Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 20

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Mob No. 20: “Investigating that properly is part of a mercenary’s job. Right?”

When I registered, it became the deadline time, and the majority of the mercenaries around had already left the lobby to head to the scene.

Thankfully the Preliera siblings were nowhere to be seen.

I was relieved about that, and uncle Roans called out to me.

“Despite those siblings working hard, the earl’s side had more huh. Good there were guys who judged properly.”

“Did you happen to know various info?”

“Investigating that properly is part of a mercenary’s job. Right?”

“Certainly true…”

The clients should have at least that much investigation done right?

It’s quite spiteful but this is probably the guild’s way of respecting the mercenaries’ will and maintaining neutrality.

Well you probably went to info brokers (the friend and old lady’s places) anyway.

Anyway since the procedures are done and preparations finished, I’ll promptly head to the combat space.

The Nagan space which is the combat space this time is right between Earl Rosello’s territory and Baroness Griente’s territory.

Currently no enemy forces are confirmed and I’m in a state of undergoing checks and refueling.

In the earl’s camp were mercenaries who had heard of his=more precisely Ms. Rossweisse’s exploits and the earl’s private soldiers, treating the yelling guy aka Lambert Riagraz as a hero over open channel.

Incidentally his rank had risen to rook / castle soldier.

Really he should be off the ship without issue from his position but

“Until someone suitable for me is found, if he leave this ship, I can’t resupply.

When he faints I say he’s in super awakening so amazing~ and butter him up.

He hasn’t wet himself except the first time.”

due to Ms. Rossweisse’s words, he still hasn’t left the ship.

In other words it’s like he’s a puppet, how awful.

“Come to think of it, there was a bishop-rank woman and her brother, did you not recruit those people?”

I discreetly asked about the Preliera siblings.

In looks and ability they seem like they’d meet Ms. Rossweisse’s hopes.

Ms. Rossweisse clearly made a disgusted expression.

[No good. That embodiment of female supremacy. She probably only has sympathizers around her. Best not get involved with the likes of her.

And her brother takes feminism too far, he’s too self-centered!

What suits me is someone with both ability and personality.]

I agree except for the last part.

They’re both definitely over there too I’m sure.

Hope I don’t encounter them…

Then over the open channel, the figure of a plump middle-aged man appeared on the monitor.

[Ah, troops and mercenaries participating in this battle.

I am your lord and employer, Thradam Rosello. I hold the title of Earl.

As you all probably know, the cause of this battle is a single painting.

It was originally in my mansion but someone stole it.

If Baroness Griente happened to acquire it, I intended to buy it back for the same amount she purchased it for, or even at a premium.

Or if she said this should be donated to the national art museum, I would have been fine with that too.

Or if she simply liked the painting and bought it, there should have been some compromise.

However, I didn’t expect her to insist it belonged to my house from the start, and even initiate a battle.

In that case, since she doubted when I said I’d give her some old painting, it’s for my honor that I absolutely won’t back down.

And she even demanded I cede everything including my territory as an apology for doubting her.

There are also unsavory rumors about the baroness.

I cannot let that pass!

Troops and mercenaries, please exert all your power for my citizens! I look forward to your exploits and safe return!]

His looks really do seem unsuccessful with women like me.


But it seems the reputation was not mistaken, from him trying to avoid war and hoping for the mercenaries’ safe return too.

After that, instructions on positioning and confirmation of the command system ended from someone seeming to be the private soldiers’ commander, and the order to advance was given to the whole army.

The curtain was cut down on the battle over interests started from a single painting.

Baroness Side: Third Person Perspective

Griente Barony mansion on planet Yabion.

In one of its rooms was Elizaria Griente, Baroness Griente.

She sat in a business chair with her feet neatly together and back straight.

And her worried expression was a model of a virtuous baroness’s.

The baroness stared at the screen of a 3D video call, conversing with the person on the other side, Fadilna Preliera.

“Are you sure it will really be alright?”

[Yes. The evil earl’s army trying to rob a weak woman of a national treasure is nothing to fear!]

“I see… then please do so.”

[Leave it to me!]

The baroness lowered her head apologetically and Preliera responded confidently.

When the conversation ended, the baroness raised her head and took her eyes off the screen.

Then her atmosphere completely changed from her composed state until now.

Standing up from the business chair, she heavily sat on the luxurious sofa, crossed her legs, and leaned against the armrest.

“Those simple-minded types really are easy to handle.

Since she fancies herself a heroine, if I just act refined she’ll easily misunderstand.

If I can get not just that painting but the territory like this, I can be so much more extravagant.

I should have blockaded the planet earlier so the citizens couldn’t escape to other stars… the fortune I got until now has diminished too…”

Not a fragment remained of her figure from before as she revealed her original arrogant, frivolous nature.

“I’ve brought the wine.”

A maid appeared and held out her hand, positioning the tray with the glass of red wine so the baroness just had to close her fingers to take it.

The baroness looked at the contents after taking the glass, then hurled the wine glass at the maid holding the tray.

The wine glass shattered, blood flowed from the maid’s cheek, and her clothes were drenched in wine.

“Who told you to bring red?!”

“But you said to prepare red just before…”

“I changed my mind! To not even understand that, you really are trash!”

“I deeply apologize…”

The maid simply bowed her head and apologized.

Because she knows if she tries to explain any further here, there’s no telling what the ruffians in the soldier roles would do.

The baroness seemed to understand that, wearing a smile filled with superiority.

“I’ll rest a bit. Replace the carpet with a new one while I do. By yourself.”


The baroness left the office in name only while listlessly listening to the maid’s weak reply,

“(In just a few more hours, that wealthy earl territory will be mine! I really can’t wait! New jewels, furs, makeup… Oh right! Let’s raze planet Yabion once and rebuild the residence!

I just have to sell off all the citizens for small change.)”

and headed to her bedroom, already calculating how to use the wealthy territory she would soon acquire.

Baroness Side: End

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