Female Soldier Infiltration Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 5


“Raze-san, what’s wrong?”

Voices calling the suddenly halted Raze were distant. She turned blue at her own words.

(Huh? Isn’t that kinda bad taste? If something happens on my watch letting His Highness get a black mark on his history, I’d definitely get “What were you doing?” right?)

She had realized something outrageous.

If anything happened to Ruben, it could become an incident rocking the country. As something that absolutely must not happen, it would be her time to act.

(I see… Did His Excellency send me to the academy concerned about things like this?)

The words “Building harmonious human relationships” crossed Raze’s mind.

Looks like she wouldn’t have a carefree academy life. Aside from Ruben, the academy had other esteemed children of powers who moved the country…

(Shit–! Tricked by His Excellency again!!)

Good things have a catch to them, in other words, this.

Raze clutched her head. “Ugghh!”

“A-Are you okay? Raze-san?”

“Did you forget something?”

“No, it’s nothing. I just remembered something troublesome.”

She shoved her irritated feelings down to her gut and swore she would enjoy academy life out of spite despite this.

“This is the student dorm. Girls’ rooms on the left, boys’ on the right. Dining hall and large baths in the center. Curfew is 10pm. If you’ll be out past that, contact the dorm mother beforehand.”

The student dorms of Saint Riolle stood in a U-shape.

“It’s like a mansion. I get to live here?”

Folia’s surprise was understandable.

An excessively large building for around 450 total students. You’d nod if told some noble lived in this splendid architecture.

Raze accepted it as noble quality. She’d go crazy picking at everything.

“Once you go in, say your name and get your key directly from the dorm mothers. Luggage has been transferred to your rooms. Since it’s two to a room, get along well with your roommate.”

After Teacher Hugan said that, he started walking again toward the entrance. It was farther from the dorms to the school building than expected so take care not to be late or forget things.

Passing through one of the many side-by-side doors, the first sight to leap out was a chandelier. The primarily black interior had an air like a luxury hotel, and Raze blinked repeatedly in surprise.

(They’re really service-minded.)

Perhaps trivial to nobles, but it blew commoners’ minds.

Raze was immune since she often went to headquarters, but Folia fidgeted excitedly beside her.

“The welcome party is at 6:30pm in the venue we were earlier. Come properly dressed so you don’t get lost ahead of time. You’re free till then. I’ll be in the lobby over there so come if anything happens. Dismissed.”

With dismissal given, the students got their keys from the dorm mothers after splitting into boys and girls. Raze also lined up and faced a dorm mother wearing round glasses.

“Congratulations on enrolling.”

“Thank you very much. I’m Raze Granoll. Please take care of me from now on.”

“Granoll-san then. Don’t lose this key.”


She received an intricately engraved key shaped like a bookmark from the very friendly dorm mother. Checking the room number engraved at the top, it said “1-203”. The first “1” indicated an east-facing room. “2” was for west-facing rooms. Then the numbers “203” showed it was room 3 on the second floor.

“Raze-san! What was your room?”

Having finished reception first, curious Folia came to ask.


“Eh? Really!? Me too!”

Folia said “Look!” and held out her key before Raze’s eyes. Though the engraved key designs differed, the numbers were the same. To Raze’s surprise, she and Folia were roommates.

“Yay! I’m so happy to be with Raze-san!”

Knocked out by her beaming smile, Raze thought what a miracle to share a room with an angel. Could she have already used up a lifetime’s worth of luck?

“Is this a dream? An illusion?”

With these continuous extraordinary happenings, Raze seriously doubted her own sanity. Her muttering was in hardass military mode. The developments, far too convenient for her, even made her fear she had been hit by some enemy magic.

“It’s like a dream but it’s real!”

As Raze’s thoughts halted in the face of the radiant girl overflowing with joy and emitting an afterglow aura,

“An angel? Oh, did I die somehow?”

“Hehe, Raze-san you’re funny.”

Thinking it was a joke, Folia laughed but at that time, Raze was definitely serious.

