Strongest in the Supernatural School Volume 1 Chapter 1 Part 5

Enraged by my 100% good-faith words, he lost it. How strange.

Filled with anger, he took on a bizarre forward-leaning posture.

It was the complete opposite of how a normal person should position themselves for combat. Full of openings yet unable to counterattack on the spur of the moment. It went entirely against common combat tactics—an attacking-focused form concentrating solely on charging ahead.

Maybe like the crouching start in track and field?

Normally I’d laugh, but there were ‘esper abilities’ in this school.

I heightened my vigilance, but in the next instant, a fist neared my face.


Esper ability [Instant Acceleration]

As the name suggests, his power was probably temporarily accelerating a target object.

Kirido used it on his own body. Thus what took form was a human body launched at superhuman speeds and a vicious fist. That speed… With a complete surprise attack, any spur-of-the-moment reaction was—impossible.

A powerful blow slammed into my face.

The impact and acute pain. The bridge of my nose stung sharply. The taste of crimson blood spread in my mouth, and while reeling back, I clutched my face. Ow, nosebleed.

“One hit! It’s just getting started, this is the beginning!”

Contrasting my dampened mood, Kirido’s excitement was through the roof.

I put up a guard with both arms on my face. Seeing that, Kirido sneered and accelerated his body again—then in the next instant, his fist was buried in my stomach.


Accelerating his body itself and accelerating his fist on impact.

The tremendous power folded my body like a straw.

“All bark and no bite after that first sucker punch, weakling! Now eat this!”

My guard loosened from the impact, and a fist slammed down on my head.

My brain rattled and my vision blurred.

Blood from the cut on my forehead flooded the entire right half of my vision.

Did blood get in my right eye…? Gonna be a pain washing it out later.


Kirido’s body accelerated again, and when I realized it, I was rolling on the ground.

A sweep or did he knock me down with a punch?

Kirido climbed on me as I collapsed and looked down at me with a filthy grin.

“Kehaha! What happened to all that energy!? The fun’s just getting started! Hey, stand up! Stand up if you can, bastard!”

Punches rained down, knocking me around. I desperately put up a guard with my face, but he forcefully pried it open and fists came crashing down on my defenseless face.

Each time, blood sprayed and the intense pain contorted my face.

“S-Stop already, Kirido-kun! You’re going overboard!”

“Shut it! This piece of crap got on my nerves!”

Amidst it all, I could hear the class rep Kurashiki’s voice from somewhere.

I looked up to see Kirido was getting full of himself. Getting a bit pissed off, when I caught his fist, I resolutely headbutted his face with all my strength.

“Oww, damn that hurts!”

“Sorry, my hand slipped.”

He stumbled back off me from the pain. I apologized since he seemed to be hurting so bad, but that just deepened the anger in his gaze.

I shakily stood up, and Kirido also got back on his feet.

With me clearly at my limit, and Kirido brimming with anger and energy.

Hmm, this much difference just from using an esper power or not…?

“I’ll kill you, kill you dead! You’re going straight to hell!”

Spitting those words, Kirido shouted.

I put up my guard… or rather, reinforced it, and Kirido accelerated again.

Now at the peak acceleration so far today. My eyes couldn’t even follow the afterimages anymore.

Experiencing it firsthand, this was an esper power…

In the next instant—

A flash of lightning tore past beside me.

“That’s enough, Kirido-kun.”

Long black hair fluttering in the wind and a cold, dignified voice.

Eyes wide, both Kirido and I—and everyone present—were stunned by the literally ‘otherworldly’ speed.

The girl easily caught his blood-stained fist in one hand and shot Kirido a sharp look.

“This is a mock battle… Since Amamori-kun agreed, I intended to respect his will to a certain extent. However, any more would be going overboard by my judgment.”

“What the hell you sayin’! I ain’t gonna stop cause of you, Asahina!”

“Oh? So I should have not stopped you?”

Saying that, she glared at Kirido and took out her student handbook.

…That’s right. Surely text like this would be displayed on the screen:

‘Article 2. Attacks made with killing intent are prohibited. Students violating this will be expelled.’

