Black Knight Kun Volume 1 Chapter 1 Part 2

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233: Hero and Anonymous-san
I don’t really know him, but isn’t Black Knight a bad guy?
Why’s he so talked about in society?

234: Hero and Anonymous-san
You seriously don’t know about Black Knight-kun in this day and age?

235: Hero and Anonymous-san
Judging someone as bad without investigating yourself is not good.

236: Hero and Anonymous-san
Well, it’s true that he’s a dangerous guy wearing a sketchy suit if you just look at the facts.
He is a criminal after all.
But even so, the things he does are too righteous.
That’s who he is.

237: Hero and Anonymous-san
Should I post some Black Knight-kun quotes?
“I’m the one who’ll take you down!! No one else gets to defeat you!!”

238: Hero and Anonymous-san
“There’s no victory in defeating you lots in that state. Go home and sleep!!” (while punching the villains)

239: Hero and Anonymous-san
“Heh heh, I’ll smash this world to pieces.” (while punching the enemy villain flying)

240: Hero and Anonymous-san
Black Knight-kun accumulating more quotes each time he appears is hilarious.

241: Hero and Anonymous-san
Can’t tell if he’s trying to do bad things, but he’s just normally helping out.
Plus the villains are the ones attacking Black Knight-kun first anyway.

242: Hero and Anonymous-san
For special effects otaku, Black Knight-kun pioneered a different kind of appeal as an extra fighter.

243: Hero and Anonymous-san
– Doesn’t join the gang till the end in exchange for fighting together here and there
– Moreover, their breathing is in sync
– The cleanliness of acknowledging each other as rivals
– After defeating the boss villain, the true final showdown
It’s like a character embodying these complex feelings of wanting him to join as a friend but not easily bending to it.

244: Hero and Anonymous-san
Your insights cut too deep.
Everyone wants Black Knight-kun to join Justice Crusaders, but Black Knight-kun himself probably thinks it’s better for him to be a loner.
There’s something…that’s not the Justice Crusader path for him!!
He’s the lone wolf warrior type!!
He doesn’t combine strength, he fights alone for the weak!!

245: Hero and Anonymous-san
But he is a criminal right?
TV commentators and stuff all speak really badly of him.

246: Hero and Anonymous-san
Well he is technically a criminal, so they’ll say that.
But separately, he’s an entity that’s become a topic of discussion.

247: Hero and Anonymous-san
The ones speaking badly are those guys.
The government-approved Justice Crusaders they were criticizing too. It’s practically nitpicking.
If those kids weren’t around, Japan would’ve vanished from the world map with how bad it was.

248: Hero and Anonymous-san
I think I kinda get it.
Considering the Black Knight-kun who fought villains (who attacked him unprovoked) before Justice Crusaders appeared, I can see that perspective too.

249: Hero and Anonymous-san
A year ago I was convinced beings like villains absolutely didn’t exist.
I was really surprised, but I’m glad there was someone fighting them.

250: Hero and Anonymous-san
Speaking of which, I wonder why Black Knight-kun seems to have such an imagage of unhappy, burdened past?

251: Hero and Anonymous-san
Well, that image comes from his words and behavior.

252: Hero and Anonymous-san
It’s because he said things like “My parents are gone!”
Also, his voice carries considerable darkness for still being a teen.

253: Hero and Anonymous-san
It was officially announced, but Black Knight-kun’s suit is actually, you know, the Justice Crusaders’ prototype reinforced suit.
Its performance is far inferior to the finished reinforced suits, and the strain is incredible too.
So isn’t it crazy he could fight evenly against the 3 Justice Crusaders?

254: Hero and Anonymous-san
He was unilaterally defeating villains without the latest or greatest weapons or anything. It makes no damn sense LOL.

255: Hero and Anonymous-san
He’s just too strong physically.

256: Hero and Anonymous-san
I hear you can’t even wear the reinforced suits without special qualities.
So Black Knight-kun seems to be an unexpected existence in that sense too.

257: Hero and Anonymous-san
It seems he’s unharmed after being caught too.
With the human experimentation subject suspicions, more darkness keeps getting added.

258: Hero and Anonymous-san
Black Knight-kun’s attempted suicide after his rampage at the final decisive battle was pretty shocking too.
Right after his defeat in the final battle, he tried to self-destruct alone.
That’s when it became clear Black Knight-kun’s mental state was truly dangerous.

259: Hero and Anonymous-san
His words then were intense.
Felt like I’d been smashed in the head.

260: Hero and Anonymous-san
It was that when they realized Black Knight-kun’s circumstances were pretty bad.


261: Hero and Anonymous-san
“I’m satisfied now…I have no regrets left…”
“Stop, please stop…”
“Don’t stop me! Please don’t stop me!!”
“Let me go! I’m stopping this!”
“Kill me, just kill me already!! I have no value left in living if I lost!!”
“There’s no place left for me in this world.”
“Why won’t you let me die…”

262: Hero and Anonymous-san
Cut it out.
Please don’t post those seriously shocking lines from back then…

263: Hero and Anonymous-san
His last form broadcasted was too haunting.
Even the reporters must have been caught off guard.
The battles with Black Knight-kun till then had an entertainment-like feel to them.

