Aristocratic Daughters Volume 1 Prologue


Late at night, around 1am. A motorcycle traveling down an unlit mountain road.

The only things I can rely on for vision are the faint moonlight barely reaching here, and the motorcycle’s headlight.

“As always, it’s so dark here. I wish they’d maintain the road a bit more…it’d help a lot.”

Muttering to himself, the man driving the motorcycle continues at a steady speed.

This road is the quickest way home from work. He always takes it despite his complaints.

“Ahh, gotta hurry home and sleep. I’ve got overtime again tomorrow…”

The man is a young working adult, one of those generally called corporate slaves.

Today had been an ordinary, unchanging day like any other, but the ordinary can crumble in an instant through accidents and disasters.

Unfortunately, today was that day for this man.


Suddenly. The man’s eyes shoot open.

What came into view was a shadow leaping out from the forest onto the road. Lit by the headlights, it was revealed to be a cat.


The instant he saw it, he reflexively turned the handlebars right to try and avoid it.

But that didn’t go well, to say the least. At least not for him.


A dull voice. By the time he grasped the situation, it was already too late. Right before his eyes was a guardrail to prevent falling.

There was no time left to imagine or think.

In a sensation like slow motion, the word [death] floated through his mind.

The front wheel collided with the guardrail at full momentum, and along with the powerful impact, the rear wheel lifted up. His body was thrown along with the motorcycle, sent flying over the cliff.


By the time he realize everything, resisting is already impossible.


He screams for who knows how many seconds…before his body hits the ground, meeting his end.

But. However.


Screaming as if that reality was still continuing, the man bolts upright immediately. And notices something strange right away.

“…Huh!? Huh? Eh?”

His body that should have fallen off the cliff is unharmed. No, somehow the body he was used to seeing looks thinner, and his arms aren’t tanned.

“…Huh? Wh-what’s this? What is this!?”

He’s wearing soft pajamas. And the place he’s in is a huge bed, with space to spare even lying spread eagle.

“No, no way…no no no no no…”

He can’t comprehend it. Just earlier he had been driving a motorcycle and got into an accident. Despite remembering that, the place he opened his eyes was different.

“What…what happened…?”

Still confused, he gets out of bed and sets his feet on the floor, filled with anxiety as he looks around the bedroom.

At that time, what entered his vision was himself reflected in the gaudily decorated mirror.


Seeing that makes his mind go blank.


Reflected in the mirror is neatly trimmed brown hair. Big green eyes. An unfamiliar yet beautiful face from nose to mouth.

He rubs his eyes hard and checks again, but nothing changes.

“Who…who’s this pretty boy…Ah, is it Byleth-kun…Hm? Why do I know the name…”

The moment he unconsciously mutters that, a strange sensation runs through his whole body.


Staring at himself in the mirror for a few seconds. He finally notices.

Memories of his past life. Plus hazy memories of a boy named Byleth.

That these two sets are mixed together.

(No way…this is insane…It’s like possession or reincarnation or something but…)

There’s no way whatsoever to explain why this phenomenon occurred.

Despite the nonsensical situation, he doesn’t panic much.

Thanks to Byleth’s memories working smoothly perhaps, the only thing perplexing him is that he [reincarnated].

Everything else makes sense.

That this is the country of Giselpaine.

A country called Japan doesn’t exist.

He’s Byleth, the eighteen year old only son of a Viscount household.

His parents are away developing another territory, with his grandparents managing this territory in their stead.

He has a maid serving him, etc.

“Really, this feels so weird…Alright, so about now it should be time for breakfast…Once I finish eating I’ve gotta go to the academy too…”

He calmly pieces together the current situation, drawing it out from memory.

Honestly, he wants time to properly sort out his mind, but he doesn’t want to draw attention by taking a break.

“For now I’ve got no choice but to keep going like this…No one will understand if I try to explain the situation either…”

Just as he firms this policy of wait-and-see, it happens.

[Knock knock]


Right on time, the double doors connected to the hallway are knocked on, and he hears a voice.

“L-Lord Byleth. It is morning…”

A delicate, hesitant voice comes from beyond the door.

(That’s the maid Sia’s voice…She’s busy but still comes to wake me every day, she really does her best…)

It’s her job, so that’s only natural. But he doesn’t think that. He tries to politely respond, showing his respect, when a jolt runs through his brain.


A small girl wrapped in a maid uniform.

Fluffy yellow-white hair tied with a pink ribbon in twin tails. Large rolling blue eyes.

With a face still retaining some childishness, she, Sia, faces Byleth, brow furrowed.

[Hey Sia. You woke me later than usual today, what were you doing? Do you understand you’re my personal maid?]

[I-I’m very sorry…! But, I knocked on time, and Lord Byleth didn’t respond–]

[Haah. I can’t believe you’d think I’d sleep in twice.]


Keeping his overbearing attitude, Byleth speaks maliciously.

[As always, you’re useless, aren’t you? I’ll replace you with someone else soon, really.]

[I’m sorry…! P-please, just that, just that…]

[How many times do I have to hear that? Hurry up and do your job properly. Useless maids only get in the way.]

[I promise I will be of service next time, so please forgive me…I’m very sorry…]

Despite unreasonable treatment, she bows deeply and apologizes.

Her family has the mission of serving this household for generations.

Sia is sixteen. Two years younger than Byleth, and a student at the same Raverwarts Academy. She does her utmost to support him. …Yet he kept up his domineering attitude, intimidating her daily life.

As the heir of a high-ranking Viscount household with virtually no one who would defy him, Byleth had become arrogant.

As a result, rumors spread of him as [an arrogant, wicked man].

All of this flooded into his mind.

Translator’s Note: Unlike in previous novels I’ve translated, this time I’ve translated the MC’s name which is Beretto to Byleth. Yes, I’ve been playing Fire Emblem.

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