Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 21

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Mob No. 21: [Ugh Disgusting]

The battle finally began.

I was positioned on the left wing, and Ms. Rossweisse was also positioned on the left wing.

No matter what she says or does, she’s definitely reliable.

This increased the chances of survival on the left wing, but carelessness is forbidden.

Even if it turns out to be terrible, I intend to maneuver to survive.

After all, the enemies over there are the types who are burning with a sense of mission to protect the baroness who pretends to be weak.

In space were two groups of hundreds of large and small ships.

I felt the illusion that we were approaching an asteroid belt, but the lines of fire from both sides taught me that these were no rocks, whether I liked it or not.

I grabbed the stick again, deployed the barriers, and moved the ship toward the fire lines.

“Phew, that was close!”

An hour into the battle.

The enemy right wing moved well and targeted us accurately.

But most of the guys who were recruited by the siblings without proper research and who joined the Baroness’ side were full of confidence, but they couldn’t coordinate even in a makeshift way, and some of them didn’t have the skills to match their talk.

This became an opening that we could exploit to somehow maintain the advantage.

And of course Ms. Rossweisse is amazing.

All of her speed, reflexes, and maneuverability are above human, and her firepower is tremendous.

At this point, information came in that the right wing was being pushed.

Meanwhile, the center was deadlocked, and this left wing with me and Ms. Rossweisse was in a pushing state, it seems.

But I can’t leave this battlefield and the battle continued as it was.

And 30 minutes later.

80% of the enemy right wing had been shot down or fled, and the remaining 20% had also lost their fighting spirit or were in no condition to fight.

70% of these results were caused by Ms. Rossweisse aka the Screaming Guy.

Ancient weapons with a will really are amazing, huh?

Of course, this fact is also communicated to the main fleet.

Upon hearing this information, orders came from the main fleet to shift the position of all forces and surround them from three sides.

But at that time.

At the same time, all forces were informed that 70% of the right wing had betrayed us and were attacking the remaining right wing forces and the main fleet.

We were finished.

The siblings must have arranged it somehow.

Then more orders came from headquarters.

[Transmission from headquarters. Half of the left wing’s forces are moving to support the right wing! I repeat! Half of the left wing is moving to right wing support! Remaining left wing forces continue to advance! Inflict whatever damage you can on the enemy main force! The division of forces is at your discretion!]

The moment I heard this broadcast,

[Then I’ll go to the right wing!]

Ms. Rossweisse said cheerfully, heading towards the right wing at a tremendous speed.

She’s probably looking for a puppet.

Or maybe she wasn’t satisfied wrecking havoc.

Many confirmed Ms. Rossweisse=Lambert Riagraz heading to the right wing, and about half followed after her.

They probably went to try and pick up her leftovers.

But I don’t intend to go.

I’ve got a bad feeling about over there somehow.

Hero Side: Yuri Preliera

“Alright! Rosello Earl Army right wing ambush troops, open fire after reversing! Griente Baron Army left wing troops, advance after bombardment! We’ll present victory to the virtuous, lovely Baroness Griente! “

At my command, all the forces began to move.

As expected of my sister.

Winning them over to the baroness’s side then deliberately sending them into the enemy camp, then ordering them to defect after seeing the enemy left wing advance.

A simple but effective strategy.


I positioned guys who look like they’d betray me and guys who came at me with their looks on the right wing so it’s no loss if they get crushed.

I’ll advance like this, pick a quarrel with the baroness, and turn this ugly earl trying to rob her of the national treasure to space dust!

Then a report came from an ally.

[Enemy craft incoming! Shadow of 1! No, multiple craft confirmed far behind it! It came piercing through the center. The shadow is… callsign Rossweisse! It’s that Lambert Riagraz guy!]

That bastard huh. Now without a doubt a man close to King rank.

You fool for joining the earl’s side.

Come challenge me who acts for justice!

You won’t be lacking an opponent!

[I’ll handle that guy. Please deal with the main enemy!]

I opened the throttle and headed for the villain’s henchman.

To prove which of us is stronger!

Damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it!

Why?! Why don’t my attacks hit this guy!

I easily shot down the small fry who came after like collateral damage from fighting him!

[Get a grip Yuri!]

I was pretty pissed with all my killer moves completely crushed when my sister’s voice rang out.

If she was right in front of me she’d probably get one slap to the cheek.

[That man is a subordinate of the earl trying to rob the baroness of the national treasure! A man who won’t listen to my oracle has no value in living.

We can’t lose for elegant, comfortable women to live!

With my sister’s words I regained my calm.

“I know sis! We’re allies of weak women. That’s the right thing.”

I steeled myself again and glared at the villain’s henchman.

At that time someone spoke to me over open channel.

[Ugh disgusting]

It was that Lambert Riagraz guy.

Hero Side: End

Heroine Side: Rossweisse

I was wiretapping the Preliera siblings’ conversation during combat, but one word summed up the content of that conversation – disgusting.

Fadilna Preliera’s overt female supremacy is just a pretense to satisfy her desires.

On top of that, she seems to have conditioned her brother to blindly believe anything about women.

If I had a biological body I would certainly have vomited.

In my extreme disgust, I accidentally muttered over open channel.

There’s no issue since I’m projecting and synthesizing the image and voice of the fainted man during combat.

But I’m surprised Fadilna Preliera became bishop-rank.

Looking into it a bit, she’s affiliated with planet Daade, not the Ytts branch, and seems to have expressly come here after hearing about it from her brother this time.

Then Fadilna Preliera spoke to Lambert.

[I’m active for women across the entire galaxy. Is that disgusting to you? How foolish. But I’ll forgive you now. If you dispose of that foolish, ugly earl.]

While clearly looking down on me she has a bewitching expression.

It seems Fadilna Preliera is convinced the fainted man has become infatuated with her beauty and will become her ally.

She probably knows the baroness is no good but is still allying with her, so is probably being paid outside the guild.

[Oh well, can’t be helped. I intended to rough you up a bit and make you obedient, but you’ll have to take responsibility for making me feel disgusting!]

I think I spoke a bit like the fainted man.

I just can’t agree with that arrogant guy getting credit but let’s discipline this disgusting pair of siblings a bit.

Heroine Side: End

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