Chore Granting Sorcerer Volume 1 Chapter 6 part 2

I take a deep breath.

Speaking to myself conspicuously during group activities is strictly prohibited. Repeat it in my head.

Divide the situation into two: the movement phase and the combat phase. In the former, I apply constant enhancements to the entire squad’s running speed and coordinate with the scout, Bettina-san, to conduct scouting and predict traps and routes. In terms of stamina distribution, the key is the enhancement of running speed. It’s a long-lasting enhancement targeting multiple individuals, so it’s not the usual simple version. It’s programmed with a complex code that allows it to be detached from consciousness to some extent and autonomously enhanced. It’s essential to confirm this code once every certain period because if it slips from my mind, it will cause delays in the entire plan. First, regarding the composition of the pathways, it’s different from the usual method of connecting them individually–

“–In this case, we need to create a radial pathway rather than connecting individual pathways. The symbolic chant begins with [Revolve]… Okay, I remember. After that, I need to configure the harmonization mechanism to correspond to each individual’s movement, providing lightweight and reinforced enhancements in a ratio of 103:1. The symbolic chant is [Immaculate]. The full chant seems a bit suspicious; should I try to break it down? But it’s a bit… No, no, I can’t say it out loud.”



“It’s okay. You were saying it out loud. A lot.”

I messed up. My heart is already pounding, and now my face is getting hot.

“I’m sorry. It’s a habit.”

As I reflexively replied, Abel shook his head and said, “I’m counting on you. But in return, Vim-san, please rely on us. It’s alright. No matter how much you mess up, I can protect you until reinforcements arrive. Even against the level master, I can endure a little bit.”

Oh no, he’s so cool… Even though he’s a guy, I’m starting to fall for him.

And this is where Abel’s charm shines. He realizes that the words he said sounded too cheesy and blushes slightly afterwards. It’s adorable how he tries to cover it up by letting his gaze wander. When combined with his attribute of being a fine young man, he becomes invincible.

It could just be my one-sided perception, but I felt a sense of sharing embarrassment and it made me a little happy.

Is this what they call friendship? We talk quite a bit, and we sometimes drop the formal language. Can I call him a friend now?

But I don’t know the definition. Right, we haven’t had a meal together yet. Maybe I should invite him sometime? Yeah, that’s a good idea. Someday, someday.

…No, that won’t work. It has to be now.

“Um! Abel-kun!”


“Well… um…”

No, no, think this through. It’s extremely bad luck to say, “Let’s go grab a meal once this is over” during a life-or-death battle. Maybe the next opportunity would be better?

“Um, well, you know, uh…”

Come on, gather up your courage. You can do it. Say it.

“Next time, uh…”



“What’s wrong, Vim-san?”

I heard it again.

Lately, every time I come to the labyrinth, I hear this mysterious voice. It’s clear that it’s not just background noise. It sounds like meaningful pronunciation.

“Oh, it’s just a bug.”

Is it an auditory hallucination? Since it only happens every time I come to the labyrinth, it could be a form of psychological trauma. Or maybe it’s a phenomenon unique to the labyrinth.

In any case, I can’t talk about it because people would think I’m crazy.

For now, since it’s not causing any harm, I decided to observe the situation.

The 98th floor. The air has a labyrinth-like atmosphere. Although I can’t see any creatures other than humans, there’s a vibrant aura emanating from the darkness beyond. The walls of this floor feel like rocks with high moisture content, resembling a cave. The ground is not flat, and if I don’t look down, I might stumble.

But the most peculiar thing is that there is “emptiness” on this floor. The walls are towering and if you keep climbing, they disappear into darkness.

It’s not like the night sky, but it’s not so dark that it’s pitch black. I can’t see the moon or stars, but there’s a faint moonlight. That’s the closest description.


Although it’s a phenomenon not seen on other floors, it doesn’t seem to have any particular disadvantages for now. In fact, it feels less claustrophobic and more pleasant.

