Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 23

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Mob No. 23: “It’s okay. I’ll kill you in the cruelest way that makes you scream the loudest♪”

Baroness Side: Third Person Perspective

Watching the screen in her office, Baroness Griente raised her voice.

“Hey! What are they doing?!”

“They’re bombarding allied forces.”

“What’re they arbitrarily doing?!”

Because some allies defected and are fighting each other.

Shown the battle she thought would absolutely be won slowly but steadily moving towards defeat, Baroness Griente revealed her impatience and anger.

“Fine. Kill the hostage families. In the way that makes them scream the loudest, the cruelest way.”

Baroness Griente directed her anger at the hostages, commanding means to torment the foolish rebels who defied her orders.

“Understood. However…”

There, the maid attending behind her tried to give her opinion while following the baroness’s command.

“What is it?!”

“If we lose this battle, won’t your position certainly become precarious?”

“That’s true I suppose…”


Rarely taking the maid’s opinion, the baroness took a general purpose terminal from her desk.

“Then blowing them all up at once with this will make it our win right?

While smiling faintly, the baroness tapped the screen of the general purpose terminal.

Of course it’s not set to explode immediately, but after around 3 minutes elapse.

But even after 5 minutes passed, no explosion occurred.

“Hey! What’s going on?! Why isn’t it exploding?!”

The baroness threw the terminal to the floor in her anger.

At that time, the maid who had been quietly standing until just before unexpectedly spoke.

“It’s useless. It won’t explode.”

“What does that mean?”

The baroness asked not hiding her surprise and irritation at the maid’s words.

Then the maid answered that question extremely composedly.

“There was never any such bomb to begin with. What I showed you was just an ornament made to look like one.”

With those words, realizing the maid had deemed her an enemy, the baroness pressed a communication button.

“Please come to my room. Please make that stupid woman who defied me look the most miserable and worst as a woman.”

Saying that, she cut the communication and took distance from the maid.

Then immediately, brawny men in black clothes poured into the office like an avalanche.

“You came. Catch that woman.”

Feeling assured with the men’s arrival, just as the baroness was about to elegantly drink some wine taking the wine glass, she was restrained by the men.

The baroness glared at the men with an expression of disbelief.

“What are you doing?! It’s that maid not me!”

But the men didn’t release the baroness.

“You think you can do this to me?! There are over 100 of my personal guards here! You can’t escape!”

The baroness implied her personal guards would come here immediately but,

“Your pride and joy personal guards, we killed 10% of ’em and the rest fled. A natural choice. No one’s gonna reckless throw away their life to save the likes of you!”

she was told an unbelievable fact by the man.

Then the baroness’s body shook and she shrieked hideously,

“I’m a noble! Many nobles are captivated by my beauty! One day I’ll reign as empress! Doing this to me, you’ll regret it! “

Then the maid approached the baroness.

“What part of you could be empress? You’re just an old hag doing unconvincing age fraud.”

She looked down at the baroness with an expression like looking at garbage.

“Elizaria Griente. No, the woman named Gina Carlstarf who killed a man named Zack Bordal’s wife seemingly by accident, became his next wife, then killed that husband and daughter, stealing all their assets. It happened 20 years ago. Considering that, Gina Carlstarf was early 30s then. So your real age is over 50.”

“I don’t know any such woman!”

Though looking frightened, the baroness denied the maid’s story.

But the maid didn’t stop talking.

“The ones killed were the husband Zack Bordal, and wife Celica Bordal. But their daughter Linda Bordal survived.”

“Lies! I properly killed her at the time…”

The baroness made a shocked expression then blurted out words but immediately closed her mouth.

“It’s true that papa and I were pushed off a cliff by you. But papa used himself as a cushion so I wouldn’t hit the water. So I survived.”

“Lies! There was definitely a child’s corpse at the time!”

“A different child’s corpse happened to drift there. That’s why I’m here now. I thought I might be exposed when I started working at this mansion but I wasn’t. Because it was trivial to you right?”

After finishing recounting her past, the maid grabbed the baroness’s hair.

“It’s okay. I’ll kill you in the cruelest way that makes you scream the loudest♪”

She smiled pleasantly.

At that smile, Elizaria Griente Baroness alias Gina Carlstarf felt terror from the bottom of her heart.

Baroness Side: End

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