Before the tutorial begins chapter 12 part 2

“If we use weak attacks, he will regenerate immediately. We need to crush him with high firepower that doesn’t allow for regeneration.”

While that explanation is concise, I don’t have time to go into the actual process. I hope you understand with this.

“I see. So we should be aware that they are now asking for a big move?

The response I received was surprisingly wise.

“OK. I would appreciate it if you could act on this recognition.”

“Understood. Well then.”

Just as Aono Haruka was about to make a suggestion, the enemy made a move.


Staring at us, the Death God began chanting some unintelligible mantra-like words.

I have no idea what he’s saying, but I can sense his intentions.

“This is a new pattern. I wonder what he’s going to do.”

“I don’t know. Maybe he’ll call for reinforcements.”

Soon my prediction came true.

Countless black holes were summoned to block our rear.

From within them, skeletons resembling smaller versions of the Death God appeared in formation.

“Oh! Shimizu-kun’s prediction was correct!”

“I appreciate your admiration, but we are currently surrounded.”

“Oh, Shimizu-kun, are you afraid? Should we run?”

In response to Aono Haruka’s teasing, I naturally smiled and replied.

“No way. I will definitely defeat that trash skeleton here.”

Just as I said that, the dark-haired girl next to me suddenly burst out laughing.

“Hey, what’s wrong all of a sudden?”

“Oh, nothing. It’s just that Shimizu-kun’s face looked really villainous earlier. Hehe, ahaha.”

“You… How dare you mock me like that.”

“No, I’m not mocking you. It’s just that the villainous expression really suited you. Hehehe.”

I felt the urge to punch her.

“Well… never mind. We’ll deal with that later. Let’s concentrate on the problem at hand. What are we going to do? I think it’s best if we split into two teams.”

“Yes, that’s what I thought.”

With that, Aono Haruka whispered something in my ear.

I don’t think that lolicon skeleton is listening, but I’ll let her do as she pleases.

“So, we’ll go with this plan and this plan. Is that OK?”

“Got it. Let’s go with this strategy.”

“Oh, wait. There’s one thing I’m curious about.”

“What’s that?”


And with that, we ended our brief strategy meeting and hurried to our designated positions.

Aono Haruka took the lead, commanding the Skeleton Corps and dividing our forces.


“Hey, you piece of shit. Play with me for a while,” I said as I approached, talking nonsense after finishing the Death God’s incantation.

Of course, the Lolicon tried to chase after the girl behind him, but I wouldn’t let him.

“How obsessed are you with that girl? The Bone’s mating season is just creepy,” I said.

I struck him on the chin, exploiting numerous weaknesses with a single stroke of my large sword.

Just as I was about to launch another attack on the staggering giant bone body…


The Death God’s scythe flew towards me from above.

Hey, hey, countering from that position? He wasn’t that agile until just now.

And isn’t this position quite dangerous? Normally, it would hit–

“[Initiating emergency evasion operation. Master, please release as much power from your body as possible.]”

In an instant, control of my body shifted from me to Al.

With a strange floating sensation, my body evaded the Death God’s scythe with maximum speed and moved just half a step away from its range.

[That was a close one, Master. It would have been quite troublesome if you had taken a direct hit from that weapon]

“Sorry, thanks. I didn’t expect him to strike from that position,” I replied.

[He’s a mutant, after all. Despite having a durable type ability structure, he’s not an opponent you can let your guard down against]

That advice served as a reminder of something crucial. The Death God in front of me was a mutant, and I shouldn’t underestimate him. Although he was classified as a map-wandering type boss enemy, I had somehow lost my sense of tension.

Listen, Kyoiichiro, don’t misunderstand. If I were a master who had released various limiters, the situation might be different. But as an ordinary guy like me, he’s not an opponent I can recklessly charge into without a plan.

Let’s regain our focus. Let’s face him with dignity, without letting our guard down but also without shrinking back.

“Al, I’m counting on your support,” I said.

[As you wish]

With control of my body back in my hands, I dashed back into the danger zone.

The initial move was a straightforward downward swing without any tricks. However, the Death God effortlessly nullified the powerful sword strike with his scythe.



Continuing with another strike, swiftly changing positions and swinging down once more.

However, the Death God skillfully blocks and defends against all of my attacks with his scythe.

If I launch an attack, he evades it; if he strikes, I attempt to dodge and counterattack.

