Bastard Swordsman Chapter 5

A Bought Fight

Now, as I may have said before, I’m a half-breed.

Between the Kingdom of Harpelia and the Holy Kingdom of Sunglaire. A man and woman from the two countries got frisky one night, and out came me.

The Harpelians and Sunglairians, while not as distinct as modern day whites and blacks, have somewhat recognizable racial differences as peoples.

Their faces don’t look all that different, but the most pronounced difference would be their hair.

Some Harpelians have jet black hair dark as night, while some Sunglairians have hair as radiant as light. Not all of them of course, but the black and white hair make it easy to racially discriminate between the two groups.

My black hair streaked with white strands loudly proclaims my mixed Harpelian and Sunglaire heritage.

So what do you think happens?

Hint: the relationship between Harpelia and Sunglaire is awful.

The good kids get it right?

That’s right, racism.

“Why are there Sunglairians in the guild here?”

A strange male voice echoed loudly in the guild in broad daylight.

Vocalizing thoughts I could’ve kept silent must be to make me hear it on purpose.

“Born from some Sunglaire slave whore huh.”

“Acting all distinguished with hair like some geezer.”


New faces, a group of four, but their equipment and behavior mark them as more than just amateurs. They must be guards or something visiting this city.

But to openly insult me by name here of all places, inside the guild at that.

I am half Sunglaire, it’s true.

We’ve been at war for years, so I understand people bearing grudges. I’m used to this kind of jeering.

However, with our long history of contact along the border, mixed children like me aren’t unheard of.

My mixed blood shows plainly in my hair, but there are a fair number of half-breeds secretly hiding their lineage and blending into society.

So openly racially discriminating here is a pretty reckless act, even for this fantasy city. Which means—

“Oh, we’ve got lively newcomers huh? But the guild beginner orientation isn’t today, yeah? Come back another time with the entrance fee ready.”

There are fights worth buying.

In any case, stupidly grinning and taking it lying down leads nowhere good.

It’s important to put on a polite face for the public, but fawning over fools like this can actually cost you reputation.

We’re in a line of work that uses brawn. Nothing wrong with fighting like our life depends on it when disrespected.

I was in a nice mood after finishing morning road cleaning and sipping delicious Geromaze oatmeal, but they ruined it.

Glancing at the counter as I stood from my seat, the receptionist’s face said she was a bit fed up, but she wasn’t stopping me.

Self-responsibility, do as you please, I guess. There’s also some pressure not to fight here. I won’t start anything in the guild.

“Don’t get cocky mixed trash, just holding some cheap sword.”

“I’ve killed 56 Sunglaire dogs like you on the Twice Plains!”

“Maybe I’ll rip out that disgusting white hair of yours!”

Whoa now, 56 kills has to be exaggerating. What are you, a commander? If you were that strong, why are you wearing copper accessories around your neck?

“You’re bothering the folks here trying to eat. If you wanna go, let’s take it outside.”


And so I headed out the guild with the four punks, but—


The instant we left the building, a man lurking right beside swung his fist at me.

Hey now, real dirty to ambush me. Not just ganging up, but a surprise attack too. Way overkill there buddy.

“Heh, saw that coming!”

Along with a dull impact sound, my body tumbled onto the roadside.

The punch he threw struck me right in the cheek as I was completely off guard, blowing me away.

Crap, I think I cut my mouth a bit…

“What the…?”

“Guah…useless…no effec…that all y’got…? Serious…not even…”

“Hah! Idiot. Go on, finish him.”


Sensing weakness, the men simultaneously rushed me.

A full force assault, certain of victory. Much easier to deal with than cautiously surrounding me.

“You’ve done it now, small fry! Hrah!”



A straight counter to the gut drops one.

The other three try to hit me during that opening, but I gracefully avoid—actually it’d be easier if I could, so I counterattack while taking blows.

“Take this!?”

“What is this guy, stron—!?”

“You get what picking a fight with this Mongrel means!?”


No stylish dodging and one-sidedly crushing my foes for me.

Instead I allow some hits while pouring mana into physical ability boosts to counterattack.

I’m hurting but they’re hurting more, hah!

“S-Stop…I give…sorry…won’t do it…”

“Shut it fool! You said you’d cut up my hair! No mercy!”


I tweak his front hair and headbutt him, dropping the first one.

“I-I didn’t…do any…”

“56 kills!? Lower that score if you’re gonna lie, idiot!”


I smack the second one down so his face is covered in unsightly bruises.


“Don’t think surprise attacks will be forgiven! Despicable!”

“Eat thi—!?”

This last leader type pissed me off with his attitude, so I punched and broke some fingers. He writhes in pain, the third down.

“S-Sorry…won’t mess with you…any…”

“You mocked me huh.”

“Sorry! Very sorry! Won’t say Sunglaire again!”

“You made light of my bastard sword, didn’t you!?”

“Wha!? No I…didn’t…sir!”

“Take this! Bastard Sword Kick!”


I drive my foot into the last one’s stomach, finishing up.

Shit, the nicely cleaned road is dirty now.

“Never mock me and my bastard sword again.”

Spitting at the fallen men, I quietly returned inside the guild.

“Damn Mongrel, saw from outside. Not bad taking on four at once.”

“Oww…way oww…don’t mess around…dirty surprise attack…”

“Good work, Mister Mongrel. They had poor mission evaluations and notable misconduct. We’ll lower their assessment further considering this incident, shall we?”

“Go ahead Elena… Can I use the treatment room?”

“Yes, but you’ll still need to pay. Later is fine.”

“I’ll pay so please…owowow…”

While partly a display of power, this fight hurt way more than it was worth.

If a next time comes I’ll think up fighting while stylishly evading…

“…Mongrel, not going to rank up after that?”

“Doesn’t seem like it. He dislikes the riskier jobs from promotions.”

“Sheesh. Too bad, even though he’s strong.”

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