Bastard Swordsman Chapter 8

**Pest Control in the Fields**

The journey was peaceful with no thieves, goblins, or rain.

Mr. Caspar’s condition improved day by day, and by the time we arrived at the village we were to guard, he had completely regained his vigor. However, Mr. Caspar had a way of eating that looked like some end-of-life medical care grandpa, sipping thin porridge with trembling hands while occasionally flashing an arcaic smile without saying anything. As the one watching, it makes me quite uncomfortable. Well, I’m sure he’s actually energetic but still, it’s kinda scary.

“It’s lively and nice during the harvest season…”

Turman Village, our dispatch destination, is a rural village located far from any city.

It’s not particularly close to the city I’m based in, Legol, and there aren’t any towns near Turman either, so it’s quite an inconvenient place.

For road patrols and village guards during harvest seasons like this, it’s common for people originally from the village who now live in nearby towns to come back home while working, but Turman Village is so rural there aren’t even any migrant guildsmen like that.

So we who have no ties here are treated completely like guests, which would normally make us objects of caution. Rural areas are harsh on outsiders.

But Turman Village seems to have an open-minded spirit about such things, and I’m being treated well without being called a Sanglier or anything, which is quite appreciated.

Being able to calmly sip white tea while watching the farmwork like this with Mr. Caspar is a blessing.

We’ve faced strong winds in previous years.

“Will you be working as a healer here too, Mr. Caspar?”

“Yes, light treatment during the afternoon break on the square… Many get injured during the harvest, after all.”

“People cut their hands and stuff huh. I bled a lot in the village too.”

“It’s bad if dirt and mud get in wounds. Please be careful, Mongrel…”

While most troubles are cutting your hand on plants or blades, attacks from wild creatures hiding in the wheat fields also happen in this world, so you can’t be careless.

Aggressive things like venomous snakes suddenly appearing from the fields is common. That might be why long-handled great scythes that can prevent surprise encounters are favored.

In my village, we mainly used a karanbit-like… a knife with an enlarged cat claw.

That knife looks like something only assassins would use, but it was surprisingly convenient. It’d be super easy to open Amazon cardboard boxes. Well, I have my beloved weapon now so I don’t need it anymore.

“Yo, young guildsman over there!”

“Mr. Mongrel, I think they’re calling you.”

“Hm, what is it? Yeees, what is it?”

“There are goblins in the field, kill them outside the field for us!”

Oh, it’s time to work.

The old men of team 3 are patrolling the village, and I have the most stamina.

I wanted to slack off a bit more, but it can’t be helped. Time to work.

“I have to go to the square later too. Mongrel, please be careful…”

“Okie-dokie. Don’t overexert yourself either, Mr. Caspar.”


Goblins are everywhere.

They reproduce rapidly, have a short gestation period, can impregnate pigs, are gluttonous, and most of all, are small.

They often have hidden homes in unimaginably narrow holes, and boldly live right in the middle of villages and wheat fields like this.

The tall-grown wheat fields obstruct vision as much as forests.

Proper row planting would probably allow some visibility, but most fields in this world are haphazardly scattered. The deep parts of wheat fields become places beyond human reach.

Unless something particularly happens, there’s no maintenance until the harvest, and the only humans that would come to the middle of wheat fields are young rural men and women sneaking in to secretly make out.

That’s why wheat fields make excellent hiding spots for small goblins.

“There, see. They’re trampling our wheat.”

“Ah, there they are. Can’t spill blood in the field huh.”

“Yeah. It’d be best if you could take care of them over there.”

“Got it. I’ll do it quick so keep working just in case.”


Guided to the wheat field being harvested, there were definitely goblin-like figures visible deep inside.

The stench drifting from nearby leaves no doubt. Probably 2 of them.

The locals could kill them too, but we’re here so might as well show them professional work.

“Now then, first this.”

Goblins are combative but not totally stupid. They’ll normally flee if they think the opponent is strong.

But they’re stupid enough to take the bait if they’re pissed off.

“Oh hoho, Mr. Goblin, think you want this delicious looking jerky? Mm, so tasty.”

I took out some jerky.

It was made with some mistakes so there’s a strange smell left.

But the smell makes it perfect for scenes like this.


“Gyaa gyaa!”

The goblins began threatening me with cries as if protesting “That’s ours!” They’re still not coming out from the wheat. But soon.

“You want it that bad~? Then here, a bite for everyone…”

“Gyaa! Gukyaa gyaa!”

“Yup, as expected! Om nom tasty! Delicious!”


Yes, took the bait! They’re super mad!

Now to drag them out of the field.

“Look at this juicy meat… It’s like an elegant A5 ranked steak…!”


“Gyaa gyaa!”

“We’re giving this meat away to viewers now~… Just kidding! Om nom!”

Humans are far superior in physical ability.

Being careful not to get my feet stuck in the soft field soil, I can leisurely drag them to the road without the goblins catching up.

The goblins are full of killing intent. What did I even do to them? Their fighting spirit doesn’t seem to be fading even if I take down one, which is great.

Both only have clubs for weapons. The reach is shorter than a short sword.

“Alright, time to start the 3 second cooking.”


I drew my bastard sword from the leather sheath and swung down on one frenzied one’s head.

The blade sunk to its cheeks, swiftly killing it.

“First, tenderize the goblin.”


“You’re going to be sliced open!”

I deeply bisected the remaining frozen one’s torso, finishing it off.

Well, that’s how it is against goblins.

“Hey, goblins are done!”


The harvest work resumed, and I was left with the undesirable task of cleaning up the goblin corpses.

Maybe I should have just punched them to death without getting bloody.

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