A Story of a Cannon Fodder Volume 1 Chapter 12 part 2

Both Arthur and Yururu had undergone physical enhancement by Star Power. While their sword speed had already surpassed regular training through magical body enhancement, Arthur’s sword speed continued to increase gradually. She possessed a talent for Star Power manipulation that surpassed ordinary individuals, and her amount of Star Power far exceeded Yururu’s.

Maintaining a balance was crucial when using non-attributed body enhancement, as pushing it too far could result in physical damage. However, Yururu was able to control it flawlessly. This was due to her tremendous talent as the major character. Bowlan and True, who witnessed her talent every day, believed that Arthur might put up a good fight. Yet, Arthur was still in the process of development and had not yet mastered everything.

On the other hand, Yururu-Galestia, lacking Arthur’s level of talent, had been training in swordsmanship as a holy knight for many years. With her precise swordsmanship, intuition, and the power of her hatred, she might have surpassed Arthur. She might have pushed him even further. However, they were evenly matched.

“Are you holding back?” Arthur muttered.


Arthur sensed that Yururu was slightly relaxing and suppressing her abilities.

While Arthur possessed more Star Power than Yururu, Yururu precision and swordsmanship skills were far superior.

Arthur understood this. Even during their light sparring in training, she had realized it.

—It wouldn’t be enough if Yururu-Galestia came with the intent to kill.

She thought she had conveyed that, but Yururu glared at him sharply.

“Are you mocking me?”

“No, I’m not.”

Yururu grew angry and increased the speed of her sword, intensifying their fight. However, Arthur still had room to spare. She could sense that Yururu was holding back.

“Hey, Arthur, what should we do!?” Bowlan asked, seeking guidance on dealing with Yururu’s attacks

“For now, Bowlan, call for backup from the other holy knights.”

“O-Okay! Understood!”

“True, please support me with magic,” Arthur requested.

“Alright, got it!”

Bowlan left to call for reinforcements, while True began chanting. Multiple water bullets formed. They were somewhat restrained to avoid causing fatal damage. However, even a single hit would render their target unconscious. While engaging Arthur in sword combat, True countered Yururu’s magic.

True also possessed talent in magic as the protagonist, and when combined with Arthur’s swordsmanship, it created an immensely strong situation.


Yururu clicked her tongue. The stamina and Star Power of both Arthur and Yururu were gradually diminishing. Despite successfully parrying the swords, their footing was occasionally disrupted by the water attacks. Yururu grew increasingly frustrated. However, there was a sense of relief in knowing that she could avoid causing harm. Unconsciously, she felt relieved that she didn’t have to kill anyone.

Then, Arthur’s light magic pierced through her. A golden wind generated by incantation while their swords clashed. It blew Yururu away. The damage inflicted was minimal, but something significant changed within her, counteracting the hatred that consumed her. Finally, Yururu regained a semblance of sanity.

“This is…” she murmured.

Arthur’s magic belonged to the light attribute. Just as the primary hero used the primary attribute against the calamity, which possessed the inherent darkness attribute of Star Power, it had subtly corroded Yururu’s mind, leading her to be consumed by hatred. Light Star Power possessed the opposite characteristic, capable of purifying or erasing it. Yururu-Galestia was gradually inching closer to liberation.

Bit by bit, the darkness was being eroded. She fought desperately, unable to suppress her underlying anger. Yet, at the same time, she was compassionate. It was why, even in her ruthlessness, she unintentionally loosened her grip. It was why she couldn’t bring herself to kill anyone, to seek revenge, and instead required another bout of light magic from Arthur to put an end to it.

Afterward, it became the tale of a single holy knight departing from the capital. Yes, this was the first tragic event that unfolded in the novel game [Round Table Hero Chronicle].



“The Round Table Chronicles: The Departure of Silver”

Yururu-Galestia had been defeated by Arthur’s light magic, bringing her back to her senses. However, the consequences of her actions remained irreversible.

Fully aware of the gravity of her deeds, she made her way to Sir Lancelot’s presence, the esteemed member of the Knights of the Round Table. With each step weighed down by regret and anger, she approached his door.

She knocked and entered the room, where she found a man in his forties and a young woman already present. The man possessed kind features but wore a stern expression, his white hair adding an air of wisdom. The young woman had long golden hair, her face partially concealed by a bandage.

“So, Yururu-kun, what are your thoughts on the situation?” Sir Lancelot spoke with a deep voice, addressing Yururu as she entered. He held the highest rank among the Knights of the Round Table.

“I believe that what I have done is truly irreparable,” Yururu replied, her voice tinged with remorse.

“I see. And what about you, Constantine?” Lancelot turned to the young woman beside him, Constantine, a knight with blonde hair who served as the deputy leader of the order.

“Many of the knights are demanding the dismissal of those responsible for this incident, drawing attention to past events,” Constantine replied in a measured tone.

“In that case, what course of action do you recommend?” Lancelot inquired.

“I will follow your guidance. I support the dismissals and will leave Britannia as well,” Yururu declared before leaving the room. It was the only path she could choose. When Bowlan, who had called for reinforcements at Arthur’s behest, reported back, the decision had already been made. Yururu had determined her fate and could not overturn her parents’ unfavorable opinions of her.

As she stepped outside, the other knights sneered at her and displayed fear in their eyes. She realized that she no longer had a place among them. Disappointed gazes surrounded her, burying her under their weight. The voices of her father, mother, and brother echoed in her ears, all filled with disdain. Tears threatened to spill from her eyes, and the only solace she found was in those who still held a glimmer of hope for her, recognizing her inherent kindness.

Arthur, True, and Bowlan tried to explain her peculiar behavior, but the people around her only remembered the horrific incident.

She understood that she had chosen to depart from this place, and there was no way to alter her destiny. Packing only the essentials, she made her way toward the gates of the Kingdom of Britannia, aware she could never return. Arthur, True, Bowlan, and her three pupils caught up to her.

“I’m sorry… I have caused you all so much pain. I truly apologize… I hope that each of you becomes a great knight. Farewell,” she uttered. This was the resolution she had settled upon. She had struggled in vain, unable to be saved. Arthur and his companions had always relied on her. They understood the thoughts that must have been running through her tearful and resigned face. Once lively and devoted to teaching them swordsmanship, she was now a mere memory.

They watched as she departed, her back receding until it was no longer visible. She never glanced back.

“The Round Table Chronicles: The Departure of Silver” was a predestined tale.

Yururu-Garestia, tainted by the dark Star Power, committed atrocious acts. She exited the scene and was eventually met with demise at the hands of her own brother. That was the end of it all.

It was the destiny prescribed by the game. The world adhered to its predetermined course.

However, everything was shaken to its core by the arrival of a single heretic. Like a burst of fantastical energy, it disrupted the established order.

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