Strongest in the Supernatural School Volume 1 Chapter 1 Part 4

Five minutes before the start of the class.

After that, I went straight to the changing room and quickly changed into my gym clothes. Then, I killed some time before heading to the designated meeting place, the school grounds.

All my classmates, except me, were already gathered there, and they were surrounding one student, creating a bit of a festive atmosphere.

“Hey, hey! Where are you from, Asahina san?”

“Asahina san’s words, you know, they sort of struck a chord with me!”

“Also, ‘Thunder God’s Blessing,’ even the name sounds powerful!”

“You control lightning, right? It kind of feels like you’re cheating! I’m so jealous!”

Yes, the person they were surrounding was the same Asahina san.

She was glancing around at the female students surrounding her with a troubled expression (there was also one male student named Kirido mixed in there, by the way), and then she responded with a slightly troubled expression.

“…I just told the truth. Besides, even obtaining this ability was just a matter of luck. It happened to be my lucky day, that’s all.”

“But still, it feels like it’s fate because it’s you, Asahina san!”

“Yeah, yeah, it’s because it’s Asahina san, so it feels inevitable!”

They were saying some pretty random stuff, but when I saw Asahina san chatting with her classmates like this, I felt a little relieved. I was worried that I might be isolated even further due to my connection with her.

Well, now, if Asahina san stops bothering with me, there won’t be any complaints.

What should I do… I pondered by myself.

“Hey, you there! You’re Amamori, right? You’re unlucky too!”


Suddenly, I turned my gaze to the person next to me, and there was a guy who looked somewhat similar to Kirido.

“Karasuma Tohji.”

“Oh, you remembered my name? I’m impressed,” he said with a snicker. With his bleached, permed hair and appearance that ten out of ten would call ‘delinquent’, talking to him I got the sense he didn’t have the same malice as Kirido.

He put his arm around my shoulder and lowered his voice so no one else could hear.

“It’s Kirido, right? That guy who’s already getting full of himself in class. He and I are from nearby hometowns, so I’ve heard various bad rumors about him.”

“Bad rumors…?”

He nodded at my words and opened his mouth.

What he told me were really unpleasant rumors surrounding the guy called Kirido.

Supposedly he put a whole bunch of adults in the hospital in a brawl.

Supposedly he constantly had issues with women.

Supposedly he used to go to a boxing gym so his physical abilities are top notch.

Supposedly he’s selfish and short-tempered. A water balloon that’ll burst if you poke it even a little.

As Karasuma said “There’s more” with excitement, my head started to hurt.

“And now that kinda guy’s got esper powers and can do whatever he wants… Plus, Amamori, I’ve got a hunch his current target is you.”

“Why’s that?”

I asked, but could guess the gist of it.

Just as Karasuma was about to answer, at the worst timing, Ms. Sakaki appeared on the field. Seeing her, Karasuma reluctantly closed his mouth.

“I’ll tell you the rest later.”

Saying that, he ran over to our classmates.

Watching his back, I felt like my eyes briefly met Ms. Sakaki’s. But she just smiled thinly without approaching me.

“Now then, it looks like everyone has gathered.”

The moment her voice rang out, the starting chime echoed.

I also started walking over to where the students were gathered, and… does she have radar or something? Asahina, who’d just turned this way, waved at me.

It was awfully cute, but I wish she wouldn’t since it got me bad stares from the other students. I pretended not to notice and joined the line, at the same time Ms. Sakaki opened her mouth. However—

“Now I’ll explain—”

“Yo, hold up, Sakaki!”

Someone cut her off mid-sentence.

I looked in the direction of the voice to see Kirido there glaring angrily at me, leaving everyone present at a loss.

Ms. Sakaki and I were no exceptions.

“What are you trying to pull, Kirido?”

“Hah? I ain’t pulling nothing. I heard it from an upperclassman who came to recruit me for a club yesterday. PE classes in this school are basically combat training with esper abilities, right? And for the first class, students are made to do mock battles.”


…Oh. So he was wary of PE classes and used the most efficient method of asking upperclassmen to get information, huh. I was honestly surprised.