Our party has enhanced running ability, so even though we’re just briskly walking, the walls pass by faster than if we were running. It’s strange how this makes it easier to notice the changes in the surroundings. Perhaps the rate of change per unit of time becomes larger.

“Vim-san, as expected, I’ve spotted enemy presence about 50 units to the left. It appears to be a Class B Hydra.”

“How many are there?”

“At least five. Maybe six if things go wrong.”

“I’ll take a look too. Um…”

Based on Bettina-san’s information, I narrow down the range and use detection to confirm. Multiple shadows of the Hydra can be seen hiding behind what looks like a large rock. There are traces in the surrounding area as well.

“I see them. It’s highly likely to match Pattern 25. Considering that the path widens ahead… um, for my part, I’ll expand the detection to the far right and underground, while Bettina-san, please continue scanning to the left and a little further ahead.”


“Oh, by the way, there might be a slight downward slope in the path. Please be careful when creating the map.”

“……? Oh, you’re right.”

The Hydra species require water, so if there are multiple of them, there’s a high possibility of a water vein on this floor.

In addition to the numerous bird-like small fry we’ve encountered so far, there have been sightings of new species that are likely to be semiaquatic.

It’s safe to assume that there’s a lake here with a fairly high probability.

Our direction is towards the center of the labyrinth. Assuming the existence of a lake, there should be a large open space, similar to the type found on floors with grand halls.

A branching path is visible to the right. This could connect with the vanguard team on the right. According to the detection response, it doesn’t seem to be a dead end.

“[This is Vim. Hans-san, I can see a small branching path to the right. It doesn’t appear to be a dead end.]”

I contact Vice Captain Hans, who is at the rear.

“[This is Hans. How wide is the path?]”

“[It’s about the width for two people. It might be passable for the team.]”

“[Understood. We’ll just record it for now. Also, Vim-kun, we’re about to receive a full team transmission, but we’ve spotted a large-sized creature at a distance of 25 units. We plan to turn back and join you there.]”

“[I understand.]”

I end the transmission.


I project the map and quickly record it. These minor branching paths are usually investigated on subsequent expeditions.

Alternatively, they might be put up for auction as maps with unexplored paths, which can actually generate considerable income.

Once the recording is done, I continue walking while gathering information. Predicting routes and traps, searching for traces of the floor master. And also, observing for both personal interest and practical benefits.













It’s fulfilling.

Following precise instructions is easy. I can focus on my assigned tasks.

Words can be difficult, and even though I’m not good at interpersonal skills or making friends, sharing a common purpose and being able to interact smoothly in a work setting might be possible.

In its own way, it felt like this suited me.

I’ve always been on the larger side, and I’ve been told that I’m talented. I had confidence in my abilities and courage. I was fortunate to be surrounded by people who looked at me with confident eyes and called me the future executive, Abel.

In my life like that, this person named Vim was special.

“[Kou Kou Hei, Otsu Otsu Otsu, Tei Kou Kou Hei.] Um, is it 23 pairs to 50? One pair to two, obviously matching? Well, it’s subtle, I can’t say for sure.”

Even during rest time, he mutters to himself and occasionally scratches his head while going mad.

Since he joined the “Night Dragonflies,” I’ve been constantly surprised.

Especially in this large-scale expedition, he’s progressing at a speed that surpasses the previous one.

What’s with that movement-boosting magic? He said it’s an enhancement of running ability, but it’s already a new means of transportation. Is it possible for him to sustain a magic that enhances not only himself but multiple people for such a long time?

Moreover, it’s quite strange that despite traveling a considerable distance since our departure, we haven’t encountered a single large monster.

In addition to that, there’s the intricately detailed map drawn with such careful observation and precision. I saw it earlier, and it’s astonishing how different the world appears to each person. With that level of quality, the selling price of the map would likely skyrocket.

If you see someone making such detailed hypotheses and continuously verifying them, it somehow becomes convincing when they accurately predict trap placements and enemy positions along the way, making it quite nerve-wracking.

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