Two Childhood Friends Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Could It Be…

I rose up irritably.

What filled my mind was pure anger.

The refreshing flames of rage blazed intensely.

“…Hey. Why’d you do that?”

When I asked trembling with anger, for some reason Kirako was also enraged.


“…Shouldn’t I be asking that? You tried to completely use me as bait, didn’t you?”

“Isn’t it better if one of us becomes a sacrifice so the other survives, rather than us both dying? It’s the greatest good for the greatest number right? Don’t you get it?”

“I think the meaning is wrong there.”

No it’s not.

It’s the greatest happiness for all living things in this world to be used by me.

“Is that a joke?”

“I’d rather we both go to hell than gain happiness at the cost of my misery.”

“You’re resolved for way too much already!”

Why do I have to fall into hell!?

No matter how you look, I’m heaven-bound!

Thinking about such things just wastes time.

In the first place, I was trying to escape after hearing the pursuers, yet wasted time here and…

“There’s the target! It’s definitely him!”

Government livestock appearing in the mountains wearing extremely inconvenient black suits and leather shoes.

Calling me a target…you’re saying weird assassination stuff huh.

I see, so you’ll screw Kirako.

“Hm? There’s another one… We received a search request for her too. Don’t know why they’re together but two birds with one stone.”

So Kirako had escaped too.

Don’t run from reality.

The men in black nodded as if it made sense, realizing we were together.

“I see, that kind of relationship.”

“It’s not.”

“It’s not.”

“Perfectly in sync…”

Kirako and I had utterly disgusted faces.

I don’t know my own face but it was probably the same.

They probably thought we eloped, but no way could that ever happen.

I’d rather become gay than spend my life with her…

“Look, I understand you’re confused after suddenly being told you have special abilities. But continuing to run away won’t lead to good results. Come back obediently. You’re one of the rare men who’s manifested abilities.”

One of the men in black steps forward and says this, as if an adult lecturing a child.

Condescending, how annoying…

[But you actually are a child while they’re adults.]

My mentality is more adult than anyone.

“Is that a joke?”

Now then, surrounded by them I couldn’t do anything anymore.

Escape this situation?

Physically impossible.

Considering I have powers, they probably feel the same way trying to capture me.

Me who just awakened and doesn’t even know my own ability yet, versus trained soldiers who fully grasp their skills.

Yeah, I’d lose!

Even without using abilities I’m sure they could suppress me.

So for now, I should consider raising my reputation somehow.

Giving the impression I caused all this uproar by eloping wouldn’t be good.

While people might see it as a folly of youth and smile about it, that wouldn’t justify getting others involved.

[Actually, your reason was more selfish since you just ran from reality.]

Nobody knows if I don’t say anything so I’m safe.

The way I can turn this hopeless situation around is…!

“I’m sorry. But when she said she wanted to escape…I just wanted to respect her wishes and help…”


Tears spill from my eyes.

Kirako looks startled at me.

I cover my face with my hand and grin at Kirako so only she notices.

Get it?

This is a clever man’s wonderful idea.


[Wow! Appealing you didn’t run for yourself and pinning all the blame on Kirako! You plan to make her the complete scapegoat!]

Heh, quite ingenious, aren’t I?

“What’s wrong, Kirako? What do you want to say, Kirako?”

“N-no, it’s not like that!”

Kirako, with her face turned pale, attempted to confront the black-clad person who seemed to have understood her.

But I won’t allow that.

It’s been my turn all along.

“What’s wrong, Kirako? What do you want to say, Kirako?”


This time, her face turned crimson, and she glared at me.

Yes, her eyes were filled with murderous intent…

Why…? This is scary…

[Don’t provoke her too much, or you might get stabbed in the back,]

the parasite advised, but I had no problem with that.

I’ll be fine.

She doesn’t have the courage to stab someone.

It’s a strange kind of trust.”l

While it might not be murder, hurting someone still carries a certain level of responsibility in modern society.

And we hate that responsibility.

So, there’s no need to worry.

“I’m going to kill you, kill you, kill you, kill you, kill you, kill you, kill you, kill you…”

…Or not.

“If we care about each other, all the more reason. If you come back quietly, I won’t resort to rough measures. After all, you’re one of the few male power manifestors.”

She spoke cautiously, as if trying not to offend.

Damn it…!

Isn’t there some other way…!?

I managed to shift all the blame onto Kirako, so there’s no way I’ll fall.

Well, I guess it’s just youthful indiscretion.


I turned my gaze to Kirako, who had been silent since earlier.

Hey, Kirako… It hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts.

Stop pinching my butt.

This woman, who’s taking revenge on me as if this is her chance…!


However, I absolutely don’t want to go to school.

I refuse indirect conscription.

Because in the future, I’ll become a government official and be forced into life-and-death battles as a monster for the sake of others.

It’s hell.

I hesitate to risk my life even for my own sake, let alone for others.

I need to do something…!

“Hey, there’s no point in talking anymore. Let’s just finish this quickly,” another woman in black stepped forward.

Unlike the one who had been talking to us earlier, she gave off a rough impression.

And clearly, she was irritated.

“Hey, do we really have to resort to such violence?”

“But this guy has no intention of going back, right? Our mission is to take him back by force. I don’t want to waste any more time on this brat’s tantrums.”

She expressed her displeasure but said it as if she was spitting it out, scratching her head roughly.

What an evil-looking woman.

Is she picking a fight with me?

I don’t have time to waste talking to tax thieves like them.

[The fuse of your anger is short. But what if you were in their shoes?] the parasite remarked.

I won’t allow a brat who’s barely lived for a decade to inconvenience me.

Even more so if it’s because of something as ridiculous as love or affection.

“Hmm, this double standard…”

It’s fine if I think like this, but I won’t allow others to think this way about me.

For now, I thought I’d make them feel a little uncomfortable… but before I could do anything, Kirako exploded.

“From the way you’re talking, it’s hard to believe you’re not the brat here.”

“And this girl seems to have a short fuse too,” the parasite noted.

“Huh? Are you making fun of me? I was going to be gentle with you because you’re a girl.”

The woman glared at me with a piercing look.

She’s also probably someone with a special ability, and she’s likely had training and experience in combat.

So, she’s really intimidating.

Super scary.

Sensing that, Kirako…

“(I’d appreciate that.)”

Seemed to be thinking.

But no.

You’re obligated to suffer worse than me.

“Ugh… I knew it. Eloping brats, male or female, really are stupid.”

“Lonely and jealous?”

“You won’t feel satisfied unless you return insults multiplied when ridiculed.”

If I just smile and say it, they’ll shut up and stop moving.

Oh dear, I won again it seems.

I want to know defeat…

Just as I thought that, the woman raised her face.

…Uh oh, your eyes are bloodshot.

“Ah, forget it. Just hurry up and die already.”


She suddenly launched a fireball.

What, magic!?

Sh-She attacked!?

Why so suddenly!?

“Could she be joking perhaps?”

Feeling very flustered, Kirako clung to my arm.

Hard. Utterly lacking softness.

“(H-Hurry and do something! That looks super painful!)”

“(You provoked her! You do something!)”

“(But you put in the final provocation!)”

We shoved each other out of sight.

Trying to push the other forward, but it didn’t work well since we were wary of onlookers.

Crap, it’s right in front of us, coming, coming, coming!


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