Aristocratic Daughters Volume 1 Chapter 1 Part 2

As we sat facing each other with serious expressions, I thought about this.



Finally, she spoke, and Sia’s eyes began to well up with tears.

“S-So, in the end… are all of Byleth-sama’s actions until now… because you were thinking of me? It’s not because I was a failure or anything like that, right?”

“Of course not!”

(Wait, did she just accept that explanation!?)

I almost blurted out what I was thinking in my head.

“…I’ve been watching your work all this time, Sia, and I believe you can excel in any environment. So, I won’t say anything unreasonable anymore. To me, Sia is my personal maid, and I proud of you.”

“Ugh… Th-thank you…”


scene transition



Unable to endure, she lets out a sob.

For Sia who was never praised until now, being told her sincere efforts were rewarded must have been deeply moving words.

She brings her fluffy yellow-white hair to her face, trying to restrain her crying and prevent being seen with a tearful face.

She can’t show such a pathetic sight before her master. A strong will conveys.

“Ah, oh no…I really put you through so much hardship, I’m so sorry. I truly am. From now on it’ll be like this, ‘kay? So, please keep relying on me…?”

I’ve only horribly mistreated her until now.

I have no right to say such things. She has every reason to refuse me. These are likely meaningless words.

Yet I want to get along well with Sia. I want her to live happily. I want to build a good relationship. Maybe it’s selfish, but these are my honest feelings.


When I call her name, she still has her face hidden behind her hair, but she responds to my feelings by nodding firmly up and down.

“Thank you, Sia. I’ll do my best to become a master you can brag about too.”

“I-I’ll put even more effort into my duties from now on too…”

“You’re fine keeping things moderate, ‘kay Sia?”

(That would be evil. If I make Sia work any harder than this.)

I didn’t expect our conversation to become like this after switching places, just a few dozen minutes. I never imagined making a girl cry either.

Organizing the situation took time, but I’m truly happy from my heart that the distance between us has shrunk compared to our past relationship.

After that, once I finished breakfast…

(Whoooa…No, seriously. The cityscape is incredible…)

Nicely paved stone roads, a canal flowing through the town. Stone and brick civilian houses. The roofs are uniformly orange, giving the impression of a fairy tale realm surrounded by the castle walls.

(I was going to take a carriage partway, but walking was definitely the right call…I may be acting differently than normal, but I’ve made the proper arrangements so it should be fine.)

Those arrangements were simply [I want to walk and chat with Sia slowly]. But since she believed me, I can relax and enjoy the town’s atmosphere.

If I didn’t have Byleth’s memories, I probably would have been more impressed with the cityscape, but even so I felt like I was [sightseeing] plenty.

While enjoying looking around—I notice Sia shooting me hesitant glances now and then.

“Hm? Something wrong? Sia.”

“Oh, s-sorry about that!”

Thinking she was bothering me, she quickly apologizes and looks down, but keeps glancing my way, pressing her fingertips together.

Since we’re walking side-by-side, it’s easy to notice.

“There, you did it again.”

“Ah, well, um, this is, you know…”

“Ahaha, no need to panic so much, I won’t get mad or anything.”

She probably feels bad since I’m different than the usual Byleth. It’s only natural to be perplexed until she adjusts.

“Anyway, sorry about that. I always end up walking ahead alone.”

“N-no, not at all!”

The normal Byleth would walk ahead without even seeing Sia, practically abandoning her.

In a state of being left behind, having to [hurry and keep up] was normal for her.

However, starting today things are different.

I’m walking next to her, matching my pace to her small strides.

“Um, Lord Byleth.”


“Oh, please don’t worry about me. For me, in the position of supporting Lord Byleth, to cause you concern… And also, I made a big mistake this morning too…”

“It’s not that I’m concerned really. This side is just more comfortable.”

I’ve realized one thing. Sia basically doesn’t doubt. She basically believes.

It’s related to her pure personality. Her clear eyes prove it.

(If someone like Sia wasn’t my personal maid, surely…)

Half would be doubtful gazes. The other half would be scornful gazes. Just imagining it is terrifying.

“About Sia dropping the cup – we agreed it was because I suddenly thanked her without explanation, right? Don’t worry about it.”

Being shocked just by me saying thanks saddens me again, but I endure.

“And with tea Sia brews, any cup would be delicious.”