264: Hero and Anonymous-san
I don’t like the “seeking death” analysis, but it’s convincing.

265: Hero and Anonymous-san
At that time I had the messy emotions of gratitude he was alive when Blue mercilessly disarmed the bomb, and not wanting to see any sadder scene of him.

266: Hero and Anonymous-san
Blue was cold for dismantling the bomb so casually.

267: Hero and Anonymous-san
I’m aiming to become a psychiatrist myself but something feels off about Black Knight-kun’s wailing.
Can’t tell what exactly is strange though.

268: Hero and Anonymous-san
A self-proclaimed science guy huh.

269: Hero and Anonymous-san
It’s just an act to gain sympathy right LOL.

270: Hero and Anonymous-san
Red and the others seem like they’d desperately try to interact with Black Knight-kun and keep him alive.

271: Hero and Anonymous-san
Yellow and Blue too, right?

272: Hero and Anonymous-san
The Justice Crusader trio loves Black Knight-kun www

273: Hero and Anonymous-san
No reason to hate the hero who’s saved their lives repeatedly. Rather it’s only natural.

274: Hero and Anonymous-san
On social media it’s great how the 3 of them visit Black Knight-kun together like friends.
Love the official supplies.

275: Hero and Anonymous-san
Well of course, he’s like the 4th member of Justice Crusaders.

276: Hero and Anonymous-san
Forced into the 4th warrior position www

277: Hero and Anonymous-san
He is in the extra warrior position.

278: Hero and Anonymous-san
I just love the barely not-comrades vibe.

279: Hero and Anonymous-san
He’d hate it so much LOL

280: Hero and Anonymous-san
He probably doesn’t want to barge into the Justice Crusaders’ circle.

281: Hero and Anonymous-san
From the protected side, the Justice Crusaders and Black Knight-kun tag team is super reassuring.

282: Hero and Anonymous-san
But realistically it’s difficult.
At least Black Knight-kun doesn’t intend to be humanity’s ally, nor does he care to get along with the Justice Crusaders.
He just can’t help protecting them since it’s his nature.

283: Hero and Anonymous-san
Not comrades, but worthy rivals.

284: Hero and Anonymous-san
Reading “rivals” as “friends”, got it.

285: Hero and Anonymous-san
Blue would say something like this.

286: Hero and Anonymous-san
Only he himself thinks he’s the villain.

That natural part of him is also appealing I think.

287: Hero and Anonymous-san
You’d know from watching TV and net, so why didn’t he realize until being caught?

288: Hero and Anonymous-san
Was he feigning ignorance?
Or maybe he knowingly acted natural to boost his popularity. That’s possible too.

289: Hero and Anonymous-san
He probably didn’t even have a PC, smartphone or TV right?

290: Hero and Anonymous-san
– Oh…(realizes)

291: Hero and Anonymous-san

292: Hero and Anonymous-san
Tragic origins nice

293: Hero and Anonymous-san
Stop adding more dark backstory!!

294: Hero and Anonymous-san
Really, how did he live?

295: Hero and Anonymous-san
He didn’t even commit robbery.
For someone so powerful yet that desperate, it’s pretty righteous he didn’t try.

296: Hero and Anonymous-san
Makes me wonder how he’s doing now…

297: Hero and Anonymous-san
Right now he’s being held at Justice Crusaders HQ under government orders.
Highly unusual but they probably want to check for side effects from wearing the prototype suit.
Can’t be helped.

298: Hero and Anonymous-san
It’s a relief Red and the others post on SNS and stuff so we can kinda grasp his circumstances.

299: Hero and Anonymous-san
He’s having a blast apparently.
According to Red and Yellow, Black Knight-kun is a bit of a dopey Siberian Husky type of guy.

300: Hero and Anonymous-san
They must know Black Knight-kun’s bare face too, so envious.

301: Hero and Anonymous-san
His mask came off at the final battle, and while his gaze was intimidating, his face wasn’t the bad sort.

302: Hero and Anonymous-san
Though I was stunned speechless by the subsequent suicide attempt. (white eyes)

303: Hero and Anonymous-san
When I searched for pics of the unmasked Black Knight-kun there were none ( ́;ω;`)
That president works too fast…

304: Hero and Anonymous-san
I can easily imagine Black Knight-kun fiercely resisting Red and the others approaching him lol
That’s just how he is. (sudden change)

305: Hero and Anonymous-san
Right now Justice Crusaders is working hard on Black Knight-kun’s rehabilitation.
Come back! Your place is in the light, Black Knight-kun!!

306: Hero and Anonymous-san
No, there are Black Knight-kun outsider fans too!
Black Knight-kun doesn’t need comrades! Keep fighting alone as a hero!

307: Hero and Anonymous-san
I really wonder what’ll happen to Black Knight-kun. Legally he is a criminal, so the treatment seems difficult.

308: Hero and Anonymous-san
There’s the possibility he may not emerge again as is, but that may also be for the best for him.

309: Hero and Anonymous-san
I kinda hope he becomes an extra warrior.

310: Hero and Anonymous-san
He’d be such a reliable ally.
His combat ability is insane.

Chapter 1 End

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