I’m a D-Rank Adventurer Volume 2 Chapter 3 part 3

When we arrived at the diner, most of the seats were already filled with townspeople and adventurers, creating a bustling and crowded atmosphere.

The diner we were directed to seemed like a popular establishment, catering to the common folk and middle-class adventurers. The prices for their set meals started as low as three hundred liens, making it quite affordable.

Unlike the typical format where waitresses come to take orders, this diner had a unique system. Customers had to go to the counter themselves to place their orders and wait until their food was ready before being called to collect it.

Observing this, I decided it was time to get two meals and stood up from our seats. However, Eve quickly interjected, saying, “You must be tired, so wait here. I’ll go and get the food.” She promptly left before I could even express my preferences.

Well, I guess it’s fine. She probably knows what she’s doing and will bring back something good.

Deciding to indulge in a moment of reliance, I took off my armor and helmet, slumped back into my chair, and took a moment to relax.

Then, I overheard a conversation nearby that caught my attention.

“Hey, did you hear? Another ‘devil’ incident occurred. This time, it happened behind Sieg’s shop along the Alectrion Highway. It’s really frightening…”

“…Not again. The Knights should catch the culprit as soon as possible.”

“Disgusting…only a demon could have the heart to rip out a child’s ‘heart’.”

“I really hope they resolve it soon. My child can’t even go out to play…”

“Sigh…I just want someone, anyone, to solve this quickly. It would be great if we had a hero like Ray here…”

A group of men in their thirties discussed the recent incidents and sighed in frustration.

It seemed that unsettling events were happening around the city. Well, it’s none of my business anyway.

Despite being unrelated, the conversation left a slightly uneasy feeling.

“Well, maybe I’ll take a slightly longer route back today.”

For some reason, I thought it might be a good idea to deviate from the usual path.

While walking back, I might end up punching someone suspicious if I encounter them. It could be a good way to relieve some stress, as I had been feeling quite tense lately.

“Why the serious face? What’s wrong?”

Lost in my thoughts, I suddenly noticed Eve returning with her hands full of dishes. A serious face? I didn’t realize I had one. But more importantly, aren’t those portions a bit too much? I can’t possibly eat all of this.

However, as I watched the dishes disappear one by one, my worries faded away. Truly impressive.

“…Mmm, thanks. That was delicious.”

Before I could even try to figure out the principle behind the disappearing dishes, we had already finished the meal.

After wiping my mouth with a napkin, Eve took something out of her handbag.

“Thanks for today…here.”

She handed me a pair of tickets to the long-awaited Ancient Relics Exhibition. I immediately stored them away in my “Dimensional Storage” so as not to lose them. Mission accomplished!

“Thanks. Since we’ve come this far, I’ll accompany you for the rest of the day. It’s already getting late…I’ll walk you back to your lodging.”

“…Okay. But before that, there’s one more place I want to go.”

Leaving the diner behind, Eve led the way, and we walked for a few minutes along the darkened city streets.

“A flower shop?”

Eve came to a stop in front of a shop selling various beautiful flowers—a florist.

Is this our destination? I wondered. But before I could say anything, she simply said, “Wait here for a moment,” and entered the shop. After a short while, she returned, holding a few flowers, and we continued our walk without exchanging any words.

As we silently walked along the moonlit road, something caught her attention, and she pointed towards me. Confused, I raised an eyebrow, signaling my lack of understanding.

Then, Eve stopped and faced me, reaching out to take something. It turned out she was removing a breadcrumb that had somehow landed on my cheek.

“Oh, there was something there…sorry about that.”

“It’s fine. You really…act like a child.”

I thanked her, and suddenly, she made a teasing comment. Me, a child? That’s not true at all.

“No, I’m more mature than anyone else. I don’t have any food preferences, you know. I used to drink ridiculously bitter mana-enhancing potions every day without fail. Doesn’t that make me an adult in every sense?!”

“…No, you really are like a child.”

Eve’s eyes crinkled as she lowered the corner of her eye and softly smiled. It was the most expressive I had seen her so far. Or rather…

“You were able to smile genuinely. It’s better than having that bored expression on your face.”

I blurted out what I was thinking without filtering my words.


Eve widened her eyes and fixed her gaze on my face.


Then, unexpectedly, a single tear quietly streamed down her cheek. Huh? What just happened?

“What’s wro…ugh…cough!”

I choked on my own words, taken aback by the sudden turn of events.

“Mmm…what, what’s wrong? Did something get in your eye? Do you need a handkerchief?”

“I’m fine. I just got a little surprised.”

“? Well, as long as you’re okay.”

She surprised me by bursting into tears out of nowhere.

“…You really do resemble Ray. Not just a little, but a lot. Your actions, your personality…everything. You’re like his spitting image.”

“Oh…is that so?”

If there’s someone out there who looks so much like me, I’d be curious to see them. Perhaps it’s actually me!

