Strongest in the Supernatural School Volume 1 Chapter 1 Part 6

I turned my gaze to the wall clock.

Kurashiki and I were already disregarding the starting school bell, and were out of class in the first place, so we were probably violating other school rules too.

But all of that was invalidated by the teacher’s single word of ‘permission’.

It implied that the ‘teacher’s words took priority over the school rules’, proving the ‘teachers are absolute’ stated in the student handbook.

In other words, if a teacher said ‘fine’, it was a fine. And if they said ‘expel’, it meant expulsion.

“Things might get troublesome, Amamori-kun.”

I slowly turned to the voice echoing in the nurse’s office.

It was Kurashiki, who like me had been gazing at the wall clock.

Seeing her figure and words, I grew a little suspicious.

…Was this class rep the type to say things like that?

“Um, Kurashiki…-san.”

“Ah, sorry about that. It was out of context, right?”

When she looked at me, she had already reverted to the class rep I knew.

The bright orange, nearly reddish hair in a ponytail.

Her round eyes directly met mine.

The little snaggletooth peeking out from her mouth accentuated her liveliness, but—her expression was suddenly cast in shadow.

“I think Kirido-kun likes Asahina-san… so things will probably get troublesome from here on.”

…Oh, troublesome in that sense. You surprised me.

“Well… I’ll manage somehow. Besides, it’s nothing Kurashiki-san needs to worry about.”

To be honest, I understood how Kirido felt to some extent.

A girl you like is interested in another guy, so you get jealous and dislike him.

Those feelings themselves were quite age-appropriate… natural for a high school first-year boy. Though punching someone for it was crazy.

I muttered internally and turned my gaze back to the clock.

Quite some time had passed since the next class started. Staying in the nurse’s office indefinitely made me antsy too… To be blunt, I was tired and wanted to sleep. Shouldn’t she go back soon?

Thinking that, I was about to say something to her—in the next moment.

“So I guess you won’t let yourself get punched on purpose now?”

I froze a little at those words.

My evaluation of the girl before me did a 180 from ‘just the class rep’


“Amamori-kun, you’re actually way stronger than Kirido-kun, right?”

The girl looking down at me still had a cute smile.

Kurashiki… her given name was Hotaru, I think?

During self-introductions, she’d said her power was ‘a slight enhancement to physical abilities’.

Certainly not strong… it was an ability belonging to the weak category.

Could she have seen through that battle with just her level of physical enhancement?

“Haah. Did you lose your mind? You think I intentionally got punched?”

“Eh, but Amamori-kun, you were watching all of Kirido-kun’s movements with your eyes, right?”

Further re-evaluation.

I see. So this girl wasn’t the class rep—she was just an idiot.

I intentionally let myself get punched…? She could make whatever baseless assumptions she wanted, but stating hypotheses without basis wasn’t praiseworthy. Her ‘memory’ that I was watching his movements was surely fabricated from her desire to ‘believe that’.

“Kurashiki-san. You’re free to dream, but… don’t be tactless. I’m injured here.”

“Y-Yeah… Sorry, Amamori-kun.”

She said, putting her hands together.

Whether it was bluffing or delusions, I didn’t like her overestimating my strength baselessly.

It’s best to quickly get rid of these insufferable types forcing their warped goodwill.

I swiftly operated my smartphone and shoved the text from the rules in her face.

” ‘Article 10. Leaving the classroom during lessons is prohibited in principle. Those who leave the classroom of their own accord without any permission will receive either a ¥100,000 fine, expulsion, or other measures.’ … It’s best not to overstay even with Ms. Sakaki’s permission.”

Clearly, our current situation didn’t fall under this article. But there was still so much I didn’t know about this school. Once your business is done, it’s better to return to class early, that’s what I think.

However, she just smiled and scratched her cheek at my warning.

“I know you’re worried about me, and I appreciate it. But don’t worry, it’s fine! I’ll just use the excuse I went to the bathroom~ There’s no way a teacher would tell a girl to hold it in during class, right?”

“That’s… true, I guess?”

I hate to say it, but Ms. Sakaki is missing a few screws.

I vaguely felt that she wasn’t living seriously in the present.

I didn’t think someone like her would say to a female student, ‘The bathroom? Is that or class more important? If you say the bathroom, feel free to go as you like. Though of course, that would mean a rule violation’… Yeah, she seemed like she’d say it expressionlessly.

We’d only met a few hours ago, but she seemed like she could say it without even changing her expression.

“Isn’t it better you go back seriously? It’s Ms. Sakaki we’re talking about.”

“Mm… That’s true, when you say it that way it does make me uneasy, but for me, I’m more worried about Amamori-kun than a one-time fine. Don’t mind me!”

She gently smiled with such a wonderful line.

Wow, wasn’t that wicked just now? Most would be totally fooled.

I lightly imagined getting carried away by the misunderstanding, confessing, and getting rejected.

…But too bad. You should aim that misleading behavior at guys other than me.

No matter what you say to me, my evaluation of you won’t change.

I heaved a sigh and turned my gaze away from her.

“Hmm, so I don’t interest you that way, huh Amamori-kun.”

“It’s not particularly that. I’ll apologize if I hurt your feelings.”

I’m interested in this girl to a normal degree.

Good looks rivaling Asahina’s in class. Kind and spirited to everyone.

No wonder she was popular. I paid more attention to this girl than Asahina and the like, incomparably so… However, Kurashiki Hotaru-san.

My attention to you isn’t as a member of the opposite sex—it’s caution towards you as an object of vigilance.

“But really, I’m fine. It’ll weigh on my conscience if you get fined because of me. Please protect my reputation here.”

“Hmm—that phrasing feels sneaky!”

I know. That’s why I said it, fully aware of the sneakiness.

She stood up discontentedly, and at that timely moment the chime for the end of class echoed.

“Guess I should head back soon like Amamori-kun told me!”

She started walking with the chime as her BGM, but stopped right before opening the door and turned back to look at me.

With a cute “Here~” she tossed over a folded memo sheet.

“What’s this?”

I caught the memo sheet that fell on my chest and asked.

She winked cutely, a finger on her lips as she smiled.

“It’s my phone number and email! Lots of people know my LAIN account, but you’re the first one I’ve given my number to in this school, so be sure to add me properly! I’ll be waiting for you to contact me!”

Saying that, she pitter-pattered out of the nurse’s office in her indoor shoes. As the sounds of her footsteps faded into the distance beyond the wide open door, I heaved a sigh.

“Ah, youth. I’m jealous, boy.”

The nurse who’d listened to our conversation grinned and shut the door.

“No… She’s just kind to everyone.”

“You think so? You looked like a well-matched couple to me.”

“There’s something wrong with your eyes.”

Saying that, I curled up in the futon and laid down.

At that time, I recalled the ‘delusion’ Kurashiki had spilled.

“That I’m much stronger than Kirido… she says.”



scene transition



There’s no way that’s true… However, hypothetically, if by some chance it was.

If I was hiding my power and Kurashiki Hotaru saw through that,

Hey, Kurashiki-san. Could your esper power really be just [Physical Enhancement]?

“Lies… take two to play that game,”

The day I contact her may come sooner than I expect.

Chapter 1 End

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