Two Childhood Friends Chapter 5

Episode 5: You’re a Murderer

“Wait…!” I tried to stop my colleague, but I was too late.

A fireball the size of a person was launched towards the two.

They were allowed a certain degree of leeway for their actions. For example, the police would be in deep trouble if they fired a single shot. It would make the news, and they would spend a considerable amount of time dealing with paperwork.

But they were different. Special ability users who were outside of government control were dangerous. Those with special abilities that could even cause supernatural phenomena couldn’t always be persuaded through words alone. That’s why, when the target resisted or showed defiance, they could use their own special abilities.

“(But the other party is just children!)”

The other party was children who hadn’t even entered high school yet. While there were signs of defiance, it was clear from their conversation that they weren’t dangerous individuals who would recklessly act on their desires. Eloping might be seen as a selfish act, but it was driven by their love for each other.

The man felt a fondness for the two of them.

In this case, the boy, Yoshihito, was trying to warn them, even though it would be futile. He noticed that they were taking turns stepping forward.

“(Could it be… are they trying to shield each other?)”

Out of concern for each other, they were willing to protect each other even if it meant getting hurt or losing their lives. That was how precious their actions were.

Despite being children… or perhaps because they were pure children?

Regardless, the man was moved by their selflessness.

He couldn’t bear to see them get hurt.

However, the ruthless fireball approached the two, and then…


The fireball vanished.

While it might not have burned them to death, it was undoubtedly an attack that would cause severe burns.

Nevertheless, the boy, Yoshihito , who had stepped forward, stood unharmed with his hand raised.

The girl behind him, Kirako, was also unscathed.

Did that woman cancel her attack and reflecting on her actions?

The look on her face made it clear that she hadn’t canceled the attack of her own volition.

If that was the case…

“Is this his special ability…!?”

It wasn’t clear from just this, but those child had nullified the trained woman’s attack.

Nullifying an attack. That was an incredibly powerful special ability.

And the boy, Yoshihito had used it.

This was exceptionally rare.


The surprise didn’t stop there.

Kirako, who had been hiding behind , revealed herself and raised her hand.

A torrent of red energy overflowed from her.

It gradually took shape, ultimately forming a weapon that the man knew well.

“A spear…?”

It was a bright red spear.

Poisonously red, dazzlingly crimson.

Even though she should have been using it for the first time, Kirako seemed to understand how to use her power. She twirled the spear once, and in the next moment, the deep crimson spear was thrown.

It pierced the ground in front of the men and caused a tremendous explosion.

That was the last thing the man remembered.

Floating through the air, he experienced a sensation of weightlessness as he lost consciousness.


Me and Kirako.

Both of us looked at the horrifying scene in front of us.

The terrain had changed, and the black-clad individuals were lying on the ground.

Government employees who were trained enough to battle enemies with special abilities were now lying defeated.

And it was Kirako, standing in shock behind me, who had caused it.

We glanced at each other.

…What is this awkward atmosphere?

An indescribable tension filled the air.

To break the silence and address the situation, I said to her, “You’re a murderer.”


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