Well, I don’t recall ever seeing a person with turquoise hair who remains expressionless all the time, so it’s probably unrelated.

“What kind of person is he? Was he handsome like me?”

Curiosity piqued, I decided to ask.

“I don’t know. I’ve never seen his face. But he was an amazing person. The kindest and strongest…he saved me, he was someone important to me. It doesn’t matter what his face looked like.”

“Oh, I see…”

Eve started speaking more openly, leaving me speechless. It seems like she really adores that person.

Nevertheless, to be loved by such a beautiful girl is truly a sin.

He’s such a terrible guy, not showing up even though we were supposed to go to the Ancient Relics Exhibition together this year. Well, at least I can go because of him!

“But…if he’s really that amazing, he would have become a hero by now, wouldn’t he?” I teased.

“No, that’s absolutely…impossible,” she asserted firmly.

At the same time, Eve stopped walking. It seemed like we had reached our destination.

“Why…” I was about to ask how she could be so sure.

But as I looked at the place we arrived at, my words caught in my throat.

Colorful flowers stretched as far as the eye could see, covering a large square.

At the center, there was something like a large stone pillar with small letters engraved on it.

That pillar…the “grave marker” bore the name “Hero Ray.”

Eve turned around, her face illuminated by the moonlight, and said, “Because…that person is already…dead.”

The shimmering pale moonlight cast Eve’s shadow on the ground.

Every time the cold night breeze blew through the square, her turquoise hair swayed gently.

As she added flowers to the gravestone, her delicate figure looked somewhat fantastical…and at the same time, it appeared lonely and ephemeral.

I was at a loss for words, unsure of what to say or how to comfort her in a situation like this. I didn’t know what to do in times like these.

Should I make a joke and brush it off? No, that wouldn’t be right. Offering sympathy and acknowledging her pain seemed inappropriate as well. Besides, I didn’t understand the feelings she held for that person. I couldn’t comprehend the loss of someone dear.

So…it felt wrong for me, who didn’t understand, to pretend to have all the answers and try to console her with simple words. It seemed better to stay silent.

Eve, who had finished adding the flowers, turned towards me and spoke.

“…I’m sorry. It must be difficult for you to hear all this.”

“…Well, yeah,” I responded honestly, without trying to cover it up.

“Forget what I said. I’ve finished what I needed to do…”

“I…can’t offer any comforting words,” I interjected, cutting her off before she could continue walking towards home.

“But if you want to talk, I can listen. It’s better to let it out instead of keeping it bottled up inside, isn’t it? Even if I can’t provide any productive answers, it’s better than talking to yourself in front of a mirror.”

“And also,” I added.

“Since I said I’d be with you for the day.”

She looked at me, slightly surprised by my unexpected response. But then, she smiled softly and started walking leisurely, as if taking a stroll.

“You really do resemble Ray. In the past, Ray used to…”

While gazing at the flowers softly illuminated by the moonlight, Eve slowly began to share her story.

…Like how she studied fashion so she could receive compliments from him.

…Or how she learned about his favorite magical tools to be able to have conversations with him.

…Or how she was teased after being told a lie that she could cast a magic spell called “Quick Eater.”

As Eve spoke, her demeanor seemed genuinely happy. Her usually expressionless face was now clear and gentle, as she smiled.

“I exist here because of him. If Ray hadn’t been there, the person I am now wouldn’t exist. I would have remained the same…a gray version of myself.”

As Eve spoke, her figure bathed in moonlight appeared ephemeral. Her voice trembled slightly, as if crying, as if she cherished memories that couldn’t be regained.

He must have been someone incredibly important, someone she deeply cared about.

“But when he was there, Ray gave color to my world. He showed me that it was okay to live. This world has so many colors…hope, joy, and fun. There are colors I didn’t know existed, and he taught me that. So, everything is thanks to Ray.”

“I see,” I responded, reaching out towards the beautiful, shining moon.

To Eve, who was weaving her words under the moonlight, I gave my agreement.

“I…liked Ray. But I was foolish and realized it too late…I couldn’t confess.”

Facing the moonlight, Eve confessed her feelings with a shadowed expression.

Since I’ve never had someone I liked or been in love, I couldn’t understand her feelings. But I imagined losing someone you loved would be incredibly painful.

“So, when we meet again someday, I’ll tell him this time…I don’t want to have any more regrets.”

“…Tell him?” I questioned Eve’s words. Tell him…

“Is that…through the ‘Life-Reversing’ feature of the ‘Falsehood Boundary’? But that can only be used to speak for a few days after death…”

When I asked, Eve shook her head. What did she mean?

The only other magic that could bring someone back to life was the ‘Resurrection’ spell of healing magic. However, there were strict conditions, and it was impossible to resurrect someone who had been dead for a long time.

Based on Eve’s words, it had been months, and if someone had been dead for that long, their soul would have long disappeared.

So, the only magic capable of resurrection would be nothing more than a mere fairy tale…

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