Chore Granting Sorcerer Volume 1 Chapter 6 part 3

“Oh no… This is bad, this is bad. Should I separate the spell again from the incantation? But wait, I don’t have enough magic power left… Ugh, ugh!”

Despite saying that, he seems so uncertain and nervous, still feeling sick with tension.

Muttering, getting excited, vomiting… he’s quite a busy person, or rather, he even seems to be enjoying it. And here I am, the shield, feeling somewhat fatigued and lacking the energy to speak, but seeing him so lively and flustered, it makes me lose confidence.

He’s not a bad person, in fact, he’s quite nice, but being the person that Heidemarie-san brought, he’s an incredibly eccentric individual.

However, seeing his abilities demonstrated in front of me, and if he becomes our ally, I can’t help but rely on him.

“Vim-san, it’s water. You need to replenish.”

“…Ah, thank you, Abel-kun. Sorry, I was lost in thought. By the way, was I too loud?”

“Oh no, I’ve already gotten used to it. But thank you very much. Vim-san, compared to the previous time, we’re making surprising progress. It’s been a great help.”

“Oh, not at all. I should be thanking you for helping me. Thank you. Hehe.”

For some reason, his response feels innocent, or rather, his behavior is suspicious.


“Ah, Hans-san.”

“The Captain is calling for you. According to your estimation, we should be reaching the grand hall soon, right?”

“Yes. Um, if I can explain in detail…”

“Let’s hear it over there.”

Bowing, he goes off being led by Hans-san.

The executives completely trust Vim-san now. It’s only natural. With the achievements he’s built up over the past few months, he’s worthy of their trust. And in his case, he never overestimates himself and always prepares numerous alternative plans, anticipating unforeseen circumstances. In other words, his perspective is closer to that of a managerial position, making it easier for him to work.

Looking at the spot where Vim-san was sitting, I recall that enhancement. The depth of defense, the constant reflexes—such a delightful sensation. Since that day, I’ve remembered it countless times and have wished to be in the same team as Vim-san every time we dive into the labyrinth.

If, in the future, the two of us could become executives together…

…I guess I’ve been completely influenced as well.

(Scene transition)

We set up our camp in a relatively wide area. Depending on the floor, the labyrinth is dimly lit throughout the day, and our sense of time becomes distorted. It’s difficult to manage our physical condition if we don’t have an idea of how long we’ve been active, and it can leave us lacking stamina when needed. So, whenever there’s a chance, we often rest according to the night on the surface.

And in the night, when we purposely gather in a dimly lit place, it’s time for a meeting. It’s quite fitting.

“There’s no doubt that there’s a grand hall. And every path carries the scent of water. Just as Vim mentioned, there might be a lake or a flowing river.”

Camilla-san says.

“I agree. In that case, we can assume we have a water source for resupply. Vim-kun, do you have any insights about the water quality?”

“Ah, um, yes. There were butterflies with mottled colors flying around, and, um, they can only thrive in clean water. So, yes, I think the water quality is fine.”

Hans-san suddenly asks Vim-san, leaving him a little flustered. I try to gauge his expression to see if he answered well, but his face remains unchanged. Most likely, it’s fine.

“Alright, now let’s discuss tomorrow’s plans—”

Camilla-san calls out to the executives, and the coordination for tomorrow resumes.

In the formation of the “Bifurcated Spear,” two squads take different paths simultaneously. One of the advantages is that we can choose a less dangerous route based on actual observations. If one squad encounters a large monster, they can turn back and join the other squad.

Thanks to that, we managed to get through today without engaging in combat with a single large monster.

Such smooth progress is quite rare, and Camilla-san and the other executives had relaxed expressions.

However, there has been something on my mind all this time.

“Alright, let’s conclude the meeting for now. Anyone have any announcements?”

Silence ensues. The voices disappear, and the typical silence of the labyrinth settles in.

I wanted to raise my hand. I hesitated. It’s just a trivial thing, a mere premonition. It might be my imagination after all. No, most likely, it’s just my imagination.

