Bastard Swordsman Chapter 6

A Half-Price Day With My Junior

I have a favorite bar I patronize.

I use the bar in the guild hall a lot since I know the faces, but the prices are too high and selection too poor. That place is strictly for meeting up and interaction between guild members. They probably keep prices high to avoid overcrowding if people camp out too much.

So the place I usually go is a different shop. It’s close to the guild, just a restaurant with rooms, no bar.

Called “Gift of the Forest”.

It’s a popular spot with cheap, tasty food normally, but today this shop is even more bustling than usual.

“Boar skewers ready!”

“Mm, mmff mmm!”

I immediately start scarfing down 10 skewers served at once.

Salted, juicy boar meat skewers with plenty of fat. Today I can eat them for half the usual price. This is crazy good.

Soon as I saw the sign outside before it was even properly dark, I slid right in.

I heard some guild party that was out hunting brought back a ton of boar, so they’ve got more meat than they can use. The owner’s going all out because he’s got so much. Same price per bowl, but you get two skewers. So practically half off. Too good to resist. Can I live here?

“Mongrel-senpai, right? Whoa, you’re really going at it.”


“No, swallow before you talk. As usual, you love your skewers huh.”

“…Phew. Raina? Good work. Check out these skewers, half price today! What an era!”

“Yeah, I know.”

The one who sat next to me at the counter was Raina, a junior female guild member, a bow user.

She’s in the party Artemis with a magic user. Known as a young genius with ranged attacks, her name’s been coming up more lately.

While her body lacking curves and rises has no sex appeal whatsoever, she still treats me as a senior, more or less. A decently cute kid.

“That boar meat, my party Artemis supplied it. There were crazy amounts of boar at the foothills. Shooting them all was more tiring than dismantling them. My body’s all creaky now.”

“Eh, this meat’s from you guys, Raina?”

“Yup. Heheh, we’ve got enough extra to wholesale to places besides just this shop. So I plan to drink away today and tomorrow.”

“Raina… You’ve really improved huh… Makes me happy.”

“…Mongrel-senpai, that blatant flattery feels nothing like when you praised Ouga before. Absolutely no happiness.”

“C’mon, I’m praising you sincerely. Look a little happier.”

“No way. Oh, ‘scuse me! One ale please!”

“Mm. One more for me too!”

“Coming right up!”


Boozing while scarfing down loads of salty skewers. Now this is the stuff.

“…But senpai, I heard you got in a fight at the guild recently, right?”

“Huh? Oh yeah, just some punk newcomers. Amateur attackers who rushed me, so I elegantly avoided with brilliant technique and proceeded to crush them one-sided.”

“That is completely different from what I heard. Just that it was a total muddy brawl.”

“You heard about it huh. Tch.”

“But beating four opponents is still really amazing.”

“Right? Well they were only half-competent small fry too. Just got lucky with the match-up.”

The guildyard scuffle yesterday wasn’t that unusual an occurrence.

Guys with military experience or drifters from other regions often act out to quickly establish themselves in an unfamiliar land.

They probably saw me peacefully eating porridge alone and thought I’d be easy pickings, but joke’s on them. I’m a reincarnated cheater adventurer.

My win was plain, but that’s fine. Expected for a brawny Bronze refusing promotion.

If I was serious I could’ve overwhelmed them with far greater power, but openly revealing that has few upsides.

…No really, I’ve still got power I haven’t shown anyone! Really!

“Mongrel-senpai should hurry up and join a party instead of soloing. Senior Barlgar invites you a lot, doesn’t he?”

“Nah, I’m not suited for that… Can’t stand other people’s snoring and teeth grinding and restless sleeping.”

“Not like you’re a noble sir…”

Aside from that, I hate not being able to go all out in an emergency.

In the off chance some unexpected strong foe showed up, allies would just get in my way. So I don’t plan on quitting soloing for now.

“What about you Raina? Going well with Artemis? No bullying or anything?”

“No no, they’re all nice. Teach me lots of bow techniques, split money fairly too.”

“Oh, good you found a nice place.”


When Raina first left her village, she was still with childhood friends from the village.

But that close-knit party’s mood soured after a few months and they disbanded. Raina joined one or two more parties after that but didn’t fit in, various issues, so she left them.

That she’s now found a place in Artemis is really great in my opinion.

Workplace environment means everything in human relations…

“Here you go!”

“Ooh, sho delishush!”

“Hm? What’s that?”

“You dunno senpai? They put citrus fruit peel gel on the sauté. It’s popular eating among nobles, I heard. Sheena from my party said so.”

Oh, I see. Yeah that stuff huh. Right, got it.

“…Whassat face for?”

“I’ve got no clue Raina. The fundamentals are salt. Let the ingredients’ natural flavors shine. In the end, it comes back to salt Raina.”

“Earlier I said Mongrel-senpai was like some noble, but as expected, senpai has the tongue of a pauper huh.”

“Shaddup, I’ve got the most refined palate in all of Harpelia!?”

“Pfft pfft!”

While celebrating the growth of my junior, who grows slightly less cute each year, today I happily gorged on skewers and ale.

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