Bastard Swordsman Chapter 9

**Raina and Mireille’s Tea Time**

Raina’s Perspective

“Huh? Mongrel senpai turned down joining our party for the dispatch patrol?”

“Well, I casually recommended it, but it seems like he wasn’t feeling it with Artemis.”

“Ehh… What’s with that…”

It’s harvest season. For guild members, it’s the work season.

Some return home to help with the harvest, while many hustle at work to earn contribution points characteristic of this period.

My party Artemis has mostly women, so we get a good amount of work escorting noblewomen and such.

But that’s unrelated to this dispatch patrol… I wonder if Mongrel senpai turned us down because we’re all girls? Sounds like something he’d say…

I asked Miss Mireille at the reception desk but no luck. Ugh.

“Did you want Mongrel senpai to join the party, Raina?”

“Well, yeah. Last time I met Mongrel senpai, we had that subjugation of an ogre right? The stray one that appeared at the Luce apiary.”

“Ah yes, that big feat for Artemis.”

“Yeah… More than the ogre, he praised how I took down a ton of crazy boars. Isn’t that ridiculous?”

“Ah, ahaha…”

Mongrel senpai knows how strong ogres are.

No matter how many crazy boars I defeated, it can’t compare to that fierce battle. I worked super hard too, so I wish he praised me a little for that quest at least…

How does he like the boar subjugation better? That senior is just…

Meat huh. He probably only thinks about meat…

“So like… I wanted to show how I’ve grown by working with Senior this time…”


As she listened to me, Miss Mireille smiled lightly. Then she placed a glass pen, a writing tool that’s become popular lately, in her pen holder.

It seems she had wrapped up her work.

Looking around, probably because it was the awkward time just past noon, the guild was completely deserted.

“Why don’t you sit there, Raina? I’m on break too so let’s chat for a bit. We can drink some tea.”

“Kay… But I’ll pay. Of course.”

“Oh my, how mature.”

“It’s fine.”

The tea in the guild isn’t expensive at all, but it’s quite calming.

More than anything, a rest earned with my own money feels more grounded, more satisfying somehow…

I couldn’t relax like this when I was in the village.

“You’ve really settled down recently Raina, compared to when you first joined… It’s been so good. Parties of young people from outside cities tend to retire immediately or turn bandit, so…”

“Yeah… But it was tough. I couldn’t earn anything, things kept going wrong, getting injured means no income… Honestly, in the beginning I thought so many times about going back to the village, bowing my head and asking to become a hunter again.”

“The two who came from your village did that, right? What were their names again? The boy and girl…”


That’s right, the three of us left the village and came to Legol.

The city seemed glamorous to country bumpkins like us. We thought we could earn big money here with our hunting skills from the village…

Well, we just collided with harsh reality.

With various things happening, the two I knew went back to the village quickly.

“Those two are doing fine in the village.”

“You were close.”

It was even harder after we split up and I was on my own.

Being alone means lower efficiency, higher costs, and most of all, loneliness.

I joined other parties too but couldn’t fit in at all, failed at tasks, even got cheated out of money…

“…If I hadn’t met Mongrel senpai, I might have gone back to the village too.”

About a year and change ago.

I was migrating between parties and hunting birds in the forest near Legol.

That’s where I met him.

A man hunting alone with black hair mixed with white like a Sanglier.

‘Don’t mess around! Why did the arrow shot with max power get deflected! This bow can’t be broken right!?’

That solo man was trying to shoot down a wood pigeon with a toy-like bow and arrows sold cheap at the market.

I thought, this guy’s an idiot.

The bow was obviously shorter than his arm. The arrows had fletching but were short. One arrow was missing fletching for some reason.

I couldn’t help but blurt out, “There’s no way you can hunt with that bow!”

I regretted it immediately after saying it. I was scared he might yell at me for butting in again.

‘Really? What should I do then?’

But Mongrel senpai accepted me, still a small child, and a girl, as an equal, I think.

No contempt, deceit, violence, or ridicule. He absolutely never did anything like that.

‘Is this a child’s practice tool? No way you paid 600 jerries right?’

‘On the contrary, it seems like it’d be harder to make this kind of bow, so I don’t know if it was expensive or not. For reference, this is the power of a normal bow, see-‘

‘Woah! Amazing! Fast! It’s a weapon!’

He got so exaggeratingly surprised when I shot down the bird. And praised me.

‘Hey, if you can hunt a lot of these birds, can you hunt and pluck as many as possible? If you remove the organs and pluck the feathers I’ll buy them for 40% over market price. You can properly submit it as a guild request.’

When he realized I was short on money, he proposed a trade that didn’t benefit him much at all.

‘Isn’t it a waste to just hunt and go home? You should gather stuff like mountain vegetables and nuts too. They buy them at the gate all the time, like these-‘

‘Huh, stuff like this sells?’

‘They stew and make jam and stuff. Ah, but these are delicious fried.’

He taught me various things, like ways to earn money and how to conduct myself in the guild.

…I was able to join Artemis and be recognized for my hard work, all thanks to Mongrel senpai.

I’ve never partied with him and done a quest together, but I know he’s supported me greatly from the shadows all along.

So, well.

I think it’d be nice if we could party together and work just once.

“Fufu. Mongrel is quite willful… And he really is willful, but he looks after people well.”

“I know right? I think so too. He’s not just someone who makes weird purchases.”

Mongrel’s standing in the guild is weirdo.

He doesn’t cause trouble and has lots of friends, but still, he’s a playboy weirdo.

“…Mongrel senpai would definitely be lonely alone. I don’t want him to feel lonely.”

Maybe that’s why Mongrel is always alone.

I heard he picked a fight with the Flow guys, which has to be dangerous.

So I want him to join a party somewhere.

…Ours is fine too.

“Well, I have the same worries. But he must have his reasons for being alone. It’s not something we can force.”

“…Well, that’s true.”

“It’ll be okay. Mongrel is stronger than you’d think for bronze, and mentally… Well, he does odd things sometimes but he’s sincere, that’s for sure. He at least wouldn’t commit any foul acts.”

“Yeah, that’s true. I can’t imagine him doing anything bad.”

“I’m sure even now he’s working diligently as a model righteous guild member at his dispatch location.”

Righteous, huh.

Model righteous… Mongrel senpai.



“Hey, what’s so funny Miss Mireille?”

“Oh no, fufu. You laughed too.”

He’s not evil, but “righteous” doesn’t suit that guy either.

But he’s a really good person.

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