Two Childhood Friends Chapter 1 

**Chapter 1 – Scumbag On the Run**

At a busy intersection with many people coming and going.

Lively, with heavy pedestrian traffic.

On the large screens affixed to the buildings, the news was being broadcasted.

It was a program that most people listened to in passing without stopping.

However, the situation changed when the screen became chaotic and a slip of paper was handed to the newscaster.

‘We have breaking news. As previously reported, a boy with aptitude for special abilities has been discovered.’

Hearing that news, many people stopped and looked up at the screen.

It demonstrated how much interest there was in this news.

The coverage about it began on screen.

‘Ah, there was a boy who seemed to have escaped.’

‘Yes, that’s him. The police and the Self-Defense Forces have been mobilized to search.’

‘It’s become quite the incident. He shouldn’t have resisted and fled, and just quietly entered the academy.’

An elderly man laughed frivolously.

Since he was called in as an expert on other news, he couldn’t provide proper commentary on this case.

But no one was seeking that from him anyway.

What that boy was doing now and where he was – that’s what most Japanese citizens were interested in.

A rare male with abilities fleeing the academy and evading capture also drew some attention overseas.

‘Preparations for a live report from the scene will take some time… Why did the boy resist and run away?’

‘Well, I’m not him so I don’t know exactly… But he probably panicked.’



Saying that, the elderly man flashed an unpleasant smile at the newscaster.

‘At the prospect of diving into dungeons and battling monsters.’

“Haah, haah…tiring…”

I kept walking through the mountain.

Honestly, it sucked so much.

Why did a city boy like me have to be in such an uncivilized place (the woods)?

Maybe a prehistoric ape could have fun here, but a place like this didn’t suit the pinnacle of mankind that was me.

And why was it so hard to walk?

Improve the maintenance. Let people climb mountains easier.

And the bugs!

So annoying!

Don’t fly right into people’s faces!

My beautiful face isn’t something you can casually touch!


I had to go through all this because of that nonsense special abilities exam.

I said I didn’t want to but they tried forcing me to go!

“Crazy idiots!”

I shout at the sky.

Something I’d never do in front of others.

After all, guys who loudly vent frustrations aren’t seen favorably right?

To make my life easier, I act as an extraordinarily nice and friendly super hunk.

But being chased by national authorities since my escape has been stressful.

Ahh, damn world.

“What a coincidence.”


No one should be here.

No one but me should exist here, yet I heard a girl’s voice.

For me in my current fugitive state, another person’s voice brought only fear and interference.

Normally I might panic and bolt, but…

Regrettably, this voice was very familiar.

Glancing back, there she was.

Semi-long black hair.

Clearly well-tended from its glossy sheen.

Though currently it had leaves and twigs stuck in it, disheveled.

Her black eyes lacked light, containing only human malice.

Her looks still irritated me despite her beautiful face.

She really did look good.

Just a rotten personality inside.

Her pure white skin was thanks to hardly going out and being a shut-in.

Her body lacked much curve. Lacked curve.

I said it twice since I can often use this to attack her.

And I knew this girl well.

Kirako Kuromitsu. My mortal enemy, also my childhood friend.


“I wonder what happened that turned us from childhood friends into mortal enemies.”

“Kirako… You’re alive…”

“Why do you talk like you killed me?”

Because that’d be more convenient.

She and I had very similar mindsets.

And knew each other’s true natures we hid from others.

In other words, a hindrance.

Harmful just by being nearby.

It’d be great if she could be imprisoned somewhere nicely.

“You’ve got leaves in your hair. Lame.”

“Take them out for me.”

I removed the leaves from her sleek black hair.

See how merciful I am?

…Or rather, why was she commanding me?


I fiddle with her hair, getting more annoyed.

“So why are you here?”

It was deep in the mountains.

She was a shut-in who couldn’t do healthy, social things like mountain climbing.

There was no reason for her to randomly be here.

“The same reason as you, of course.”


We firmly shake hands.

I see, so she escaped here too.

It made sense since we were the same age and had undergone special ability testing.

And Kirako’s powers had also awakened.

Like me, she rejected entering the academy and fled.

Traitorous wretches unwilling to risk their lives for the nation.

“Says who?”

Kirako looked at me like I was a complete fool.

Don’t give me that look, let’s have sex!

“You were all over the news, wildly popular. Every day.”

“Seriously? My hotness made it…?”

It’s true I’m a hunk far surpassing any run-of-the-mill model or actor.

Tall, handsome, and friendly.


God made a phenomenal human.

“Not your useless good looks – it’s because a guy awakened to special powers and escaped that it’s such big news.”

“It’s not useless. And I didn’t escape. I ran away at full speed without looking back.”


Was that sarcasm?

No, Kirako’s face honestly looked admiring.

Probably since we think alike.

That’s why she fled here too…running away without looking back.

“But why did you run away? You should have stayed put.”

“Says who?”

She was still fleeing in a sense.

No self-awareness as always.

She’s one to talk when she’s doing the same as me.

Anyone would guess my reason for fleeing Japan.

“Isn’t it obvious? To avoid getting drafted.”

As I said that, I recalled the day my abilities manifested.

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