“Looks fun.”

“Oh, kana-sama.”

Carne joined them a little late. Hearing Folia tell her she and Raze had the same room, her eyes widened.

“You didn’t get single rooms?”

Not understanding her intention, Folia tilted her head in puzzlement.

“No, I have a double room with Raze-san.”

“I see…”


Seemingly with something on her mind, Carne sank into thought.

“Is something the matter?”

Wondering if there was some issue, Raze returned to her senses and spoke to her.

“…No. I was just curious since I got a single room. But don’t worry about it.”

With odd numbers, inevitably some single rooms occurred. If there were valid reasons, you could also request a single apparently, but Carne seemed the former.

“Will you be okay? Shall I ask the dorm mother if we could switch rooms? “

Parting from an angel would pain her heart but if the goddess Carne was troubled, such pain meant nothing. Just having enrolled, they might be able to switch rooms if she asked. So Raze tried to cede the miracle of rooming with Folia.

“I don’t dislike having a single so it’s fine. Thank you, Raze-san.”

But it didn’t seem necessary.

kana’s room was 1-307. Even called a single room, she just used a double room alone. As expected of an elite household’s daughter. She would likely attract attention from all kinds of people at school, so time alone might be good.

(Gotta check the locations of His Highness’s and…while I’m at it, His Excellency’s son’s rooms later.)

She had asked the military for important personnel information before enrolling but was flatly refused by Prime Minister Excellency, who said she wouldn’t be able to fully become an ordinary student then. She was even told to forget she was a soldier but of course that was impossible since she had been stationed covertly. She intended to act accordingly to her superior’s wishes but wished she had gotten at least basic information.

“But I’d be happy if you came to visit my room sometime.”

Raze and Folia both nodded. Then the three of them headed together towards the rooms.

“See you later at the venue.”


Parting from Carne on the stairs, Raze and Folia proceeded down the hall. The vertically long floor had a straight corridor down the center with ten rooms on each side. From the spacing of the doors, each room seemed larger than she imagined.

They quickly found their room and cheery Folia unlocked the door to let them in.

“Wow~! Lovely!”

The room wasn’t as gaudy as she had imagined, with very calming decor. As if new, it had fully equipped beds, desks, closets. It didn’t seem you’d get mentally exhausted even living here three years. With ample space even when the dividing curtains were closed, there was no sense of confinement.

(It’s bigger than my house here…)

Raze felt conflicted realizing the dorm room was larger than her home. Living alone, a big room feels lonely, and as long as you can sleep there, small is fine — she unconsciously reassured herself. It’s not that she couldn’t buy a large house because she had no money. Rather, her salary kept uselessly accumulating.

“Let’s…put away our luggage first.”

“You’re right!”

By each bed were the belongings transferred magically, left as is. Raze’s clearly had less volume. Opposite that, luggage that likely filled the entire magic circle was piled as a mountain – Folia’s things. Raze grew a little uneasy wondering if she really needed to bring so much.

She had only prepared the bare minimum like clothes, stationery, living essentials. She could finish her single trunk and some large bags quickly but,

“E-Even though I said I didn’t need such expensive things!”

Next to her, Folia let out a small shriek at the clothes and cosmetics from the packages. From her reaction, it seemed her guardian(s) had loaded her up with things just before the transfer. It’s only natural to be worried sending away such a cute daughter. I understand preparing all kinds of things in that anxiety.

While making such conjectures, Raze picked up a handkerchief that had fluttered down.

(Th-This crest is…!)

And her eyes nearly popped out at the embroidered crest.

A hawk and three arrows, with three stars aligned above.

Stars were considered extremely sacred in this world, not things that could be casually used. Let alone using them in a crest – that was something normal people couldn’t do.

(This is the Muldeer house crest! Don’t tell me the Cardinal is backing this girl?!)

She had been in intelligence. She grasped pretty much all the nation’s VIPs.

From any perspective, it indicated the presence of Viscount Muldeer.

“Um…Folia-san, did you happen to go to church…?”

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