Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 1 Chapter 7 part 5

Then, I remembered the events of today. I defeated the Basilisk. I saved Suzume. And I’m fine. They were really good results. The rotten sea still remained, but it’s not something I can handle alone. Summing up all of that, my thoughts naturally went beyond that point.

It’s about Suzume’s future. It will be difficult for her to live in that village swallowed by the rotten sea. I’m also curious about what happened to the other Kijin. I can give her this nest if she wants it, but if something happens, the rotten sea could affect this area.

If she wants safety, she must distance herself from Tittis, but—

“Well, I’ll think about it when she wakes up.”

I murmured softly and yawned. I still have plenty of energy, but as expected, my body feels heavy.

I could rest a little here. I thought about that and gently closed my eyelids.

The next morning at dawn, Suzume and I were in the city of Ishka. In front of us stood Fiodor, the slave trader who wanted the horns of the Kijin. He then opened his mouth, looking confused.

“—The ritual for the spirit of the serpent?”

“Yes. It seems to be a ritual that the Kijin performed to seal the monster.”

We were in a residence owned by the slave trade association. I met with Fiodor and explained what happened yesterday in Tittis, including what Suzume told me.

Fiodor’s originally narrow eyes narrowed even further, and he occasionally glanced at Suzume, who was sitting next to me. For Suzume, it was like jumping into a nest of humans who were chasing her. Whenever Fiodor looked at her, her body trembled, and she grabbed the edge of my clothes.

While closely observing Suzume, Fiodor continued speaking.

“Are you saying that the Basilisk appeared because the ritual couldn’t be performed?”

“I believe it’s appropriate to consider that in the context of the situation.”

“Hmm… that means I indirectly summoned the Basilisk.”

Fiodor said with his hand on his dropped jaw. As a result of sending hunters with the aim of capturing Suzume, she had difficulty leaving the village, which prevented her from gathering the necessary food for the ritual.

As Fiodor said, practically the association bears greater responsibility for the Basilisk’s appearance—

Fiodor stared at me intently.

“Putting that aside, was the Basilisk truly defeated?”

“I confirmed that the monster was engulfed by the fire along with the rotten sea. It’s hard to imagine that it could have escaped from that fire.”

However, I added that I hadn’t examined the corpse, so I couldn’t say for certain that it was defeated.

“Although that wasn’t the purpose.”

“What do you mean?”

Fiodor continued speaking.

“Hoo. A Kijin helped a human? I heard that the Basilisk’s venom is powerful enough to corrupt the land. How did she manage to do it?”

“With this.”

I showed Fiodor the Jiraiya Oaks fruit. After looking at the yellow fruit, Fiodor turned his gaze towards Suzume. She noticed his gaze, and her body trembled once again.

“Are you saying that this fruit is a remedy that can repel the Basilisk’s venom?”

“It seems to be a secret that has been passed down through generations among the Kijin. Thanks to this, I was able to survive. Suzume-dono is my savior. And it’s not just about the venom. She was prepared to sacrifice her own village and set it on fire, and she plunged the monster into the flames.”

Saying that, I looked back into the slaver’s eyes.

“Perhaps the Basilisk was the source of the rotten sea. In other words, Suzume-dono is not only a savior to me, but also to the city of Ishka. If my belief is to repay resentment with resentment, and virtue with virtue, then I intend to protect Suzume-dono with my life from now on. I would like to ask for your cooperation, Fiodor-dono.”

“Do you want me to help protect a Kijin? Considering what you said, isn’t there a possibility that she lied? She might be trying to enter Ishka through deception and planning something.”

Fiodor stared at Suzume. She trembled three times.


“Is it really a fact that the Basilisk appeared because the ritual couldn’t be performed? I have never heard of a method to seal a monster with just offerings and dances. It’s more believable to think that the Basilisk was summoned from the depths of the forest using a secret technique of the Kijin.”

“Hmm. I suppose it’s inevitable to have doubts. If possible, I didn’t want to make Fiodor-dono my enemy… but, it’s a pity.”

I stood up next to Suzume. The escorts behind Fiodor placed their hands on their swords with sharp gazes.

At the moment, the ones in the room are Suzume, Fiodor, Fiodor’s two escorts, and myself. Only the two escorts were armed. I left my weapon at the reception. Furthermore, the slaver in front of me had over a dozen soldiers hidden on the roof and behind the walls. If he even tried, it would be easier for him to get rid of me and capture Suzume—that was as clear as day.

While preparing to manifest my soul equipment, I paid attention to everyone’s movements. The battle will begin when the escorts draw their swords. Thinking about that…


Fiodor raised his hand to control his escorts. The escorts quickly let go of the handles of their swords.

“I apologize sincerely, Sora-dono. However, I would like you not to make a hasty decision. What I said was just a supposition not the facts. Merchants are timid and suspicious. We can’t help but always think when a decision might be counterproductive.”

“I understand. I apologize as well. But I swear that protecting Suzume-dono will not harm Fiodor-dono or the association.”

“Hoo. How would that be?”

“With this.”

With that said, I showed the Jiraiya Oaks fruit again. And I continued speaking.

“Although the Basilisk was defeated, the rotten sea still remains. If there are already signs of illness due to the venom, the demand for an antidote will grow exponentially.”

“Hmm. So, are you suggesting that we leave the research and operation of the fruit to us?”

“Yes, that’s correct.”

I nodded clearly in response to Fiodor’s words. Then, I prepared for the final blow.

“Of course, I will also help when it comes to collecting the Jiraiya Oaks fruit. Having a Wyvern will greatly reduce the hassle and cost of round trips to Ishka. Additionally, this venom antidote technique can be used not only this time, but also in the future. Most poisons can be neutralized if you can neutralize the Basilisk’s venom. If such an antidote is created, adventurers and aristocrats in various places who fear poisoning will buy it without hesitation. It’s like the association would have a money tree.”


“Certainly, there is no escaping the responsibility of interfering with the ritual and causing the Basilisk’s appearance, but the only ones who know about the spirit of the snake ritual are all present here. I have no intention of leaking information that could harm my collaborator. It’s a secret that I will take to the grave.”

Otherwise, when Fiodor and the association are no longer my “collaborator,” I will speak freely about everything. If this information is spread, not even the slaver trading association will come out unscathed. The appearance of a Basilisk and the rotten sea are major incidents that affect the Kingdom of Canaria. Saying “I knew nothing about the spirit of the snake ritual” won’t be an excuse.

I’ve said many things, but in the end, I only wanted to convey one thing.

—Stay away from Suzume.

For that purpose, I handed over the profits from the Jiraiya Oaks, and I will help him conceal inconvenient facts. In return, if they don’t harm her, then I will continue with this. I practically told him that.

The opponent is an experienced slaver. He may have seen through every one of my words.

Well, where does the balance rest in the slaver’s mind? Thinking about that, I awaited Fiodor’s response.

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