Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 1 Chapter 9 part 2

Although I had experienced an intense tingling sensation for what seemed like an eternity, it appeared that only a short time had passed. As Sandra finally released my hands, I found myself kneeling on the ground, gasping for breath and trembling uncontrollably.

“It felt like torture for a moment, but what was that pain exactly?” I asked, still recovering.

“Hehehe, I apologize. Allow me to explain what just transpired,”

Sandra said, her joyful smile intact. She proceeded to elucidate the phenomenon that had occurred. In normal circumstances, learning the sensation of “magic conversion” takes time. Hence, instead of learning it on your own, it can be forcibly induced by someone who already possesses that ability. This way, you can experience the feeling of “magic conversion” and it becomes easier to replicate the sensation. However, only those highly skilled in magic manipulation can perform this task.

Furthermore, it seems that only Sandra can activate the “special magic” she has developed. Thus, she became my mentor due to her ability to utilize this “special magic.” Nevertheless, there are drawbacks. Forcibly exposing someone to the sensation of “magic conversion” results in severe pain coursing through their body.

Evidently, this pain is the repercussion of hastening the acquisition of a sensation that would typically be learned gradually. When I expressed my desire for a more thorough explanation from the beginning, Sandra merely smiled and remarked that it wouldn’t be as interesting that way.

In my mind, I muttered, “This sadistic person!” and clicked my tongue in frustration.

“Alright, let’s attempt [magic conversion] once more.”

Following her instructions, I cautiously repeated the process, and this time, I immediately became aware of something stirring within me.

“Do you sense it now? That’s the source of magic. Next, we’ll channel that source into magic power. Visualize compressing the source you’ve become aware of, and you should feel it transforming into something different. That’s magic,” Sandra instructed.


Guided by Sandra’s words, I was taken aback by the newfound sensation.

There was a distinct presence of mysterious power coursing through me. Observing my expression, Sandra’s face lit up with delight.


“That’s magic. Now, direct that magic into your palm. Vividly recall the fireball I initially showed you and clearly envision the magic you wish to activate. Once you have the image firmly in mind, utter the name of the magic and attempt to activate it towards the target.”

“Yes!” I replied, feeling both perplexed and intrigued by the unfamiliar sensation. Concentrating intensely, I followed each step diligently. As I extended my right hand towards the target and took a deep breath, I shouted the name of the magic.


In that moment, magic converged within my outstretched hand, materializing into a blazing fireball. Once it reached a certain size, the fireball hurtled towards the target, making a resounding impact.

“I did it… I did it!”

Overwhelmed with joy from successfully casting my first spell, I reveled in the excitement of using magic. However, as I glanced at Sandra, who had been observing my magic activation with a surprised expression, a nagging thought crept into my mind. Did something go wrong?

“…Reed-sama, you possess an incredible talent for magic. I never expected you to master magic conversion and activation in just one day,” Sandra exclaimed, her tone filled with astonishment.


I learned that although I was able to perform magic conversion, it didn’t necessarily guarantee successful magic activation. To effectively activate magic, I needed to practice vividly imagining the desired magic and memorizing its form. However, without extensive repetition, I was able to reproduce the clear image necessary for magic activation simply by observing Sandra’s demonstration.

“You have an extraordinary imagination. Reed-sama, you might be a genius,” she added, her mischievous smile replaced by a pensive expression, transforming her demeanor entirely.

Following that revelation, I attempted casting spells multiple times, and each time, I succeeded effortlessly. As a test, I even tried casting without uttering an incantation, and to my surprise, it worked seamlessly. While witnessing my achievements, Sandra murmured softly, “You’re a genius…” Her complexion grew slightly pale. I was thoroughly enjoying the wonders of magic, which caused my breath to quicken.

“Your magical power is running low. Let’s cease the spellcasting for today and focus on the theoretical aspects,” Sandra suggested.

“Yes, I may have gotten carried away,” I admitted, realizing that I had become overly engrossed in the practice.

“No, no, I’m pleased to see your enthusiasm. Well then, allow me to explain about magical power,” Sandra continued.

“Magic is not boundless. Each individual possesses a different natural reserve of magical power. While there may be variances in the initial amount, extreme disparities are rare. The maximum capacity of magical power can increase through practice and the utilization of magic. If you wish to wield various types of magic or powerful spells, daily training is essential. As for the restoration of magical power, natural recovery is currently the only method. It appears that there are no items in this world capable of replenishing magical power, akin to those found in games.”

“In various countries, attempts are being made to discover and create such potions, but I haven’t heard of any successful endeavors thus far,” Sandra explained.

“I see,”

I replied, secretly contemplating the idea of crafting a magical power recovery potion similar to the ones in the game.

Subsequently, Sandra delved into explanations about “Elemental Magic” and “Special Magic.”

“‘Elemental Magic’ refers to the activation of magic by converting magical power into elemental forces like fire or water. Magic that is activated without converting magical power into elements is categorized as ‘Non-Elemental Magic,’ but it falls under the broader umbrella of ‘Elemental Magic.’ Generally, one must possess elemental aptitude to utilize ‘Elemental Magic.’ For instance, the fireball magic Sandra demonstrated earlier requires the ‘fire aptitude.’ By the way, the Valdia family lineage is known for their ‘fire aptitude,’ but in the game, Reed possessed aptitude for all elements. This is something that we will need to verify in due course,” Sandra elucidated.

Sandra’s explanation regarding “Special Magic” piqued my curiosity. In the game I remembered from my previous life, there was no concept of “Special Magic.” According to Sandra, “Special Magic” encompassed auxiliary abilities like the “Magic Conversion Awareness” she bestowed upon me.

“Magic has a surprisingly wide range of applications. Once you have a certain amount of magical power and the ability to manipulate it, you can even create your own unique magic. It’s difficult, though, because you need to have a clear image in your mind, so not many people create their own magic.

Wow, so it’s possible to create my own unique magic if I work hard. I felt my motivation soar. Seeing me in such an excited state, Sandra cleared her throat.

“Cough, but Reed-sama, you’ve only just begun to study magic. Let’s concentrate on becoming more efficient in the conversion of magical energy. The more you use magic, the more your magic power will increase, so let’s work hard on our daily training first.”

“Yes, I will do my best!”

Today was probably the most enjoyable day since I came to this other world. From now on, I will train and definitely create my own unique magic! With bright eyes, I raised my right hand in the air.

Sandra smiled as she watched me.

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