“That’s right. What’s valued in this academy alongside academics and club activities is none other than ‘esper force’ itself. Thus the goal of PE classes is to enhance your esper abilities and depending on the circumstances, also focus on improving your physical abilities. And for the first class, two randomly selected students will be made to battle.”

Hearing Ms. Sakaki’s words, a hideous smile floated onto Kirido’s face.

“Then let me and that guy fight, Sakaki!”

The one Kirido pointed at was… me, of course.

It made me doubt my own sanity. Did something in his head boil over?

The students around us were confused, and the class rep Kurashiki spoke up.

“W-Wait, Kirido-kun!? Why Amamori-kun—”

“It’s obvious ain’t it!? He ignored Asahina earlier!”

At his retort, I grimaced….Glancing timidly at the person herself, Asahina looked puzzled as she tilted her head.

“What are you talking about? if you mean when I waved at him earlier, it was simply that he didn’t notice, wasn’t it?”

“Y-Yeah…? That’s how it looked…”

Voices agreeing with Asahina’s words could be heard.

Even with my lies and acting skills. Seeing our classmates’ reactions, it didn’t seem my ‘pretending not to notice’ act had been exposed.

If so, why was Kirido saying such things…?

“—I see, that’s why.”

Looking at him, Kirido’s face was twisted in delight, so loathsome I nearly threw up.

“That attitude pisses me off! Weak yet ignoring Asahina’s greeting, scum like you don’t deserve to get noticed by her!”

This was probably ‘jealousy’ and ‘pride’.

Seeing a weakling like me being spoken to by the class beauty, ‘Asahina Kasumi’, made him angry.

So he wanted to stop that. To beat down the trash and show off his strength.

To stomp on the weak and stand tall.

To prove he was the one suited to be by Asahina Kasumi’s side—or something like that? Does that sound about right?

“W-Wait a minute, Kirido-kun! I acted of my own—”

“I know, Asahina! It’s because of trash like him you waste your time being nice! If he’s gone, it solves everything! That’s all there is to it!”

I half agreed, but the other half just wanted to vomit.

He was totally planning to attack me. Please stop. With all that confidence, his [Instant Acceleration] ability is probably pretty strong too.

If so, I’d just get one-sidedly beaten up.

“What will you do, Amamori? The choice to accept or not is up to you.”

I heard Ms. Sakaki’s quiet voice.

As for her, she looked at Kirido as if at garbage.

Well… Doesn’t seem there’s any benefit for me to fight right now, but—

“You running away, trash!? No guts to fight, weak esper power, a coward who runs at the first sign of danger… I wanna see your face when your family sees you like this!”

“Kirido-kun, that’s going too far!”

Asahina angrily yelled at Kirido, but… he did have a foul mouth. It was starting to grate on my ears a little.

I scratched my head with my right hand and looked at Ms. Sakaki.

“Hey, can we consider this already started?”

“Hm?… Oh, I see. Do as you like.”

Understanding my true intentions, he grinned and spoke.

Amidst Asahina, Kirido, the classmates, and everyone else dumbfounded by my words—

I dashed straight ahead in one breath.


The idiot face right before me.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. I’ll repay malice with tremendous malice.

Sorry, Kirido. This is the only way I know how to do things.


A surprise straight right to Kirido’s face.

Fresh blood sprayed everywhere as screams erupted from the class.

Blown back a bit, Kirido writhed in intense pain, and I looked down at him.

“Well, if you insist that much Kirido, guess we’ll fight.”

With the students around us dumbfounded and Ms. Sakaki laughing loudly—


Eventually, Kirido got up in anger.

His eyes glared at me murderously, and his gaze made my knees shake.

Oh crap. What dangerous guy did I pick a fight with? I wanna go back in time and punch myself. So could you let this slide?

Now I recalled those ‘nasty rumors’ about him, and Kirido shouted in frustration.

“That nonchalant face pisses me off! However I glare or threaten you, you don’t lose your composure, that attitude!”

Nonchalant? No, I don’t have anything like that. Could he have misunderstood since my expressions don’t show on my face much? Sorry about that, Kirido.

“Don’t worry. I’m properly terrified.”

“I’ll kill you!”

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