Unpleasant memories resurface. The same thing happened with the “Dragon’s Wing.” I said something unnecessary, and the atmosphere became tense.

I should stop. I should wait for a clearer moment to speak. Being an outsider, it’s better not to say anything that attracts unnecessary attention.

“Vim-kun! Is there something?”

Perhaps Camilla-san sensed my hesitation and her voice sharpens as she asks me.

“Uh, well, no, it’s nothing, really, it’s not a big deal.”

“Is that so? Speak up.”

“Um, well, um, yes, that… uh…”

“Settle down. It’s not like something will be lost if you speak.”

“That… I…”

“If you’re concerned, say it. The meeting won’t end. Come on, one, two, three, four.”

“I’ll say it! I’ll say it!”


I take a deep breath. I tried to meet the eyes of the executives, but I was so nervous that I decided to focus only on Camilla’s face.

“Well… It’s something I noticed, although it may not be apparent. The slope of the path seems odd.”

“Slope? I heard that overall it was descending today.”

“Yes. It’s something I can barely tell with a leveling instrument. At first, it was slightly descending, which would be natural if we were heading towards a water source. However, at this point today, it started to incline slightly. It feels unnatural, you know?”

“What does that imply?”

“…I’m not certain. I don’t know for sure. If it’s descending and then ascending, it’s a characteristic not seen in other floors. So, perhaps it’s part of a labyrinth trap… That’s all, really. Yes.”

Camilla rested her chin on her hand.

“A slope, huh? Are there rolling boulders coming our way? No, if anything, it would be water. Are they planning to drown us?”

Restlessness spreads. Perhaps I shouldn’t have said anything. The potential consequences are severe, and such thoughts tend to linger in the back of one’s mind, heightening unnecessary anxiety.

“At first, I thought so too, but for a pathway of this width, and if it’s submerging all the branching paths like that, it would require a significant amount of water… “

“I see.”

The faces of the executives are impossible to ignore. I spoke unnecessarily, and their reactions can be predicted.

“That’s what it is, gentlemen. Let’s share this information.”



“Copy that.”

“Alright, let’s enter the resting phase. Don’t stress, except for those on watch. Those who can’t rest will perish. Keep that in mind.”

Camilla claps her hands, and everyone starts heading back to their designated resting spots. Feeling somewhat disappointed, I’m left a little dumbfounded.

Someone taps my back.


“Yes! I’m sorry! I’ve disturbed everyone’s resting time with something trivial.”

“I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve had this kind of exchange, and I’m starting to get annoyed—”

“…I’m sorry.”

“—No, that’s not it. Don’t underestimate us. In the labyrinth dive, information is vital. It makes a significant difference whether we anticipate the dangers to some extent or not. And you provide valuable and crucial information. There isn’t a single small-minded person who would complain about having a slightly larger volume of information.”

Camilla was resolute. But it wasn’t the suffocating feeling I had with “Dragon’s Wing.” It was clear she had something she wanted to convey to me, and her words were deliberately forceful.

“Your introspective nature has also contributed to your growth, but you’ve gone too far. It will hinder your progress. Don’t hold back, Vim-kun.”

And she looks into my eyes as she speaks.

“You are free to live as you wish.”

Her gaze was stern, but there was undoubtedly warmth within it.

Surprisingly, things have been progressing smoothly.

We haven’t engaged in battle with any large monsters, and everyone has plenty of stamina. We’ve even discovered multiple gold veins. Despite still being halfway through the journey, this labyrinth dive is already in the black.

Things have been going too well. The labyrinth is known for unexpected events, no matter how meticulously prepared you are.

Are we being lured in?

Indeed, the labyrinth occasionally exhibits behavior that can only be interpreted as intentional. There are floors with trap-like mechanisms as well.

I look around. Is there anything unnatural? It’s a labyrinth, so there’s bound to be something. There’s the “void.” Not a single blade of grass grows, and semi-aquatic monsters have started to increase, possibly indicating the proximity of a water source. The slope becomes steeper, descending first and then ascending to a certain extent.

If there’s a trap, what could it be? Water overflowing from somewhere at this timing, causing everyone to drown?

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