“Oh, thank you…”

“Ah, haha…”

Did I overdo following up? I suddenly feel embarrassed.

As I scratch my cheek and face forward, I hear from beside me:

“Gotta get used to it quick…”

A tiny, tiny mutter.

Sia probably thinks I can’t hear. Glancing from the corner of my eye, she’s happily loosening her mouth.

I considered pretending not to notice, but this time together is a chance for us to become close.

“—Yeah. Please get used to it quickly.”

“Eek! I-I’m very sorry!!”

If I jokingly respond, she makes an obvious expression like [You heard that!?].

If we had a good relationship, she wouldn’t have apologized.

She would have cutely said [Did you hear that!?] and the conversation would have expanded.

(Really, why did I want to abuse a girl like this…Just because I disliked her is meaningless.)


Though I’m not involved, this fact pains my chest.

“…Hey, Sia. Anyway, can I ask you something?”

“Y-Yes, what is it?”

“Between me in the past and me now, which is better?”


Normally it would be the latter. It should be the latter, but I want confirmation.

“Can’t answer?”


Time passes. It seems she avoided the answer, but took it as an order.

Mumbling with her little mouth, somehow looking embarrassed, she answers.

“Th-that is…um, I can admire this kindly Lord Byleth more…”

“Thank you. I’m glad then.”

If she had answered [I liked the previous Lord Byleth better] here, I might have been too shocked to move.

I was worried she was disgusted by the change from before versus now, but that was needless worry.

With this big relief, I now look around us.

I’ve actually been concerned about this for a while now.

Other Ravelwarts Academy students in uniform have been glancing this way. Sympathetic to Sia, and containing scorn towards me…

I have no doubts about this situation.

Because of Byleth’s daily conduct. Because of the bad rumors. That’s the reason.

“…sigh I know it’s my fault, but I want to somehow deal with this bad attention, y’know Sia?”


“Ahaha, sorry about that.”

I asked something unfair.

Sia furrows her brow worriedly, lowers her blue eyes, and obscurely lets out a small breath in response.

Affirming would be rude, ignoring it would also be rude.

Giving no answer is the maid’s correct choice, using exhalation as the method. She’s truly wise with that cute face.

(Sia really is amazing, huh…)

Even with bad repute spreading now, even with a past of harsh treatment, she supports me without showing distaste.

She really is too good a maid for me.

“I’ve gotta work hard…in various ways.”

“Oh, um…please don’t overthink it. I’ll tell everyone about [the strict guidance thinking of me]!”

“Thank you…Oh, hang on a second!”


Shown an innocent smile, I’m almost swept along but somehow barely hit the brakes.

If I let her spread this, it would draw even more attention than usual. And proportionately, that painful excuse would spread too.

I absolutely can’t let it get out that Byleth’s changed.

“It would make me happiest if you held off on spreading it yourself, is what I mean.”

(If everyone believed like Sia does, it would be different, but that obviously won’t happen…)

It’s best if nothing comes of this, but if someone like that approached, They’d probably be easily duped, funny as it is.

…Anyway, I’m getting off track.

“I really would be happy for you to share it, but others might think I ordered you to say that, y’know? So I want to be really careful.”

I sugarcoated it, but of course she would take it as an [order].

“Oh, understood! Then I will only share it when the topic comes up!”


“Lord Byleth, please let me know if there is any way I can assist you.”

“Got it. I’m counting on you if that happens.”


Is it because she’s like a small animal, or because she’s doing her best to support me with her tiny body, or because her smile is cute too – I feel tempted to pat her head.

Of course I restrain myself.

(Well, I should make living quietly my top priority from now on…So the bad rumors don’t spread further…and such.)

Now that I’ve reincarnated, acting prudently is probably best to start with.

Having concluded that in my mind, we walk on for another fifteen minutes.

(Is this really the academy…?)

White exterior walls and dark blue roofs. The splendid buildings rivaling castles – we arrive at Ravelwarts Academy.

The large white front gate towers high when looking up.

Trees stand evenly around the academy boasting a massive campus area, decorated by blossoming flowers and even fountains.

The walkways are stone, nicely maintained, with four guards posted at the front gate.

(It’s got the extravagance to make you hesitate about entering…No doubt it’s a place for nobles…)

Someone not living in this world would likely find it hard to identify it as a school.

Thinking such things, I pass through the gate, cross the expansive grounds, and enter the school building.

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