Two Childhood Friends Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – …What’s She Doing?



“T-Kuchinasi, you…”

I heard the shocked voices of my classmates.

Why were they reacting like that?

Come to think of it, it seemed like the crystal flashed when I held my hand over it…

…This must be a dream.

[Your luck is awful! It shone really brightly!]

That can’t be.

Because I’m a guy.

The sex least likely to manifest abilities.

My path as a powerless one was assured.

[While few in number, some guys do have powers. You might be one of them.]

No way!

Why me of all people…!

That guy who was so pumped ended up powerless right?

So there’s no way I’d have powers when I have zero motivation.

Let me do it again, once more!

I held my hand over the crystal again.


“Gahh, so bright!”

“This is my first time seeing such a strong response. What an outstanding talent has appeared. Japan is safe now.”

One of the black-suited tax thieves muttered.


You plan to make me a government dog!?


[How about just giving up now?]

Don’t mess with me, you parasitic pest!

People can’t just simply give up like that!

If you don’t give up, you can keep moving forward!

[While those are inspirational words, using them to run from reality seems questionable to me.]

I desperately rack my brain to analyze why the crystal shone.

That’s it!

It was defective!

If I do it again properly…!

I held my hand over the crystal.


“So bright!”

…I hold out my hand.



…………I hold it out.





[How many times will you do it!? Let it go already! Calm down!]


Absolutely not!

This is weird!

No way this makes sense!

“Stop making the crystal flash over and over! That’s enough!”

The homeroom teacher tried to stop me as he approached.


You’re scolding me!?

“With that level of shine, your ability must be powerful. You’ll undoubtedly be sent to the academy.”


I heard the voice of one of the men in black.

The academy…the place my classmate wanted to enter, where ability users alone gathered.

To me, it felt like walking to the guillotine.

[Congrats! Your path is set without even needing to apply.]

I’m accepted without even applying, ain’t that great!

No way will I yield to indirect conscription!

I confirmed people were focused on me.

The government dogs especially approached, trying to capture me.


I held my hand over the crystal.

Take this! A flash grenade!



“My eyes, my eyes, ahhhhhhhhhh!”

Amidst the chaos, I immediately broke into a run.

The men in black were guarding the exits but had their eyes damaged by the intense light, allowing me to easily slip through.

“He’s escaped! After hiiiiim!”

I heard angry shouts behind me but didn’t stop.

I won’t stop…

And I’m not escaping!

I’m just progressing backwards!

[That’s what people call escaping you know.]

Ignoring the parasite’s words, I desperately moved my legs.

Not thinking about anything ahead.


“Hmm. It was a fruitless story only good for killing time.”

That was Kirako’s impression after hearing my story.

You’re saying it had no substance…?

It was packed full of it!

It was intense!

[Just running from reality.]

You’re my enemy too, Brutus?


“So what will you do? Since I’m not in the news, I plan to catch a rich man from another prefecture to support me.”

“Damned shameless…”

Kirako puffed out her chest proudly.

You don’t have a chest.

It’s flat.

A sheer cliff, your chest.

But how should I make excuses?

Of course I didn’t plan to live self-sufficiently in the mountains.

The human way of life was making others work for you and offer tribute.

Not living just for myself, but having others live for my sake.

[You’re no different from a dictator!]

It’s insulting to be compared to such small fries.

[And your self-evaluation is?]

Now then, the reason.

Why I escaped back then.


I stared hard at Kirako.

…Hey, don’t make that disgusted face.

Then it occurred to me.

“Something like…being threatened?”

“W-Why are you staring at me…? You don’t plan to pin it all on me!?”

For example.

Rather than my own idea, if I had been coerced by someone.

Combined with my acting, I could become a tragic victim right?

[It’s creepy how calmly you plan to make someone your complete scapegoat.]

Wise observation.

I happened to have the perfect sacrificial lamb right here.


[You shouldn’t happily accept that!]

“Found you! You definitely came hiding here! You must be somewhere here! Search thoroughly!”

About to make Kirako my captive, I was startled by the angry shouts.


Don’t tell me they found me already!?

[Well you didn’t get very far away.]

Don’t need to.

I can have others do the grunt work.

“Ah, looks like it’s hopeless for you. They’re all after you. An all-you-can-beat stick fest.”

Kirako chuckled.

That cruel grin brimmed with nothing but evil.

Realizing she wouldn’t become a sacrifice, she started spouting nonsense too.

“Anyway, hurry up and go somewhere since they’re after you. I don’t need trouble.”

“Oh right…”

“My, so obedient for once. Good boy, good boy. If you stay this obedient I could even keep you as a pet while some random man supports me.”

Kirako stroked my head as I nodded.

You think I’m a pet!?

You’re the pet!

[An twisted couple?]

“No, there’s no need for that. You don’t have a future like that.”


I firmly grabbed her thin arm, and she glared at me as if to say “What are you doing?”

That’s right, you have no happy future.

Because I’ll hinder it completely.

[That’s nothing to proudly declare.]

Ignoring the parasite’s words, I yanked on Kirako’s arm and rolled her over.




She’s all “Kyaaah!” “Kyaaah!”

Flailing around!

[Your laugh is devilish itself.]

Of course I made sure she wouldn’t get hurt rolling around.

The rotting leaves made for a soft landing.

Well, leaves and stuff got stuck in her nice, sleek black hair, but it doesn’t particularly bother me since I’m not the victim.

“The voice came from over here!”


The voices neared.

Even in that situation, the smile wouldn’t leave my face.

Finally realizing she would be used as bait it seemed, Kirako shouted.

“Y-You…! Doing this…!?”

“Draw their attention and get caught. I’ll escape in the meantime.”


A massive scream.

But I held overwhelming advantage.

Of course I didn’t expect her to obediently get caught.

She’d probably report me too.

So I’d best leave right away.

“There’s no way I’d allow such nonsense…!”

“Farewell, exercise-hating girl.”

With a broad grin, I abandoned Kirako sitting on the ground.

With my good looks and acting, I could probably trick some woman and vaguely live on.

My future was bright.

[Is that brightness on the premise of being a kept man?]

Now then, I guess I’ll head off around here and—

Just as I moved to take a step,

“Got you.”


She tripped up my leg and I faceplanted into the ground.

…What’s she doing?

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