We were evenly matched, neither overpowering nor being overwhelmed by each other. Our offense and defense were in perfect equilibrium.



The sound of metal colliding violently fills the air.

Damn it. There seems to be no end to this. And it’s becoming incredibly frustrating.

To aim for a time-up without landing a single blow on this despicable creature, who devours people, denies them death, and continues to defile their souls?

Well, tactically speaking, it may be the right approach. But…

“As a gamer, no, as a man, I can’t simply turn my back on scum like you!”

Fueled by anger towards the enemy and my own feelings of inadequacy, I launch another assault.

My attack style is a wide horizontal swing—a powerful strike relying on sheer muscle strength.

Of course, such a straightforward slash can be easily evaded, and that would be the end of it.

Indeed, the stalking skeleton skillfully dodges my powerful blow at the very moment of impact.

And then, in the blink of an eye, he swings his scythe down like a guillotine–

“Finally, you’ve exposed an opening!”

I toss the large sword into the air and simultaneously kick off the ground.

For a brief moment, there’s a gap in time.

To seize this small opportunity with all my might, my body moves with full force.

A quick backstep followed by a mighty leap. The Death God’s scythe descends right where I was standing just a moment ago.

My heart almost skips a beat, but I manage to hold on and rise into the air.

This is it, this is what I’ve been waiting for.

Crossing the threshold of the intense cat-and-mouse chase, I incorporate the action of “throwing the sword upwards.”

These actions are high-risk and may appear pointless, ones that could easily be ridiculed as better off avoided.

But I executed this foolish plan—something Haruka Aono would likely discard at first—because I believed it would inflict the most damage.

The connection and coordination between irrational and illogical actions, seizing the higher ground, and creating an opportunity for a decisive blow to the head.

Utilizing the boost from my muscles and the enhancement of “leg strength,” my body swiftly catches the thrown greatsword.

“Take this!”

And without delay, I transition into an attack while descending.

Naturally, the chosen stance is a downward strike.

With the aid of gravity, the power of my muscles, and a subtle rotation, my body descends towards the grim reaper’s head.

A collision ensues, accompanied by a resounding impact.

Caught in a vulnerable state after the attack, the bone bastard tastes the blade of my greatsword before summoning a fresh chain.


As I land, I assess the condition of the stalking skeleton.

Haha, this guy is pathetic.

More than 80% of his skull is crushed, disgustingly gouged from the throat to the chest.

Although his bothersome regenerative ability is already in motion, it’s not a wound that can be restored within seconds.

The grim reaper bastard ceases all combat actions and is engulfed in the blue flames of regeneration.

“I got you down.”

An opportunity for an additional attack presented itself.

Now, how should I deal with it?

[No, it won’t work]

voice dampening my fighting instinct echoed in my mind.

“What do you mean? It’s a perfect chance, isn’t it?” I questioned.

[No, it’s not a chance. It’s a decoy]

I asked Al for evidence to support his claim.

[The reason is clear. That creature withstood even Master and Haruka Aono’s wave attack. Why would it expose such a visible vulnerability at this moment?]

“Maybe because its vision was destroyed. Look, its face is completely crushed,” I suggested.

[Where do you think the eyeballs and optic nerves are in a creature made entirely of bones?]


A sound logical argument was presented.

Indeed, Al was right.

That thing was a monstrous creature, not something that could be described as human or even a living being.

I thought it focused on regeneration because its eyes were destroyed, but as Al pointed out, something seemed fishy about the situation.

[In any case, with our attack power, we won’t be able to surpass its regeneration ability. It’s best to avoid reckless attacks as much as possible and focus on delaying until the spell is complete]

“But…” I hesitated.

[Of course, I understand your aggressive nature, or rather, your character. So, I won’t overly stop you. However…]

Al’s words trailed off.

“What’s wrong, Al?” I inquired.

[Master, please look at Haruka Aono’s condition]

Spirits were said to be more sensitive to spiritual perception than humans.

Did Al, with his sharp spiritual perception, sense something that I, who shared senses with him, couldn’t perceive?

With that question in mind, I focused on the grim reaper bastard while also checking the battlefield behind me.

“No way, hey,” I exclaimed involuntarily.

A mountain of bloodless, fleshless corpses. Piles of bones. Countless words could describe this situation.

But the most concise and essential sentence to describe it was clear.

That’s right.

“Haruka Aono, she did it.”

I was shocked.

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