Chore Granting Sorcerer Volume 1 Chapter 6 part 4

No, I can doubt endlessly. The more I think about it, the greater my anxiety becomes.

“Oh no, it might be bad.”

My legs start trembling. I’m such a coward.

As we enter the midday break, another meeting is called.

The expressions of the executives, including Camilla, are similar. We can anticipate the topic of discussion.

“Gentlemen, I want to ask: how should we proceed?”

Everyone understood the intent behind the question.

The vague unease we’re all feeling is the same. However, there’s no reason to turn back. Even if there are traps, we, the “Nocturne Dragonflies,” must be the ones to uncover their existence.

“Let me say this first: we can’t definitively claim that we’re being lured in, given the circumstances.”

Jimon, the reconnaissance team leader, speaks up.

“We haven’t engaged in battle with any large monsters, which is partly due to luck, but mostly because our formation is functioning well. We’ve observed a total of 43 large monsters, and we can determine the species of 25 of them. The remaining 18 are likely new species, and there’s a possibility that one of them is the floor boss.”

Everyone nods.

Yes, we’re doing what needs to be done, and the results are favorable. The sensation of things going a little too well is due to the thorough preparation we’ve put in. There’s no other feeling beyond that.

“That’s true, but Hans, this floor is clearly unnatural.”

Hans says.

“I understand that. However, we can’t turn back based solely on this vague unease. We can’t retreat and write ‘retreated due to unnatural circumstances’ on the map. We are the ‘Nocturne Dragonflies.'”

“There have been instances where front-line parties retreated during large-scale investigations. In this case, we have made excellent progress in mapping, even if we haven’t reached the depths yet. We can also involve other parties in our strategies.”

“No, we have too little information to recruit other parties. What can we do based on just a hunch?”

“Try going back now, and the dark maps will flood the Fillbron.”

“It would be the same even if we all perish.”

Opinions are voiced one after another, and the discussion progresses. Each argument has its own merit and is persuasive.

A large party like the “Nocturne Dragonflies” has the responsibility to lead the way into the most dangerous areas.

And even in the face of the tragedy that would occur if that responsibility is not fulfilled, they are willing to take responsibility.

The dark maps are one such example.

In reality, if we disregard exploration, creating a map of the labyrinth itself is not difficult. We can simply send someone disposable into uncharted territory with a powerful transmission magic and have them transmit information until they lose their life.

Maps created through means of sacrificing lives like this are called dark maps.

If a large-scale investigation ends prematurely, the demand for these dark maps will skyrocket.

Leaving behind a situation where some weakling sacrifices their own life for the sake of money and embarks on an impossible map-making endeavor would be a disgrace.

On the other hand, the lives of comrades are naturally important. The fate of the entire party must be considered.

I deeply respect Camilla and the executives. I’m relieved that I don’t have the authority to make decisions.

I couldn’t bear such responsibility.

However, in another aspect, there was something reassuring. In “Dragon’s Wing,” everything was decided solely by Chronos’s judgment, and this burden was mine alone. I thought it was unnecessary, but now that I see there are opportunities to share and discuss together, it feels like my previous self has been affirmed, and that makes me happy.

“Have you exhausted all your opinions?”

When the discussion reached a stalemate with a certain degree of opinions voiced, Camilla spoke up.

“We understand the dangers. Everyone has shared their fears. And fear can be transformed into resolve. Resolve can actually increase our survival rate.”

Everyone seemed to exchange glances and smiled slightly. Someone murmured softly, “The general’s usual speech has begun.”

“This ridiculous reasoning works because we are foolish adventurers.”

I understood what they were referring to.

-The spirit of adventure.

The longing within us adventurers to delve into the depths. If we fear death, we shouldn’t even step foot into the labyrinth in the first place.

“Vim-kun, what is the worst-case scenario you can envision?”

Suddenly, I was singled out. I was bewildered, but there was no choice when facing Camilla. I gathered my resolve.


“Yes, starting from yesterday, the slope has been gradually ascending, including the branching paths. And now it has reached a point where the ascent and descent cancel each other out.”

“What does that imply?”

“If there is a vast amount of water, and it flows in, our rear would be completely submerged in water. In other words, we would be trapped in the labyrinth. If we were to be attacked by a floor boss in that situation, it would be the worst-case scenario.”


After a brief pause, Camilla spoke.

“Let’s continue for a while longer. If necessary, we will release the spearhead formation. At that time, we will unite and confront the floor boss. Be mentally prepared.”

We were getting closer to the Grand Hall. It was decided that an advance party would be formed.

The purpose is to observe the Grand Hall and assess the size of the anticipated water vein. If we confirm the existence of a mechanism to submerge the path in that water vein, we will immediately retreat and make sufficient preparations to attempt the investigation again next time.

Currently, there are no signs of a floor boss. We were filled with trepidation, but without any evidence to base our decision on, stopping was not an option.

The advance party consists of five members, including me, Abel-kun, and Jimon-san. It was determined that it would be best to assess the situation as quickly as possible using my enhanced running speed.

“Let’s go. [Spin] – [Flawless]–“

I activated my maximum running speed enhancement.

“The spell has been cast. Let’s go.”

Not just a brisk walk, but a light jog. The speed was incomparable to earlier.

Continuously scanning for enemies and choosing the shortest distance and paths that avoid combat.

“Vim-kun! How is it?”

However, naturally, there are times when we unavoidably encounter large monsters. The remaining distance is sixty, fifty-nine, fifty-eight.

“We can’t avoid an encounter!”

“What should we do?”

“I’ll distract it, so go to the right!”


I created some distance from Jimon-san and took the lead.

I saw it. A black frog-like species… No, a new species. It’s about three times the size of an adult male. It seems to be bracing itself as all its hind legs are on the ground. Its tongue is flying towards me.

I grip the handle of the mountain knife and assume the posture of iai, the sword-drawing technique. Our eyes meet as it approaches.

It’s coming.

The mouth covered in black skin opens, revealing a pink oral cavity. At the same time, its tongue is launched like an arrow.

The frog’s tongue is made of muscular tissue, and it will relentlessly follow its target, making evasion impossible. However, it’s not futile. I incorporate a slight feinting motion underneath to change the trajectory, then jump sharply to the left. By forcibly altering its trajectory, the tongue’s speed is slightly reduced.

Timing it, I draw the sword in iai. I match the blade with the approaching tip of the tongue and, before the impact arrives, press down on the pommel with my other hand.


The tongue cleanly splits in two.

For an instant, it seems to feel pain, and the black frog emits a croak.

I can’t afford to engage with it, so I pass by its halted legs out of the corner of my eye. Accelerating, I catch up with Jimon-san and the others who had gone ahead. We’re both running at quite a speed, so I call out to them, paying attention to what’s ahead.

“We did it!”

“Amazing, Vim-kun!”

“Hehe… Thank you!”

In a momentary flash of skill, I managed to pull it off, feeling a sense of accomplishment. I could accept praise without hesitation. Well, if I had truly fought, it would have been dangerous.

The walls swiftly passed by, and I noticed a slight change in the echoing sound of footsteps.

It seems that the frog-like creature from earlier was the final obstacle. Shortly after, the walls that had been pressing in from the left and right gradually began to expand horizontally. Even more so, the “sky” expanded, and a sense of liberation grew.

The Grand Hall. It was really just right there.

There was a presence. It felt like reaching the top of a mountain. Surely, something special awaited us in that Grand Hall.

As everyone accelerated, our footsteps synchronized. To avoid arguments about who would be the first, it was customary for everyone to match their stride in such situations.

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