audacious, but having him do this makes my heart flutter, you know…Ehehe. Oh, please keep this a secret!”

“Y-yeah. I understand…”

Facing Sia’s ardent voice, pressing her fingertips together, Elena’s mind completely blanks out.

(Just what is he thinking…that guy?)

The contradiction with his past conduct.

Giving fear and kindness in turns, as if trying to brainwash her—

To Elena, this incident aroused an unpleasant premonition.

Chapter 1 End

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