Seeing that screen, Kirido’s face turned pale blue.

He looked to Ms. Sakaki in a panic. Seeing his expression, Ms. Sakaki opened her mouth in exasperation.

“It was the optimal timing to step in, Asahina. If he had kept repeatedly attacking and saying ‘I’ll kill you’, Kirido—I would have judged it as violating Article 2 and expelled you.”

“W-Wait, for real…!?”

Even he quieted down at the word ‘expulsion’.

Kirido muttered “Damn it” as he lowered his fist, and Asahina sighed. The tension left me and I slumped down, only to be supported by Ms. Sakaki who happened to be nearby… At that time, she whispered in my ear.


“Don’t bully him too much. We were just about to have an expulsion on the first day, Amamori Yuuto.”

It was a small voice, quiet enough that no one else could hear.

What is she saying? I was the one being bullied here, wasn’t I?

It’s not like I provoked him to drag out the word ‘kill’ so I could conveniently eliminate him.

No matter how annoying, he’s my precious classmate!

“That’s heartless. I’ve never framed anyone in my life.”

“The line ‘never once in my life’ is a habitual phrase of liars.”

Oh, is that so? A liar’s habitual phrase, huh.

When I’ve never lied even once in my life.

“Well, whatever. Amamori, you go to the nurse’s office. You can rest there today. I certainly can’t tell you to attend class with those injuries.”

Covered in wounds all over, I honestly could barely stand.

Normally I’d go straight to the hospital, but this was the nurse’s office of the esper-powered Senei Academy . It’d likely have greater healing effects than some hospital.

“T-Then I’ll take Amamori-kun to the nurse’s office!

The ponytailed Kurashiki raised her hand nervously.

It took some real courage. Most girls wouldn’t even consider accompanying a bloodied male classmate. As expected of the class rep.

“Kurashiki… Fine, I’ll allow it. Hurry up and take him.”

After briefly thinking, Ms. Sakaki replied as such. Kurashiki-san ran over to my side.

“Let’s go, Amamori-kun!”

Lively, yet with a gaze full of concern for me.

She made quite the skillful expression, but I simply nodded.

“Ah, please be gentle with me.”

And so I finished my first day of school life.

Kurashiki and I started walking, and from behind, I could feel Asahina and Kirido’s gazes carrying completely different meanings, but figuring that out seemed annoying so I left it for later.

I was tired, in pain… fed up with it all. I also wanted to sleep already, so I hurried to the nurse’s office with Kurashiki.



I winced in pain and pressed an ice pack to my face.

Afterwards, Kurashiki and I went to the nurse’s office where I received various treatments from the nurse, and I was currently lying in bed undergoing them.

Looking beside me, Kurashiki watched me worriedly.

“Are you okay, Amamori-kun…?”

“Well, I’ll manage. Thank you, Kurashiki-san.”

As I expected, or rather, with it being a school made with the finest technology gathered, there were a ton of medicine I’d never seen in stock, and after the nurse injected some of them (do school nurses do that?), the pain lessened and my injuries were healing quite a bit.

“Geez, some people do awful stuff. How many times were you punched, huh?”

“I lost count,”

I replied to the nurse. Though the medicine had improved the swelling, my face was still swollen. The only silver lining about being punched so much was that there was absolutely no impact to my bones.

“Things suddenly turned bad… Sorry about that. I really should have stopped it sooner.”

Kurashiki-san said that apologetically.

…No, I can’t ask something so unreasonable. A high school girl stepping into a brawl between boys… What kind of monster would do that?

Though Asahina wasn’t even a girl to begin with considering her actions… By the way, [Blessing of the Thunder God] sure was fast. It easily beat Kirido’s ‘self-proclaimed fastest’.

“Don’t worry about it…. Though I do prefer peace and quiet not being disrupted.”

I originally liked ordinary, peaceful times.

Lazing around in tranquil peace put me in an inexplicably happy mood.

That’s why I regretted coming to this school immediately. It’d normally be an automatic fine for not attending class, though I was off the hook for now thanks to Ms. Sakaki’s ‘permission’.

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