Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 1 Chapter 9 part 1

Chapter 9 – Magic

Today is the eagerly awaited day when the home private magic tutor, arranged by my father, is set to arrive. I have been excited since morning because, according to my memories from my past life, I should possess the ability to wield various elemental attributes. Whether or not I can master this magic will determine my fate. If I am able to use magic, it could prove helpful in avoiding condemnation-worthy situations and serve as a lifeline in emergencies. Although I have acquired some knowledge from books, I feel that I have reached my limit in self-study. Hence, my father has promised to arrange a magic home tutor for me. The mere thought of being able to use magic makes my heart leap with anticipation, causing me to feel restless as I wait eagerly in the reception room. Suddenly, a knock on the door interrupts my thoughts.

“Lord Reed, Tutor Sandra-Ernest has arrived. May I show her in?”

“……!! Please do!”

I promptly respond to Danae’s voice from beyond the door, granting permission for Tutor Sandra-Ernest to enter. Guided by Danae, a petite woman with brown hair and blue eyes enters the reception room, leaving a cute impression.

“I will be your magic home tutor, Lord Reed. My name is Sandra-Ernest. I look forward to working with you from now on!”

“The feeling is mutual. Nice to meet you.”

She introduces herself with a clear and cheerful voice, and I respond, prompting her to smile back at me. After exchanging greetings, we take a seat on the couch across the desk in the reception room and engage in a brief conversation.

When I express my keen interest in magic and my anticipation for this day, Sandra seems delighted and smiles. It appears that she, too, has been looking forward to meeting a student like me, as requested by my father. As we chat, our nervousness eases, and Sandra’s demeanor undergoes a slight change. She clears her throat and transitions into teacher mode, initiating the lesson.

“Cough… First of all, Lord Reed, have you ever used magic?”

“No, I haven’t used it or even seen it up close.”

In truth, I have never witnessed magic being used within the mansion. In games, magic seemed accessible to anyone with enough practice. Books in this world mention that magic can be used after sufficient training to some extent, but they fail to provide essential details regarding the training methods.

“I have read a little about it in books, but can anyone use magic simply through practice?”

“Yes, everyone possesses a certain degree of magical power, although its extent may vary. With enough practice, most people can use magic to some extent. However, it is not something easily accessible to everyone. I will guide you step by step. Please consider it as embarking on a great journey!”

Sandra stands up confidently, placing her hand on her chest as she looks at me with a determined gaze.

Her words and gestures naturally convey her passion for magic. Sandra blushes and murmurs to herself, “Teacher… I’m the teacher,” while placing her hands on her cheeks and twisting her body.

“Are you alright, Teacher Sandra?” I ask, and she acts as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred. Is this teacher alright?

“Understood. Well, it would be easier to understand if I see magic in action. Shall we go outside?”

Agreeing with her suggestion, I reply, and together we leave the reception room, making our way to the training ground outside. Within the mansion’s premises, there are training grounds for swordsmanship and magic, as well as various other facilities. It is an environment that allows for practice of swordsmanship and magic at any time. The nobles truly possess impressive resources.

“Well then, allow me to demonstrate,” she said with a confident smile.

As we arrived at the training ground, Sandra positioned herself in front of a designated target. Extending her right hand towards it, she closed her eyes and focused her energy. With a sudden burst of intensity, she opened her eyes wide and shouted.

“Fireball, Fireball!”


In response to her words, a brilliant glow enveloped the palm of her right hand. The light swiftly transformed into a fiery ball, expanding in size. Soon, it resembled a soccer ball from my memories of my previous life. The “fireball” soared towards the target with a resounding thud upon impact. The target turned completely black, and smoke began to rise. Sandra had successfully activated the magic, and the entire sequence from activation to hitting the target unfolded in an instant.

“How was that? Were you able to grasp the essence of magic?” she inquired.

“That was incredible! The magic you just performed was truly amazing!” I exclaimed in awe.

“Is that so? But I believe Reed-sama will soon be capable of such feats as well,” she replied modestly.

My eyes sparkled with excitement as I approached Sandra. Witnessing the magic I had admired in games and anime from my previous life unfolding before me was an exhilarating experience. I was determined to master magic without fail. However, one question lingered in my mind. Was it always necessary to shout the name of the magic?

“By the way, Sandra-sensei, is it necessary to always shout the name of the magic during activation?” I asked curiously.

“Huh? Um, shouting the magic name when activating magic is not an absolute requirement,” she explained.

She proceeded to elucidate the conditions for magic activation.

“In order to activate magic correctly, it is crucial to have a clear image of the magic you intend to activate,” she clarified.

Simply put, the magic name must align with the mental image of the desired magic. By memorizing it thoroughly, both in body and mind, akin to swordsmanship or karate forms, one can activate it immediately without the need for verbalizing the magic name. Having concluded her explanation, Sandra proceeded to demonstrate the magic once more, this time without vocalizing the magic name.

I couldn’t help but express my amazement, “Wow!”

“However, non-verbal activation is still a skill that requires practice. For now, let us focus on learning how to convert life force into magic power,” she suggested.

Following her guidance, I embarked on the journey of learning “magic power conversion.” The task entailed recognizing the “life force” within myself and transforming it into “magic power.” While it may sound simple in words, it proved to be quite challenging in practice. As I struggled, I noticed Sandra grinning mischievously while observing my progress. An uneasy feeling crept over me.

“…Reed-sama, grasping the sensation of magic power conversion can be quite challenging and often takes time. However, if you are willing, I can offer a method that will expedite your understanding of it. Would you like to give it a try?” she proposed.

With a mischievous smile playing on her lips, Sandra lightly placed her hand over her mouth. It sent a shiver down my spine, and I couldn’t help but step back, taken aback by her eerie demeanor.

“W-Well… I do wish to learn as quickly as possible, so what should I do?” I inquired.

“…Is that so? Then, please extend both of your hands,” she requested.

“…Like this?”

Sandra firmly grasped both of my hands, maintaining her unsettling aura and smile.

“Alright, here we go,” she stated, and a loud snap echoed through the air.


As soon as I heard the sound, a jolt of sharp pain surged through my entire body, as if electricity coursed through me. I instinctively tried to release her grip, but she held on tightly.

“T-Teacher! M-My… my body feels like it’s being torn apart,” I managed to utter.

“It’s alright. No one has ever been actually torn apart by it, so please endure a little longer,” she reassured me.

Desperately looking into Sandra’s face, I noticed a smirk adorning her features. Realizing she was enjoying herself, I silently thought, “She’s definitely doing this on purpose!”

“Reed-sama, we’re done,” she announced.

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