Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 22

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Mob No. 22: “It was fortunate that [Winged Helmet] went to the enemy right wing. If that thing was here, we’d be space dust by now.”

Right after Ms. Rossweisse and part of the forces headed to reinforce the right wing, the remaining left wing forces started advancing to attack the enemy main fleet.

In response, the enemy interception forces obviously formed to intercept us too.

They directed quite the force at us – small crafts and drones, medium combat ships, large combat ships, and super large combat ships.

This should get the deadlock in the center moving, and if Ms. Rossweisse crushes the enemy left wing it’ll be even more advantageous.

While praying the enemy doesn’t have some one-hit reversal surprise machine, slowly killing time is fine.

And I want to punch my naive self from 5 minutes ago who thought that!

The interception forces opposing us remaining left wing forces were properly trained troops.

Their individual movements, attack timing, and coordination between ships were on a different level from the right wing forces earlier.

Barely dodging over and over again.

The state of not being able to let my guard down for an instant has continued since earlier.

I’m impressed at my own good dodging.

But if I try to approach the medium combat ships, large combat ships, and super large combat ships, escort craft immediately obstruct me, and the medium combat ships, large combat ships, and super large combat ships keep their distance so I can’t even get close.

Frankly, rather than advancing we’re being pushed back.

This is just my guess, but I feel like the enemy main fleet is mostly composed of washed out mercenaries and criminals, so their morale isn’t that high.

Meanwhile the earl’s side main fleet should have had high morale and been well trained, so was probably quite elite.

I’d like to think it was because these proper soldiers were here that the center was deadlocked.

For now until the battlefield shifts significantly, I have no choice but to endure this tension.

As I thought that, the enemy interception forces suddenly reversed and began retreating for some reason.

Since following deep could be a trap, the guys remaining in the forces didn’t chase.

Then suddenly, they began bombarding their own main fleet.

I don’t know what happened with the enemy interception forces but this is undoubtedly a chance.

[I dunno what’s going on but continue attacking! Don’t hit the enemy intercept troops!]

It seems the main fleet watching judged the enemy intercept troops as allies.

[This is the right wing support forces. Enemy defecting forces and left wing forces repelled. We will continue attacking main enemy forces like this.]

And with Ms. Rossweisse’s report in Lambert Riagraz’s voice that enemy defecting forces and left wing forces were repelled, victory leaned heavily towards Earl Rosello’s forces.

Hero? Side: Enemy Intercept Forces Vice Admiral

The enemy left wing forces began advancing on our main fleet flagship.

With their numbers decreased, we were somehow preventing their advance.

“Vice Admiral. It seems the enemy left wing forces are gradually being pushed back by us. At this rate it’s just a matter of time before they contact and can attack the main forces.”

“It was fortunate that [Winged Helmet] went to the enemy right wing. If that thing was here, we’d be space dust by now.”


My adjutant lieutenant and operator ensign voiced some relief at the current situation.

Certainly that’s right but we can’t let our guard down yet.

“Don’t let your guard down. That [Dust Storm] is still around. I was drenched in cold sweat when it got close to this ship once.”

“It’s thanks to the escort craft making it in time that day.”

While not at [Winged Helmet]’s level, [Dust Storm] is also a dangerous opponent.

We can only slowly push them back like this.

At that time my adjutant lieutenant called out to me.

“Vice Admiral… The one we really shouldn’t have to fight isn’t Earl Rosello right?”

I know that.

But there’s a reason we can’t do that.

“We are the private soldiers of the late Baron Griente, not that vixen’s private soldiers!”

“She is Baroness Griente, her nobility is undisputed.”


“Enough lieutenant.”

The lieutenant came at me heatedly.

But I have to reject him for a reason.

It’s not just me.

It’s for the sake of dozens of others.

“Lieutenant. Silently return to your post.”

The lieutenant returned to his post with a reluctant expression.

At that time a report came from the operator.

“Commander! A transmission has arrived! It’s from Osur Department Store!”

“Read the contents! Quickly!”

Hearing that report, I unintentionally raised my voice.

“[Both items acquired safely. No damage. Other items also acquired safely. Heading to pick-up point.]” That’s all it says.”

The operator read the transmission excitedly but composed.

The contents were what some of the soldiers and I had anxiously awaited.

“You’re worried about some custom order at a time like this?! “

The adjutant lieutenant called out to me irritatedly.

“Our families were rescued…”


Not just me, several subordinates were also tearfully rejoicing at the report.

The lieutenant was surprised and confused at me and the others’ reactions.

No wonder.

Because only some of us with families were hostage.

“Around a dozen including me had our families taken hostage and were forced to obey that woman. That communication was the signal from the resistance who rescued our families from that woman’s hands and raided the military facility taken by her hoodlums, taking back the town. The others whose families were likely hostage have probably risen up now too! No need to hold back anymore! We’ll go take down our true enemy!”

The bridge was enveloped in voices of delight.

But a single gunshot erased that delight.

The one who created this situation was my adjutant lieutenant.

“What are you doing lieutenant?”

“Continue fighting the earl’s forces.”

The lieutenant pointed the gun he had aimed at the ceiling at us.

“May I ask the reason? Lieutenant.”

“You should already understand right?”

“That provocation just now was quite clumsy.”

The lieutenant distorted his face and pointed the gun at me again.

Tension ran through everyone on the bridge.

Not just from having a gun pointed at me, but because in this state we don’t know when we’ll be shot down by the enemy forces.

“I knew you were monitoring us by order of that woman. Since you’re single without a lover, and your parents passed away, you couldn’t be taken hostage. So that woman must have swayed you.”

“Elizaria Griente Baroness is a wonderful woman! I won’t allow betraying her!”

The lieutenant shouted in irritation, firing at the floor again.

“Hurry up and keep fighting!”

“Calm yourself a little lieutenant.”

The instant I said that to the lieutenant, the operator ensign behind the lieutenant pressed an electroshock baton to his nape.

With a short scream the lieutenant collapsed to the floor, and was promptly restrained by the bridge members.

I picked up the gun the lieutenant had,

“It’s quite regrettable since you were excellent. That woman’s manipulation must have been extremely artful. Brainwashing is also possible I suppose.”

and while he couldn’t move, I pulled the trigger towards the lieutenant glaring at me.

“However, to us you’re a traitor who wagged your tail at the dictator. We’ll have you testify about various things.”

The lieutenant stared at the gun muzzle pointed at the floor, with resentful eyes.

Hero? Side: End

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